Secret Success Machine Review – The Secret Is, You’re Being Scammed

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Name: Secret Success Machine
Owner: Not Disclosed
Price: $697 – $20,197
Overall Rank: 0 out of 100

The Secret Success Machine – What are they really selling here?

Is Secret Success Machine a real money making opportunity or just another online scam?

I believe that for most, it’s a scam, but for those who are experienced network marketers or sales people, it can be a real opportunity…

That is, if you don’t mind scamming people out of their hard earned money.

Now you can argue that the Secret Success Machine is selling a quality educational system that teaches personal growth and online marketing skills.

I’m not arguing that.

However, their products are never the focal point of their sales pitch.

It’s all about making fast cash online and living the good life.

Two points that strike a chord in any human being.

Who doesn’t want to make 10 – 20 K a month?

We all do”.

Become Awesome at Online Business, 100% Free Training →

Within my review of the Secret Success Machine, I will explain exactly what they offer, and why I feel this is a poor investment for those that want to create real wealth online.

I also want to let you know that much of the information that I gleaned during my investigation, is based on an interview with a Secret Success Machine Representative.

Note: There is very little information online about the Secret Success Machine because they switched their name recently from Millionaire Marketing Machine due to a legal issue with another (MLM) company named, Million Dollar Marketing Machine.

Millions of Marketing Machines to Drive Dollars into your Pocket, right? Is it just me, or is it starting to smell a little bit SCAMMY in here.

I’m not a member of SSM, but if you want to talk to an expert in the Big Ticket Industry, call Mark @ 714-408-4993 to get his perspective on this type of business model.

He has provided the leads and a successful system since 2013, and Mark is someone I know who has integrity and one of the few who actually make a six-figure income and really mentors people.

Update 7/15/2015 From Another Secret Success Machine Victim

This gentleman Pete left me a comment and want’s to help others avoid the Secret Success Machine scam.

So I thought I’d help him by showing him how, using the internet marketing skills I learned, that this post will be seen using the keyword terms Secret Success Machine and any other keywords.

So hopefully if you’re not already brainwashed by the SSM, you’ll avoid this painful and costly scam. See the screenshots below for evidence.

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The below ranking results provided by the Top Ranked Keyword Research Tool and Website Rank Checker Jaaxy – Click the Link to Read More About Jaaxy

secret success machine rank position photo

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What Is The Secret Success Machine?

The Secret Success Machine is a educational system that sells “levels” of products that are related to online training about personal growth and internet marketing.

Yet when you listen to the Secret Success Machine’s sales pitch, the products are not the main focal point, the big money and easy lifestyle is. Photo of Secret Success Machine Pyramid Scheme

This should tip you off that something is wrong.

Franchises sell products and reputation, not over glorified infomercials about how wonderful your life will be after you buy into their franchise.

If you haven’t listened to the Secret Success Machine infomercial, I’ll brake it down for you and save you the tedious sales pitch.

It’s riddled with selling points that are all emotional based…

  • Testimonials of tons of personal success stories
  • Automated income concepts
  • No sales experience required

If your scam sensor isn’t tingling by now, it should be. 🙂

Forget Online Scams and Become Awesome at Online Business, 100% Free Training →

There’s nothing discussed about the quality of the “Marketing or Educational Training’s” that they are actually selling.

That’s training on…

  • internet marketing
  • developing social media networks
  • website creation
  • leveraging landing pages
  • and driving traffic to your sales page

That should raise concern for you. If you are selling a product, wouldn’t the focus of the sales pitch be about the product?

Of course it would, but that’s not the case with the Secret Success Machine, it’s about the easy money and the road to financial freedom.

There’s nothing wrong with this ambition, it’s awesome in my opinion.

But the SSM is not selling you a quality education worth it’s price tag. It’s selling you an over-glorified, super expensive Multi-level marketing program.

Don’t worry, there’s a much better solution than the SSM for those of you out there that want to create real, long-lasting online businesses.

You don’t have to buy into the Secret Success Machine fad to achieve your dreams.

And you don’t have to look like the lady on the cover photo.

You can have a little more dignity than that.

Now back to the Multi-level Marketing Machine, I mean…The Secret Success Machine..

