Secure Job Position Review: Is This Another Scam?

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Welcome to our Secure Job Position Review. First things first, if you are looking for an effective way to earn money online, then Secure Job Position is NOT the place to find it.

Why is that? Well, quite simply it has all the red flags of being an online scam. 

The truth is, there are numerous scams out there these days, and sadly they are only getting smarter and smarter.

So, without a doubt, it is important to keep a look out for red flags that could indicate whether or not an affiliate program is dishonest or not.

In this Secure Job Position review, we will discuss why we think Secure Job Position is a fraud.

Secure Job Position Review: Summary

This “program” has only been around since April 2017, yet it already has received numerous bad reviews from dissatisfied customers.

I did a little digging myself and discovered why Secure Job Position is receiving so much negative feedback.

To start off, the program uses the classic “single mom finds how to make a million bucks overnight” scam story that is littered across every sketchy corner of the internet. 

I believe this method of advertising is nothing short of abysmal.

Why is that?

Well, not only does this story sound utterly made up, but it also preys on people who are desperate for money.

The story talks about a single mom who was down on her luck, and didn’t have enough money to feed her kid. However, she magically found this “secret” method to make 3 figure incomes every day.

After reading the “back story” of the website, I was already ready to leave. However, I forced myself to dig deeper. To find actual proof that Secure Job Position is really a scam.

Well, let’s first talk about what Secure Job Position is, and what it claims to be.

What is Secure Job Position?

Well for starters, despite it’s name, it is in no way a secure job position. 

It is just part of their strategy to prey on the desperate who are looking for a way to make quick bucks online.

Since they are a scam, naturally they will be quite vague about what exactly you will be doing to earn money. You are mostly just bombarded with advertisements on how much money you will be making if you sign up.

They do say something about posting links. This is not uncommon for affiliate marketing programs. Yet, if you want to actually make a lot of money from this form of affiliate marketing, then you will need a lot of tools and know-how.

Most successful affiliate marketers have a long list of names and emails they can send promotions to. Furthermore, successful online business owners tend to have a website that receives a large amount of regular traffic.

If you have a way to expose your affiliate links to a large number of people (think in the thousands), then you can make a profit.

However, it is important to know that affiliate links only give you a commission if people actually click on your link and purchases whatever products that you are promoting. 

You obviously will have to sell something that is wanted. Last I checked there isn’t a huge market for scams.

Now affiliate marketing can certainly be legit and lucrative. You just have to find the right program.

If you are interested in earning money the right way, then you can check out our training program.

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Why Is Secure Job Position a Scam?

After more reluctant research I have come to the conclusion that Secure Job Position is just another name for a scam structure that has been used numerous times in the past.

One red flag that I have noticed, is that the actual website address constantly changes in some small way. For instance, one day it might have an extra hyphen added and the next day or so a word is spelt a little differently.

I assume this is a tactic they use to avoid getting banned or taken down.

Also, the story I mentioned above is from Kelly Simmons, or at least that is what they want you to believe. If you do a little more searching on their website, then you will notice that there is a disclaimer stating that for security reasons the owner is using a pen name.

I believe this is just another maneuver to avoid legal action. Besides, people who are thinking about investing money in a training/affiliate program should at least know the real name of the person behind it.

Fake Endorsements and Affiliates

When a celebrity promotes a product, then people tend to buy those products. Endorsements are a highly effective method of marketing.

However, Secure Job Position uses fake endorsements in attempt to lure people into purchasing their useless product.

Except, they don’t use celebrities. But big-name news companies such as Fox News, CNN, etc. They hint through pictures, that their products have been featured in these well known news agency.

However, after reading their terms and conditions, they plainly say that they are not affiliated with any news agencies.

How the People Behind Secure Job Positions Make Money

If you sign up, then the only people who will be making money are the owners behind the scam.

The reason behind this is because you have to pay a whopping $97 just to sign up to the sketchy website. The funny thing is, that once you start exiting the website, a window will pop up offering you a “limited” discount.

I’m sure there really isn’t a limited amount of spots for this discount. This is just another attempt to get you to buy their membership.

What do you get for your money? Well, basically nothing. Only useless access to affiliate programs that are just as scam-like.


If you are looking for the fastest way to lose your money, then Secure Job Position is the perfect program for you!

On a more serious note, there are far too many red flags that expose Secure Job Position as a scam. In fact, FTC is currently investigating the “company” behind this website.

Instead of looking for quick ways to earn money, I suggest you take the sturdy road to success. Start by learning the ropes of online affiliate marketing.

You can do this completely for free and with zero risk. Take our free eCourse and see if online business is right for you before risking any money.

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All in all, I hope this Secure Job Position Review will help you avoid scams and instead point you to the right road that will lead you to a successful online business.

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