My Top Tier Business Review

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Today I received an email about a new affiliate program (My Top Tier Business) that is being called the Rolls Royce of Affiliate Marketing Programs. The name of the program is called My Top Tier Business, or MTTB. Intrigued by the idea, I clicked the link to be taken to the My Top Tier Business opportunity.My Top Tier Business Photo

The link took me to a landing page with a very impressive video put together by the founder of My Top Tier Business, Matt Lloyd, and he entices the viewers primal senses of making large commissions and easy money online.

The sales pitch is well presented with a concept fairly simple to understand. Rather than being an affiliate marketer for Amazon or Clickbank, selling relatively inexpensive products and receiving smaller affiliate commissions, why not be an affiliate to high end products that make huge affiliate commissions.

Makes Sense!

Then he discusses sharing this information and really tries to instill a sense of partnership with you in his program. He also conveys high value about his program by telling you that you will have to sign a confidentiality agreement.

My Top Tier Business Photo

He even states that he’s doing this business to grow his own business by building partners like you and me.

He discusses the history of the McDonald’s franchise, comparing the My Top Tier Business program to the McDonald’s franchise opportunity. Then he discusses some of the high ticket items that he sells (which are overpriced sales conferences in all inclusive resorts in places like Cabo San Lucas, Mexico).

Mr. Lloyd indicates that these all inclusive vacations are designed to allow you to meet their sales training team and have an opportunity to network with other successful online marketers. But he fails to mention that you will be paying over $6,000 for this 5 day all inclusive vacation/training.

And of course, there are success stories of normal everyday inexperienced marketers making great money after a short period of time using the My Top Tier Business system.

Did I mention, they have a year long money back guarantee.

Sounds great, but what’s the catch?

Just keep reading…

My Top Tier Business Review

Name: My Top Tier Business
Price: $97 initial application fee with $2,000 to $9,000 in Up-Sells
Owner: Matt Lloyd
Overall Rank: 10/100

Product Overview

The My Top Tier Business program offers a 21 step training course for $97 dollars (the $97 dollars is actually called an application fee). The program offers large commissions on high end expensive affiliate products and resort packages.

My Top Tier Business is an online training program that promises the highest commissions in affiliate marketing that range between 50% – 90%. The owner, Matt Lloyd claims that by selling their products as affiliates of My Top Tier Business, that you can make sizable commissions of $1,200, $5,000, and $9,000 using their 7 step business plan. See the ad below.

My Top Tier Business Free Videos

What is not told in the sales video is…

  • That after a week of lessons in the course, you must pay a $1,997 fee to continue to the next lesson. Now the $1,997 is a franchise fee that basically allows you to sell the same program that you just bought into.

With this fee you also become an affiliate to another one of Matt Lloyd’s companies called MOBE, (My Online Business Empire). Then you can begin as an affiliate to promote MOBE products and sell the MOBE license that you just bought.

Now what’s really important to mention here is that in order to make those large $5,000 and $9,000 commissions that hooked us with from the beginning,

Is that you have to purchase those licenses first before you every will have the chance to make those huge commissions.

So, you guessed it, your going to be paying…

Another $5,000 to $9,000 dollars…

before you ever get a chance to sell overpriced all inclusive hotel marketing conferences and make those big commissions that are so heavily advertised during the My Top Tier Business sales pitch.

The whole time you’re listening to Mr. Lloyd’s presentation, you’re thinking the education is free, then it’s a $97 application fee, then, in order to finish the week of courses, it’s another $1,997 Franchise Fee.

And folks, to me, that’s crap, misleading advertising, and almost a bait-n-switch tactic.

Thankfully, There are REAL, Ethical Make Money Programs

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The concept is you make money by first buying into their expensive franchise. Then you refer people who want to make money online to the My Top Tier Business program.

Now if you have a website and generate a good amount of traffic, you could see some good sales commissions from this type of affiliate program.

But you’ve got to consider the dishonest approach of not informing potential clients or friends that once they get into the system after paying $97 dollars, they are going to have to fork over another $2,000 dollars to continue the training.

And they will be constantly up-sold on more expensive licenses in order to really generate the BIG COMMISSIONS.

The reality is… that the affiliate programs that are associated with My Online Business Empire, can be marketed for free without using the My Top Tier Business or the other MOBE programs.

