Madness Cash System Review – Get Your Scam On

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Madness Cash System Review – The Basics

Name: Madness Cash System
Owner: Not Disclosed
Price: $12 dollars
Overall Rank: 0 out of 100
Verdict: Online Scam

Madness Cash System – Product Overview

What a clever little scam this Madness Cash System is.

Great looking landing page, all the info we want to hear about making easy online money, testimonials up the wazoo, and a earning statement showing 5 figure earnings/day, and of course lots of talk about how this is not a get rich quick scam.

The Madness Cash System offers an easy online opportunity to turn $10 dollars into $10,000 dollars in just 7 days.

All of this sounds great, right?

Photo from Madness Cash System Website

However, you never learn anything about the process or how you’re going to achieve this high level of financial success.

Instead, you’re going to read all the stuff that you want to hear, little effort to make money right away and the guarantee that you’ll make huge amounts of money for as little as 5 – 10 hours of work per week.

You never get a full understanding of what their system is that you will be using to make your online income, but instead, you are told all the things that you won’t have to do.

Things like…

  • No building websites or landing pages
  • No selling of products – this should be a good tip that your involved in an online scam. You have to be able to sell products or services in order to make money online
  • No Advertising Costs (Google Adsense, Bing, Facebook Pay Per Click Campaigns)
  • No recruiting members or starting emailing lists
  • No menial online tasks like: data entry, chain letters, surveys, etc

Sounds perfect right?

This Madness Cash System scam has got to be one of the more clever scams online.

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It lists all the things that most people don’t want to do in order to make real money online.

However, this should be your tip that the Madness Cash System is simply another online scam that preys on our basic emotions of putting in little effort to make lots of online cash.

Instead, this is the exact opposite truth of how people create real online success.

Read our Guide To Making Money Online to get a real understanding of how people make money in the online world.

So How Is Madness Cash System A Scam

Well, this one is pretty easy to figure out – Once you sign up and pay your money, you get nothing in return.

There is no Madness Cash System.

It’s just a landing page and checkout page.

From the Madness Cash System Website, you get taken through their introduction of all the things they are not, then you have a fake looking profit sheet followed by several personal statements from other supposed Madness Cash System clients that are using their program with success.

Then once you click the button to join their system, you get taken to the payment page where you pay your $12 dollars and guess what happens???

Nothing, you just got scammed.

They take your money and you never receive any information or follow up emails.

They will not respond to your emails, nothing.

Welcome to a true online scam – The Madness Cash System.

Now if you’ve already been scammed by Madness Cash System, you could call your credit card company and file a complaint, most likely you would get your money back and your Credit Card would handle any types of refund/lawsuit/etc. against Madness Cash System.

Signs That Madness Cash System is a Scam

There are several clues that one can notice before pissing your $12 dollars away, but it’s sometimes tough to look at these online programs logically.

Especially when they throw you all the information that you want to hear – no creating websites, no writing content, no advertising, etc.

And although these things aren’t bad things to learn and leverage in any online business, in general, these types of tasks intimidate many people initially.

However, they’re not all that heard to learn and apply to an online business with a little bit of education.

So here’s our basic signs that Madness Cash System is a complete scam.

  1. Sales page focus is on instant gratification by signing up to a program you know nothing about.
  2. No About Page nor Contact Page
  3. Numerous testimonies of people who have found instant success using Madness Cash System
  4. There is no owner information or company information
  5. Once you sign up, pay your $12 dollars, you get nothing, zero follow up, zero response to your emails

You can read more about how to spot online scams right here.

Final Verdict

Name: Madness Cash System
Owner: Not Disclosed
Price: $12 dollars
Overall Rank: 0 out of 100

Madness Cash System Review Scam Photo

Now What?

Are you still looking to make money online?

If so, you can make it happen, but it does require you to learn how to put up your own online business, sell products, and create something positive for people.

Want to learn more?

Learn How to Get Started Here for Free!

Thanks for reading my Madness Cash System Review and hopefully we’ve saved several people form wasting $12 dollars.

Now go out and take that $12 dollars and buy something nice for someone who needs a little help in life.


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