Origin Builder Review: WordPress Plugin for Simple Landing Pages!

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In this Origin Builder Review you will learn about the product and how it works and whether or not it will be an asset for your business.

Most people want to create an online business but they don’t want to invest all their time into learning how to build and design websites.

That’s okay!

There are more than enough tools that’ll allow you to create a beautiful website in a matter of minutes. Don’t let people scare you into thinking that creating a website is only for experts, it’s not, and literally anyone can do it.

Origin Builder is a drag-and-drop website creator that works with WordPress to create beautiful websites, mostly landing pages for email marketers, but it can be used for standard, blog-style, websites as well.

It’s definitely worth a peak!

Origin Builder Review: What is Origin Builder?

  • Name: Origin Builder
  • Date Launched: June 26, 2016
  • Niche: Drag-and-Drop Website Creator
  • Price: $97 for unlimited access. 
  • Website: originbuilder.net
  • Verdict: Continue Reading! 

Origin Builder is a pretty cool plugin for WordPress websites, and yes, this plugin can only work with WordPress based websites.

That’s not usually a problem because WordPress is the most popular website platform out there, and it’s free, so there’s really no reason not to use it.

But if you don’t use WordPress, than you won’t be able to use this product. You can always ask for a refund.

Origin Builder acts like a plugin for WordPress, and you install it much like any other plugin.

Once you gain access, simply upload the files to your WordPress website, and the plugin should kick-in automatically.

When looking at the product, there were a few things that I liked, and a few things I didn’t like, and we’ll talk about them in the following section.

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Origin Builder Cons: What I Think Could Be Improved..

Remember, these are my opinions, and there’s a good chance that you will have a different opinion.

  • Too Expensive. 

Well, one thing I didn’t like about Origin Builder is the price, it’s a little too expensive, it might be out of the price-range for most beginners.

Then again, the price is for full-access, and that means there’s no monthly fees or additional features to unlock.

But I didn’t really see how this product is better than the website creator that I’ve used for the last several years.

Click here to read about Site Rubix – my favorite website builder!

Site Rubix is free to use but has a paid membership worth every penny. You can host up to 25 sites on cloud hosting at no additional change.

You get a free SSL Certification (required for membership or retail sites). This normally costs an extra $30 – $50 dollars per month with Host Gator and Go Daddy.

The addition helpful features that boost your SEO make it super easy to rank your content. Like Site Comments, Site Feedback, Site Health, a new writing platform, etc..

So, if you don’t have $97 to spend on Origin Builder, don’t worry, Wealthy Affiliate’s Site Builder is a lot cheaper.

  • Most Templates are for Landing Pages

This is not necessarily a bad thing but it’s something that I thought was worth mentioning because most people will assume this plugin can be used to create any type of website.

That’s not really the case.

It is possible to make pretty much any type of website with this website builder, but there is a clear focus on landing pages.

In other words, most of the themes and tools are designed for landing pages and not ordinary blog-style websites.

This is good if you are trying to collect leads and build an email list, but if most of your traffic comes from content, it might be a problem.

  • No Training Material

There are some guides on how to use the product but no guides for building a successful online business.

Now let’s take a look at what I did like about this product..

Origin Builder Review photo

  • No Free Trial

I like to be able to test out products without worrying about my credit card being charged long after I close my account.

There’s no free trial for Origin Builder so you can’t take a look at how it works unless you buy the full product.

I thought that was one downside worth mentioning and it’s by all means not a deal breaker!

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Origin Builder Pros:

One thing that immediately stood out to me is the sleek and responsive user-interface.

  • Great Layout and User Interface

I also noticed that the product works really fast and the website builder is super responsive, no hang-ups or lags and the loading times are really fast as well.

You can build a nice looking page in a matter of minutes, it’s all drag-and-drop based so you don’t need to worry about writing code or debugging issues.

  • Focus on Niches Besides Internet Marketing

A problem that most of these website builders have is that they all focus on internet marketing themed websites.

With Origin Builder, the focus is on other niches, and there are hundreds of themes for various popular niches, such as Fitness, Productivity, Video Games, and much more.

Don’t have time to create a website, don’t worry, check out a ready-made niche website →

Don’t have time to create a website, don’t worry, check out a ready-made niche website!

I thought that was a good idea because internet marketing is a rather saturated niche and it’s good to have access to themes that work for different niches.

  • Focus on Lead-gen

I like how this product focus on lead generation and makes it really easy to integrate email management services like Aweber into the website to collect leads.

The landing pages are all very well-designed and I’m sure they convert well.

They’re definitely fresh and not the same landing pages you see on every internet marketing website.

Origin Builder Review: Conclusion

So, with the facts in front of me, I can say without a doubt, that Origin Builder is not a scam, and it can actually be useful for your online business.

Personally, I would not grab this product because I already has a website builder that has a lot of really cool features.

And I don’t really see the point in using two website builders to accomplish the same job.

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Have you tried this Origin’s website builder? Got feedback? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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