What’s Up With These Levels?

In order to be able to sell one of their products, you first have to buy that product.

They relate this concept as to paying a “Franchise Fee” like you would if you were buying a McDonald’s or Subway franchise.

Franchises provide tangible products, not over-hyped money making schemes.

There are 6 different product packages and each package is considered it’s own franchise.

Whatever level you buy into, you can only sell and earn commissions on that level. So this encourages people to buy the most expensive level they can afford.


Because if you sell someone a higher priced package, you only get credit for that sale on the franchise level you purchased in at.

The products are broken down into 6 different packages, each one with a $197 administration fee.

Each package contains a certain number of CD and Video training’s for you to implement in your Secret Success business.

The higher levels include additional training of course, but also include the same training from the lower levels – makes sense.

Below I have listed the courses and broken down the hourly rate based on the hours of content per course.

Secret Success Machine Course

  • $25 dollars per hour for the content in the Bronze Package.


Secret Success Machine Course

  • Now you still get the same content as in the Bronze Package, but you pay $58.82/hour for this 34 hour course. That extra 14 hours must be pretty special. Essentially you are paying $107.14/hour for that extra 14 hours.

Secret Success Machine Course

  •  This package comes out to $52.23/hour. The additional content hours are valued at $45.45/hour

Photo of Secret Success Machine Course

  • Now this one has got to be the worst deal. For an additional 7 hours, you pay $3,000. This course comes to $87.83/hour. OUCH, EXPENSIVE.

Photo of Secret Success Machine Course

  • I stand corrected, this one comes out to $125/hour for only 22 more hours of content.

Photo of Secret Success Machine Course

  • And with the Elite (Sucker) Package, you pay a whopping $180/hour. What A Deal!

“Something doesn’t seem right with the valuation of this program, does it?”

Pros And Cons To The Secret Success Machine

Pros:Photo of Secret Success Machine Marketing Course

  • The CD’s and Video Courses cover a good range of relevant topics for Internet Marketers and Sales People. However, I can’t verify the quality of the training.
  • 100% sales commissions
  • You get to chose between 9 generic landing pages


  • Very expensive training that you can get for less than $50/mo (Take a tour of a My #1 Recommended Make Money Online Training Program)
  • You have to purchase the affiliate product you want to sell (big hint friends: this only happens in MLM schemes, not in affiliate marketing)
  • The bogus concept of buying into a Franchise.
  • No customer support, owner information, or business address available (All Signs of a Scam)
  • No community support
  • Extremely Over-priced Products compared to what’s available online for Free
  • The system is built off of Big Name Marketing Gurus that never have any direct mentoring to you as a student of the program.

As a matter of fact, they have Napoleon Hill on their list. I didn’t realize the dead have risen and come back to work for the Secret Success Machine  🙂

  • Your encouraged to buy the highest priced “Franchised Fee” if you want to receive commissions on the higher levels.
  • It’s pretty much a complete scam (see below)

What Are The Commission Structures?

The commissions are large, and that is exactly why the people who are recruiting a lot of people are making big money.

The commission is a 100%.

So if you bring in someone into a Silver Level Membership, they pay $2,197 dollars.

$197 of that goes to Secret Success Machine, the other $2,000 dollars goes to you.

You’re first commission actually goes to the rep who brought you in.

After that you get the full 100% commission of whomever comes into your network.

If your new members buy a membership above your membership level, you only receive commission at the level you bought into. So you’ll never receive higher commission unless you buy the highest franchise level.

By knowing this, one is inclined to buy the highest “franchise” product they can afford. Otherwise you’d be loosing out on higher level commissions whenever someone buys a more expensive product.

The Real Question: What’s The Product? You or the Training CD’s

Now if you’re reading this review and you’re considering buying into the Secret Success Machine, what does your gut tell you?

If it’s a little uneasy, then you’re probably not hooked yet and you should listen to your instincts.

Let me tell you one thing I’ve learned by reviewing online money making products.

Everyone wants the fastest easiest way to get rich online.

And it’s easy to fall victim to a program like this.secret success machine photo

The reality with the Secret Success Machine is that they sell concepts; like “Making Easy Money Online”, “Make Great Money From Home”, “Quit Your Corporate Gig and Live in a Tropical Paradise”.

