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Push Button Commissions Review

Want to be a millionaire and live the life of luxury? How about make $100,000 dollars/mo just by using a free software program that allows you (and only 999 others) to predict stock behavior – All compliments of the Push Button Commissions program.

Of course, who doesn’t.

I know the Push Button Commissions infomercial is fairly well put together, and the idea of making easy money online by using some special automated software is very appealing to anyone who wants to get ahead in life.

But fellow online entrepreneurs and people hoping to make great money online, please read this review in its entirety and use your better judgement here.

Push Button Commissions is just another typical BS program that promises easy money and the good life.

And you know what, automated income and push button systems don’t exist online. It’s just a pipe dream that scam artists use to get their greedy hands into your pockets.

If you want to eventually build passive online income, you first have to create a website that sells products and/or provides a service that actually benefits other people within a specific niche – Makes Sense?

Now that you understand this, let’s review Push Button Commissions.

Push Button Commissions – Product Overview

Product Name: Push Button Commissions
Owner: Adam Carlson
Niche: Binary Option Trading
Website: pushbuttoncommissions.com
Price: Free to download software/program, $250 minimum to play
Overall Ranking: 0 out of 100
Verdict: Online Scam

What Is  Push Button Commissions

Push Button Commissions is an affiliate marketing product that promotes the use of their free software that allows you to gain an advantage in binary option trading.

If you don’t know what binary option trading is, you can check out a complete breakdown of this form of pseudo online investing by reading this post from Forbes.com.

Basically, binary option trading is where you can buy an option (like placing a bet) on any stock, commodity, index, or foreign exchange as to whether you think that stock will go up or down.

It’s really no different than online gambling and it hooks a ton of people just like online or offline gambling does. Remember, gambling can turn into an addiction just like sex, drugs, or rock n roll  😉

All these binary option programs that have come out in the last couple of years are nothing but online scams promoting online gambling disguised as investments.

It’s extremely risky for both newbies and experts alike to lose money by trading binary options.

As a matter of fact, I know a guy, that’s not the best at spotting online scams, that got taken for over $17,000 dollars in less than 10 days working with a binary option company – YIKES – Wouldn’t that suck!

Push Button Commissions Review Photo

The Push Button Commissions program was supposedly created to give you the benefit of knowing when to bet on binary options by predicting what the market will do with any particular stock.

And friends, NOBODY can predict what the market is going to do unless you have insider trader information – and that’s illegal to profit from (remember when Martha Stuart went to Federal Prison Camp in 2004).

What’s Really Going On Here?

Affiliates who are pushing binary options, in whatever form, are doing so because they get a commission from referring clients to whatever binary option trading company they are promoting.

This is why I advise you to stay away from ANY POSITIVE REVIEW that promotes binary option trading, including the ones you see on the first page of Google when you search phrases like…

  • Push Button Commissions Review
  • Is Push Button Commissions Legit
  • Is Push Button Commissions A Scam, etc.

Push Button Commissions is an affiliate product that is produced by the affiliate network called JVConnect.

They specialize and have produced multiple binary option products in the last couple of years that are all designed to give you the supposed advantage of dominating the gambling market of binary options.

But the reality is that each and every one of these Binary Option Program fades away from the spot light after they’ve reeked their havoc and gotten as much money from you as they can.

What do the producers of these programs do? They create another miracle automated software program that’s the next hottest thing, only to repeat the process and scam more people looking to make a quick buck online.

Push Button Commissions Bogus, Laughable Infomercial

The video that you watch has all the tale tail signs of an online scam.

You’ve got the actor, or maybe it is Adam Carlson (who knows), in a mansion in the country side (the mansion has been reported as being seen in other Binary Option Program Infomercials and apparently you too can rent out this mansion for your own scam video), sipping Chardonnay, and telling you all the same BS that other online scams claim.

Push Button Commissions Review Photo

Actually, Adam’s claims are a bit more outlandish than the typical scams that I review.

These are…

  • $100,000 dollars/mo guaranteed
  • Make passive income without doing anything
  • Sentimental ploys that appeal to living the good life, having the time to pursue your passions and spend extra time with your loved ones
  • Actor claiming to never have met Adam Carlson before now earning 100’s of dollars within one hour of their first meet up – It’s really poor acting here on this part of the video
  • A all new system that’s going to take over and revolutionize the Internet
  • Discussing other online automated income systems as scams so that you trust this scam
  • Adam Carlson tells you that he is doing this just to help others out of the goodness of his heart
  • Then later he tells you that if he can make you a millionaire, then he can become a billionaire
  • Only 1,000 people will be let into the Push Button Commissions Program – As a matter of fact, the actor states that you have to sign up now or you won’t get into the program at all, nor will you have the chance to get into the program at a later date.

Goodness Gracious – does anyone out there believe this ?

Push Button Commissions Review Photo of Scam Statements

Push Button Commissions is just a laughable infomercial that sells you on a supposed millionaire and his willingness to give you his magical software so that you too, can be a millionaire in just a short period of time.

The material in the infomercial is so staged that I almost passed on doing this review. I thought, “can anyone really watch this video and not just break into laughter for how cheesy it is”.

Literally, I had cheese coming out the back of my laptop   🙂

As I continued to watch the Push Button Commissions infomercial, it started to remind me of the scam I reviewed a few months back called Auto Mobile Code

If your scam radar is not buzzing while watching this video, send me an email because I’ve got some ocean front property in Wyoming that I’d like to sell to you.


But seriously, if you’re looking to make money online, don’t get involved with Push Button Commissions or any binary options program.

OK, Now What?

If you’re really looking to build an online business that can provide you with steady income and that has the potential to eventually turn into passive income, you need to be able to provide people with something of value.

And the best way to start an online venture like this is by first getting a proper and honest online education. Making money online takes time, work, dedication, and passion.

Now I know that I just lost over 80% of my readers with this last statement, but automated online programs are scams and binary option trading is basically online gambling.

You can believe the programs that tell you what you want to hear, or you can start working on your own online business.

Believe BS or Take Action – What kind of person are you?

I got started building my online business with a real online educational program, there’s not a lot of them out there, but there are a few that are good and I do stand by and recommend the ones that are authentic.

My highest rated training program is the real McCoy and if you are one of the 20% of the readers that’s still here reading this post, and you really want to create a legitimate online business, start learning today and leave the scams behind you.

The program I used to launch my online career is produced from a company called Wealthy Affiliate, you’re welcome to click the link and read my review to find out all that they offer potential online entrepreneurs.

Below is a comparison chart for you to take a glimpse of what Wealthy Affiliate offers their students and you will see that Wealthy Affiliate is superior in all aspects of training, features, and support .

Best of luck to all of you pursuing your dreams of a better life, unlike Push Button Commissions and Adam Carlson, Wealthy Affiliate’s offer to teach you online money making skills is not limited to a one time offer.

They’re always open to train, support, and guide you to help you create your own REAL online business that generates income.

How much income you can make is entirely up to you.

If you’re serious about learning to make money online, quit playing around with binary options and online scams.

If you have any comments on my Push Button Commissions Review, I’d love to hear from you, please leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you right away.


better alternative to Push Button Commissions link

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