Is There Good Reason to Hire a Virtual Assistant? Yes, And Here’s Why.

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Need a good reason to hire a virtual assistant? Today we’ll talk about virtual assistants and how they can take your business to the next level.

Contrary to what you might think, the vast majority of successful website owners outsource a wide range of tasks to virtual assistants.

So lets start with the basics.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

The term Virtual Assistant is a broad term used to describe anyone who completes a wide range of tasks for someone via the internet.

Virtual assistants often market their services through websites and social media, though there are freelance-marketplaces where you can hire them as well.

To make it simpler, think of a virtual assistant as a personal assistant, but an online personal assistant.

So what is a good reason to hire a virtual assistant? 

When websites start to grow and bring in revenue, managing them can be quite a hassle.

Not to mention all the social media profiles!

To lighten the workload, hiring someone to manage these small tasks can be a huge lifesaver.

Even replying to emails can be outsourced. 

In short, if you are working on a project that requires a lot of work, hiring someone to complete some of the tasks is a good reason to hire a virtual assistant.

When used correctly, virtual assistants can drastically improve online businesses.

You will simply be able to get more done!

Where to Find Virtual Assistants:

The 4-Hour-Work-Week by Tim Ferris is one of the leading entrepreneur books that recommend the use of virtual assistants.

Tim Ferris recommends outsourcing all small tasks to people in India or Philippines as people from these countries tend to charge less for their services.

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Chances are you have some tasks that you despise, and outsourcing them to someone would be a lifesaver, but where do you find virtual assistants?

There are a lot of websites dedicated to virtual services, such as Online Jobs, as well as the usual freelance-marketplaces, Up-Work,, etc.

But there’s one method that is often overlooked: social media. 

Here is a trick:

Head on over to Twitter and search for the term “virtual assistant” in the search bar.

Organize the results by “People” and you’ll see a list of virtual assistants right there.

Send a Direct Message or visit their websites to view more information about their services.

Compare prices, send messages, and hire someone you think is a good fit.

No need to sign up to anything or pay any fees! 

Though virtual assistants in first-world countries will likely charge much more, it will, inevitably, be easier to communicate with them as their mother-tongue is English.

What are some tasks you can outsource?

The Best Reason to Hire a Virtual Assistant:

Here is a list of tasks you can outsource:

  • Content Creation
  • Comment Management
  • Team Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphics Creation
  • Data-entry
  • Transcribe Text
  • Translations
  • Keyword Research
  • Link-Building
  • And more! 

Ideally, we want a virtual assistant who is a quick learner and open to working on custom tasks.

For example, if you’re following the standard website building strategy (find keywords, write articles, etc) you could teach a virtual assistant to find keywords that meet your criteria.

Then, filter the list, and assign writers to the keywords.

Like this, we can drastically boost content on our sites, and the content will be on our site making money forever.

As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to hire a virtual assistant.

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant:

Hiring a virtual assistant is easy but there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

For starters, trust your gut. 

If, after sending an email, the response from the virtual assistant has you feeling a little fishy or uncomfortable; don’t continue.

Likewise, if they take a long time to reply to your message, chances are they won’t be reliable.

You want someone who is reliable.

Secondly, compare rates. 

Send an email to a few different VA’s and ask for a quote.

Compare quotes and pick a VA that seems like a good fit.

Most online service providers will either charge an hourly rate or a task-based rate.

Personally, I prefer to pay on a task-by-task basis. 

Third, communication. 

If you’re going to hire someone, its important that they understand what you need and can communicate clearly.

Use the first email exchanges to judge their communication.

  • Do they reply quickly?
  • Are their emails full of typos?
  • Do they understand what you need?

It might take a few tries, but eventually you will find a perfect match.

There are also a lot of Facebook groups dedicate to virtual assistants and their work.

Managing Tasks:

So lets say that you hire a virtual assistant but you’re not keen on sending multiple emails back and forwards everyday.

How can you assign tasks without typing emails over and over? 

One way would be to use a cloud-based team-management tool.

We reviewed two tools recently: Wrike and Smart Sheets.

Click Here to Read our Wrike Review.

Click Here to Read our Smart Sheets Review.

These tools are perfect for assigning tasks to a virtual assistant.

There is a small learning curve, but once you have a system in place, its a walk in the park.

(Most virtual assistants will be open to using these platforms, some even recommend them as it makes it easier for them to manage work for clients)

Conclusion: Reason to Hire a Virtual Assistant

To conclude, its important to mention that hiring a virtual assistant is best for people who have a budget and can afford to spend some cash to grow their business.

If you’re tight on cash, it might be best to wait until your online business is bringing in revenue before you hire outside workers.

Also, make sure to limit access to the most important aspects of your business.

You don’t want a VA to make a mistake and ruin your whole business!

But if you’re not at the point where you can hire outside workers, start by taking a look at our online training course:

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Thanks for taking the time to read this article!

Leave a comment and don’t forget to share on social media! 

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