You can go directly to these companies and create your own affiliate relationships and market their products without paying the $2,000 franchising free.

However, the concept behind MOBE is pretty cool in the fact that they don’t just pay you a one time commission for your affiliate referral. But instead, you get a 90% commission on the original referral and another 50% commission an any other product that the customer buys from MOBE over the lifetime of that customers purchases.

So that is a pretty awesome commission structure with huge potential for affiliate marketers to earn once the sale is completed.

But the main problem that I have with My Top Tier Business sales pitch is that they talk about the program being free, and then there’s a $97 application fee, and then by the end of the first week you have to pay a $1,997 licensing fee to MOBE in order to continue in the 21 day program.

My Top Tier Business Photo

Up Sell Number 1. Unknown to the buyer until after a week of training.

To me this is just dishonest marketing. Just have the nerve to tell people upfront what the costs are, and let them decide to pursue it if they see the value in the program.

Plus, for those who can’t afford the franchising fee, they have now wasted 7 days, $97 dollars, and can’t continue learning from the program.

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

The Good

From what I have reviewed about My Top Tier Business is that the training appears to be pretty solid. They offer daily tutorials that last about an hour long as well as personal coaching and customer support via Skype. Even for those that don’t continue to pursue the training because of the $2,000 franchising fee, agreed that the initial training was helpful.

But I’d say that $97 dollars is pretty expensive for a week of training.

The other thing that I like about the program is the commission structure of the MOBE franchise. Normally, affiliate marketers get paid one time when someone comes and buys a product. Once that purchase is complete, that’s the end of the referral fee.

With the MOBE franchise, your commission structure and payouts are much higher. You get 90% of the commission from the initial referral.

Then if that customer makes other purchases through MOBE without your involvement. You continue to make a 50% commission on whatever they purchase. You also get a 50% commission from anyone who purchases the MOBE franchise fee as well.

My Top Tier Business Photo

I actually starting to fell richer and more powerful as I’m watching the video. Amazing

The Bad

I consider myself to be an honest person and I love honest educational programs. I love people who just lay out the facts and then let you, the consumer, make the decision based on real information.

My Top Tier Business sales pitch doesn’t do this. Without taking the time to investigate the program, a person watching the sales video would join the program and be extremely disappointed when they find they have to pay an additional $1,997 dollars to continue the training.

The other negative aspect about My Top Tier Business is that it talks about how easy it is for new affiliate marketers to make great money without any affiliate marketing experience.

If you know anything about affiliate marketing, you know that it takes time to establish a business, website, and your affiliate marketing programs. It doesn’t happen overnight.

As a matter of fact, check out this snippet from one of My Top Tier Business clients about the My Top Tier Business Income Disclosure Statement. Then ask yourself if this program is worth the investment.

my top tier business customer review

Justin sounds a little upset and a bit let down, but he points out two really important facts, the My Top Tier Income Disclosure Statement states to it’s potential clients that…

  1. Less than 1% of those that enroll in this program make good income.
  2. The average income over a year for those that sign up for this program make $500 to $2,000 dollars.

Also, you never know what are the other affiliate products that you are promoting. He mentions the overpriced all inclusive vacations, but nothing of the other “high-end” products.

And I think it’s just common sense that if you are going to invest your time and money in promoting a product, then you should know what you are promoting and really believe in it.

What do you think?

The Ugly

Now earlier I mentioned the 1 year money back guarantee. However, as I was looking for personal experiences with My Top Tier Business I came across and incredible story. This shows you how the owner and customer service handle their money back guarantees.

In February 2014, this gentleman went through the sales pitch, signed up, took the week of classes, bought the franchise MOBE licensee for $1,997. Then went ahead and paid 1 of 4 monthly installment payments ($6,600) for the Platinum and Titanium Licenses (Remember you have to buy those franchise licenses in order to be able to sell those two products).

This Guy Got Moebed! 

However, he didn’t receive access to the Platinum account, so he called his personal rep who responded a couple days later that he had fixed the glitch, and that he would access to his account. He did not.

For a week he called MOBE customer service and left Facebook messages without a response. The client then filed a dispute with his bank which then got MOBE’s attention (11 days later). They emailed him that his account was fine and that he now has full access to his membership/franchise.