Followed by tons of personal stories of people who made $40,000 in the last 90 days, etc.

They are not focusing on the training, the long hours that you have to put in, or the marketing skills that are imperative to learn.

Learn The Skills You Need Right Here.. for Free.

And this is what real online success takes, not over inflated success based on following a machine to success.

They are selling this program based on human desires to be rich and live the good life.

If you’re going to go forward with the Secret Success Machine, know that you are going to have to learn how to sell, market, network, and do everything else required of any real business.

The only difference is, can you ethically live with yourself for selling this overpriced system?

The products you are selling, although educationally based, are not what you are selling.

You are selling the concept of making fast and easy money online.

You are selling a a dream. 

I spoke to my Secret Success Machine Rep tonight, and the first thing he mentioned was the big sale he just made.

Nothing about educating his new recruits on building their businesses, nor about the awesome training he received.

Just about the fast cash.

As a matter of fact, the sales rep didn’t understand several concepts that are explained in the Secret Success Machine training program on building a website, understanding SEOwriting content and driving traffic to his site.

All which are part of the course that he paid for.

As a matter of fact, you can’t even control the content management system of the website that you receive with the Secret Success Machine.

My SSM rep called a content management system the back-end of a website.

How’s that for a quality level education in internet marketing 🙂  I kid, he’s got the idea right, it’s just funny that after spending a year with the Secret Success Machine and you still don’t know how to manage your own content management system.

That’s not a good education friends.

Now maybe he hasn’t gotten to it yet, but it leads me to believe there is no structured educational system within the Secret Success Machine whatsoever.

“The reality with these types of online schemes is that the majority of people who enter, will loose big”

The average income for these types of high pressure sales-type MLM programs is less than $300 dollars per year. It’s only the top sales people that are making all the money. And for good reason, they’re making your franchise fee.

Who’s the Secret Success Machine For?

The Secret Success Machine is really for experienced sales people.

If you don’t have a good understanding of marketing, social networking, website development, and writing internet content, then you shouldn’t risk 1,000’s of dollars on this program.Photo of Secret Success Machine Business Course

And based on my experience with SSM, you’re not going to learn these skills. It’s high pressure sales, plain and simple.

It’s a system on selling people, and if sales isn’t your calling, then it’s not the business for you.

There are real online business opportunities available.

And there is a ton of money to be made online.

But the only automated magical system out there is to take what you learn and apply it to your own business, not some MLM bogus franchise.

You have to work hard and create a marketing system to promote whatever product you are selling.

The product that the Secret Success Machine is selling isn’t education, it’s you and the concept of making “easy money”.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Create A Real Online Business Without Wasting $1,000’s of Dollars

All the information listed on the sales page of the Secret Success Machine is based on internet marketing skills.

And all of that is exactly what anyone who wants to make money online needs to learn.

You’re just not going to learn this with the SSM.

Based on the conversations I shared with my SSM Rep, and from the feedback of this review by people who have worked with the Secret Success Machine (as well as my SSM rep himself), education isn’t the priority, sales are.

You don’t have to pay 1,000’s of dollars to learn these skills.

Before you go blowing 12,000 dollars on a program that may or may not work for you, remember you can learn the same skills for free, or much cheaper, elsewhere.

I would hate to see you loose thousands of dollars and a month of your life just to realize that you got yourself into another online scam.

If you want to really make money online, start building a business that can turn into a passive income source.

Build a site. Monetize it. Write for it. Get traffic.

Check out This Free Email Series to Learn How to Do It. It’s easy!

Take a look at the comparison chart below to see the difference in value between Wealthy Affiliate and the Secret Success Machine.

Mind you that the cost difference is $30/mo versus thousands of dollars depending on which franchise you purchase. The choice is yours, your a smart person, you’ll make the right decision.

My Final Product Overview Of Secret Success Machine

Name: Secret Success Machine
Owner: Not Disclosed
Price: $697 – $20,197
Overall Rank: 00 out of 100
Verdict: Scam, they’re selling the concept of Making Easy Online Money, not Proper Training. Not recommended.

Secret Success Machine Scam

If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment about my review of the Social Success Machine, by all means, please do.

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