New Beginnings EDU Review: Is New Beginnings A Scam?

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You’re here because you’re looking for a New Beginnings EDU Review because you haven’t quite decided if this program is worth your time. You came to the right place!

Working online can be quite confusing at times, it seems like there are so many possibilities and it can be difficult to find a solid plan that works, especially considering all the scams out there.

Most people call it quits after a couple of months because of all the conflicting opinions, they simply don’t know where to turn.

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Follow Something That Works

There are a handful of proven strategies to making money online, websites and business models almost always work if they are executed correctly.

Follow a business model that has been proven to work and your are destined to create a successful website, all that’s left is the man-hours! 

In this New Beginnings EDU Review, we’ll take a look at the three kinds of websites that this product teaches people how to create.

New Beginnings EDU is an online business coaching center that assigns you a coach who will walk you through the process of creating a specific type of website.

Currently, the company offers courses on how to create three types of websites; eBay Stores, Drop-shipping, and affiliate marketing.

You choose one of these business plans and the coaches will walk you through the training material and make it easy for you to set up the business.

I thought this was an interesting opportunity because these three business models are quite popular and have been proven to work.

As it turns out, I was dead wrong! 

Let’s take a closer look and see what New Beginnings is all about.

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New Beginnings EDU Review


  • Name: New Beginnings
  • Price: Varies, but more than $1,000
  • Other Names: 4M Global Education
  • Website:
  • Type: Online Business Coaching Center

New Beginnings is a coaching based training center, in other words, members are required to speak with their assigned coaches over the phone or via Skype on a regular basis. These coaches are supposed to provide you with instructions and feedback on your progress.

If you’re wondering how to become a power seller on eBay, Skip McGrath’s training is on-point and probably the best training I ever went through when it comes to selling physical products on Ebay and Amazon.

Personally, I think finding a coach to point you in the right direction is a solid way to not only improve your online business education but build a business from scratch. Most coaches charge an arm and a leg for their services, at least, the most popular coaches do; because they know their time is valuable (and you know it too).

The problem is that a lot of people who don’t have experience online start offering coaching services, and these self-proclaimed coaches can be counter-productive to work with. They’ll point you down the wrong path and you’ll be left in debt and wondering what just happened.

Having said that, I can’t vouch for the New Beginnings coaches because I was unable to get in touch with any of them, and searching for their names on Google didn’t deliver any impressive results.

Most of these coaches are supposed to be power-sellers, either on eBay or other platforms, but no proof is shown, so these claims should be taken with a grain of salt.

Is New Beginnings a Scam?

It’s tough to say whether New Beginnings is a Scam, but they’ve got all the hallmark signs of a scam.

Right off the bat, I noticed a few problems with this business.

For starters, it seems like the website has not been updated in awhile, the copyright year on the bottom of the website hasn’t been updated in more than 3 years. I know this isn’t that big of a deal, but most serious companies will take the time to update their information.

I also discovered that the company goes under a different named, 4M Global Education, and not much information can be found about it online.

They’re address is in the middle of the street with no office buildings around. In fact, there are two addresses, one points to a street in New Brunswick, Canada; and the other is in Idaho.

Which one is legitimate? 

Like I said, there’s barely any information about 4M Global Education online. I did manage to find Billy Aguilar on Linked, he’s one of the founders, and one of the people who call you when you sign-up for coaching services.

He’s also mentioned in quite a few complaints that I found online, in fact, some customers have written complaints directly stating to avoid this person at all costs.

In other words, the company is quite fishy! 

I’m under the impression that these people quickly registered an LLC (what is an LLC) to appear official, but that’s all. There’s really no information about this company that proves it even exists.

Surprisingly, but that’s the only positive info I was able to find. But then again, a BBB rating can be bought, so that doesn’t tell us too much.

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How it Works:

new beginnings EDU review scam photo

Some of the coaches.

Here’s how the coaching services work; you speak with someone over the phone and discuss your goals and desires. Then, they’ll set you up with a coach who specializes in the type of business that you want to create.

Next, the most common session is a weekly phone call plan with your coach who is supposed to tell you what to do and provide you with feedback.

The price of this service varies, and there’s not much information about it online, but it can be quite expensive.

I read a few reports from people who sunk over $10,000 into these coaching services! 

In a nutshell, if you’re going to hire a coach, hire one who knows what he’s doing and has a proven track record.

It’s very risky to hire someone who has no online presence and can’t provide you with any proof of their achievements.

For all you know these coaches could be random people who don’t have any online experience and simply Google the answers to your problems!

New Beginnings Update:

I emailed the company asking for more information about the coaching services, and after 2 weeks I still haven’t received a response. Avoid this company – Not the kind of Service you want when starting an online business! Wouldn’t you agree?


I suggest that you avoid New Beginnings EDU, it looks too fishy and I doubt that they’ll really be able to provide the services that you desire.

It’s hard to say for certain if New Beginnings is a scam, but it feels like one to me.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this New Beginnings Review! 

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