But by this time, the client didn’t want to have anything to do with My Top Tier Business. He requested his money back and got NO RESPONSE. He pursued assistance from MOBE customer service and the owner, Matt Lloyd himself. Both blew him off and to this day he has NEVER heard back from Matt Lloyd or the My Top Tier Business program about a refund.

The gentleman was able to recover…

  • $4,999 dollars back via credit card protection due to the violation of the contract by MOBE/MTTB.
  • But lost $3,598 dollars from his debit card. The bank requested that the customer work out the dispute with MOBE.

MOBE has yet to return the gentleman’s call. Hows that for a 1 Year Money Back Guarantee and Customer Services?

My Top Tier Business Top Earners Photo

This is the 1% that makes all the money from the $99%er’s that are making $500 to $2,000/year. Congratulations 1%ers

Who is My Top Tier Business For

My Top Tier Business is advertised for anyone who wants to learn to make money online.

But I would really think about this hard if you are new to affiliate marketing and have a limited budget. Most of the traffic that you would use to promote My Top Tier Business will be through paid advertising.

If you’re new to internet marketing and/or have only experienced network marketing (MLM’s/Pyramid Systems), I would strongly encourage you to get an proper internet marketing business education that is reasonably priced.

Don’t risk thousands of dollars with a company that doesn’t honor their money back guarantee.

If you already have your own website that generates a good amount of traffic, then you could leverage the MTTB and MOBE products to your advantage. But then again, do you really want to promote something that isn’t honest and upfront with all it’s initial costs?

My Top Tier Business Tools and Training

There are daily training sessions that are part of the My Top Tier Business program as well as an online platform for the training. You also get a coach that you can speak with at various intervals of the training via Skype calling.

However, the coaches roll seems to be more about trying to up-sell you (as a MTTB Partner) into buying the higher level commission programs than assist you with your business.

My Top Tier Business Price

The price is free, right. Just kidding 🙂  Here are some of the prices that I discovered, I’m sure there are many more that I’m not aware of.

  • There is the $97 dollar application fee (A year ago it was $47).
  • Then a week into the program you have to pay the $1,997 MOBE franchise fee.
  • Optional $5,000 dollars for the Platinum License
  • Optional $9,000 for the Titanium Licenses
  • There is also a monthly payment of $99 to be in the “Inner Circle”. Sounds exciting!

Final Opinion on My Top Tier Business

Stay away from My Top Tier Business and My Online Business Empire (MOBE). They don’t honor their guarantees and my impression is that if you join them as a “Partner” you are really in for a ride of costly Up-Sells.

If something goes wrong and after 6 months you decide that this isn’t for you. I highly doubt that you’ll get a dime back from Matt Lloyd and the MOBE/MTTB business programs.

They also don’t openly tell you about the $1,997 dollar affiliation costs/MOBE Franchise fee until you’ve invested a week and $97 in the training. And that’s just dishonest and a waste of people precious time and money.

Get QUALITY Training Without All the Gimmicks

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Maybe some of the training has real value. This seems to be the only positive aspect about the My Top Tier Business program that I discovered. But extremely expensive to try out and could be very costly if you decide to back out of the program like the gentleman who lost $3,598. OUCH! 

Maybe some of the high end products would be good to market. But you don’t have to pay an affiliate program to market their products. I found 4 or 8 of his higher end MOBE affiliates with a little research and you can call those companies and affiliate yourself with them for free.

Summarized Product Overview

Name: My Top Tier Business
Price: $97 application fee, $1,997 franchise fee to continue with the program, plenty of Up-Sells
Owner: Matt Lloyd
Overall Rank: 10/100

My Top Tier Business Review Comparison Chart

Final Verdict:

My Top Tier Business Photo

Please feel free to leave any comments below about the My Top Tier Business and I’ll get back to you right away.

Also, if you are really interested in learning how to be an effective, successful affiliate marketer, look no further.

And the best part is that it’s Free to join the Starter Membership without thousands of dollars in up-sells.

You can openly come into the program and actually experience the classes for FREE. And if you join the Premier Membership, it won’t cost you $2,000, but merely $47/mo or a yearly fee that averages out to $30/mo.

Have a look at the comparison chart below between Wealthy Affiliate and My Top Tier Business and you will see that Wealthy Affiliate is a far superior training platform to learn how to make money online.


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