Niche Tycoon Review: Will it Teach You to Build an Authority Website?

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Wondering if Niche Tycoon is a scam? Will it teach you how to build an authority website from scratch? Is it worth the price?

These questions, and more, will be answered in this review!

Niche Tycoon Review – Product at a Glance

  • Name: Niche Tycoon
  • Niche: How to Build an Authority Website
  • Price: $99 One-Time Fee
  • Creator: John Dykstra
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What is Niche Tycoon?

Niche Tycoon is an online training course that teaches how to build an authority website in any niche.

The creator of the product, John Dykstra, runs a website called Fat Stacks Entrepreneur, an online business and marketing website.

After reading some of the articles on his website, its clear to me he knows how online business works.

Based on the content of his marketing website, I would guess any course he launches will be packed full of valuable information.

As it turns out, I was right. 

Niche Tycoon is one of the better products I came across.

Immediately I noticed a few things I loved about the course.

For starters, it’s not too expensive, and only a one-time payment is required.

Secondly, there are over 80 Lessons.

These lessons span the whole authority website building process!

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Is This The Right Product for Me?

Who is the product’s target audience? Beginners? Experienced marketers?

Is Niche Tycoon the right product for you? 

After taking a look at Niche Tycoon, its clear the training will work for anyone, beginners and advanced marketers alike.

On the other hand, some of the training is more geared towards experienced marketers.

No Up-sells!

Not even one?

That’s right.

Zero up-sells!

How refreshing is that?

The training is a little bit advanced, but the first lessons are simplified and perfect for anyone interested in building a site.

To be clear, the course focuses on how to make money via Google Ad-sense, and John makes it clear Ad-sense is his main source of income. 

Personally, I’m not such a fan of Google Ad-sense because the pay-outs are a bit low, and there are much better ways to earn from a site.

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Nevertheless, the same methods can be used to make money from any source.

For example, if you want to make money with Google Ad-sense you need plenty of traffic.

The course teaches you how to write keyword targeted articles and market them for an abundance of traffic. 

Regardless of what you promote, learning how to drive traffic to a site is incredibly valuable.

But John recommends having a few sources of income on a website; ads and affiliate products.

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Niche Tycoon Training Materials

There are over 83 lessons that span 10 sections.

The training consists of PDF files and videos. 

Some of the lessons might seem a little over the average person’s head, such as how to turn your website-based app!

Regardless, those lessons are way later in the course, and when you reach that point you will have enough information to follow the steps.

Honestly, the training material blew me away!

There’s so much value packed into this product – it is incredible.

One of the sections I particularly loved was about how to get free traffic to your site. 

niche tycoon review photo

Basically, the training reveals a ton of interesting strategies you can use to market your business via social media platforms.

There’s also a section dedicated to PUSH notifications, a new feature I have been seeing on websites.

Basically, its a plugin that asks you for permission to send a notification to your browser when a new article is published.

A lot of authority websites are using this feature – and it seems to work quite well. 

Niche Tycoon is Updated Regularly!

Another key point worth mentioning is the training is updated quite often.

Just this year, more than 23 videos were added to the database!

It makes it easy to notify people of a new post without invading their email inbox.

Not many marketers talk about this method, so I thought it was interesting Niche Tycoon has a whole lesson dedicated to PUSH notifications.

Going through the course, I felt a little overwhelmed with the marketing techniques.

There are so many ideas! 

I think it would be difficult for a one-person team to focus on all these strategies, unless you outsource (and there’s a lesson on that too!).

Niche Tycoon does provide you with an excellent road map for your business.

For example, we can start with one or two social media platforms for now, and when the website grows, expand to other platforms.

The training also walks you through the first steps of online business; finding a niche, keyword research, choosing a domain, theme, and building a site.

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Most People Would Pay Thousands of Dollars for This Information!

And its true.

There are other, inferior, courses that charge ten times the price of Niche Tycoon.

So Niche Tycoon is definitely a good investment.

Just one year ago, the product was on sale for $199 for one-time fee.

Now its only $99 one-time fee. 

I’m not entirely sure why the price is so low, but I’m assuming its because John Dykstra doesn’t really need the cash, as he already owns several successful websites.

Not to mention you can find a whole wealth of information on his blog alone!

Review Conclusion: Is Niche Tycoon a Scam?

Not at all.

In fact, its one of the best products I came across during my time spent researching online business courses.

On the other hand, I felt that the product does have one downside; its a little bit overwhelming!

But that can be easily remedied by taking your time with each lesson.

Don’t try to skip over the lessons because you might not understand the next lesson.

My advice: take your time with the course.

Spend one day on one lesson, digest the information, implement it.

Then move to the next lesson.

Also, I don’t recommend trying to establish a presence on every social media platform.

Start with one or two, like Facebook and Twitter first, then work on the others.

All in all, I highly recommend Niche Tycoon, its an excellent value-packed course at an affordable price.

Grab It While You Can!

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Thanks for taking the time to read this Niche Tycoon review.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions!

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