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Looking for a SEO keywords tool to improve your website rankings, traffic, and profit? If so, let’s get started and within a few minutes you’ll learn all you need to know about keywords and how to leverage seo keywords photothem on your website. The cool thing about it is that it’s really quite easy.

Using a SEO keywords tool is so critically important to have and understand if you are trying to rank your website and content on the first page of Google.

Today I will be showing you how you can easily find low competition keywords, come up with new keyword ideas, and teach you keyword placement that will give your website the SEO you’ve been looking for.

SEO Keywords Tool – First Things First

Keywords provide search engines a way to identify and categorize your website, articles, posts and pages. And if we use a keyword tool that accurately tells us vital information on that keyword’s power and competition, then that alone will give us direction as we are choosing niche topics and website content ideas.

Note: If you can understand this, you can easily master any niche market.

But the majority of people don’t know how to use keywords correctly. They don’t know how to choose the correct keywords or keyword phrase. Nor do they know how many keywords to use or where to position them in their posts and pages. You’re going to love the answers to these questions, it’s too easy.

The Answer:

1.) You want to choose low competition keyword phrases. Why? 

As you write your articles you are going to naturally acquire plenty of different keywords that will register in search engines. But you don’t really want to target specific keywords per say. You want to target “Keyword Phrases”.

Why’s that?

People don’t search for specific keywords anymore. They search by typing phrases or questions. Think of the last time you went on Google to look for something. Did you type in a phrase, question, or series of keywords?

Say I’m going to visit New York City and I want to find a good restaurant. If I type into Google, “best restaurants New York City”, Google Instant will naturally populate my search with the most frequent search terms typed into Google. Look below, all of these are Keyword Phrases.

SEO keywords tool using Google instant

This is how people use search engines and so you want to target keyword phrases when you are putting together a new website or when writing your site content.

2.) Where to Position Your Keyword Phrase & How Often To Use Your Keywords?

  • You want to position your keyword phrase as the title of your post.
  • Then you want to work that phrase in the first paragraph. You want to make it sound natural and then from there, don’t worry about keywords at all. Just write your article for your readers and you’ll naturally improve you website rankings if you are writing quality content.

Example: I type into Google: How to win the lottery. Within the first top 2 results, you can see the keywords/keyword phrase in the title and in the first couple lines of the first paragraph. See below.

seo keyword placement in an article

Now you could add the keyword phrase in some of your Sub-Headers and in the Conclusion if the keywords fit naturally, but it’s not totally necessary. If it fits within the content smoothly, there is a small benefit. But more importantly is to let your content flow to express you point in order to benefit your audience.

Don’t try to stuff your keywords into your article if they don’t fit naturally. The most important aspect is to write quality content that is beneficial for your readers. Keep your readers in mind and write for them. Nothing more.

Have the keywords/keyword phrase in the post title and in the first paragraph and then forget about keywords. This will allow search engines to identify what your article is about and naturally rank your post or page according to your keyword phrase.

How to Choose the Right Keywords

When you are looking at keywords to choose for an article or even a website name, you want to first know the Quality of the Keywords. If you select Keywords that are extremely competitive, you will never see your site rank nor receive traffic from all your hard work.

But if you choose keywords that are relevant and less competitive, you will be able to rank your website, posts, and pages rather quickly and begin to establish your site within search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

You will start to see your site on the first pages of the major search engines based on the keywords that you have selected.

For example. Say my niche site is about Women’s Health and Beauty.

If I’m writing an article about “How to Reduce Wrinkles” and I go type this phrase into Google, I get about 7.5 billion results. So that doesn’t help me much.

seo keywords Google search

But if I use my keyword tool from Jaaxy, I can find out the exact…

  • Monthly traffic for my specific keyword phrase
  • The estimated traffic that I will receive if I’m on page one in search engines
  • The Competition of my keyword phrase
  • And the SEO Power of my keyword phrase

So let’s take a look at my keyword phrase, “How to Reduce Wrinkles” using my keyword tool Jaaxy. I can quickly and easily find out if this is a good keyword phrase as well as find other phrases that are similar to my niche.

seo keyword tool results

This is great because I can see that the phrase, “How to Reduce Wrinkles” is a golden nugget. If you write a quality article on this subject, you can easily rank under this keyword phrase and when you get to page one of Google (Bing and Yahoo too).

You will get…

  • Over 5,800 monthly searches
  • & almost 1,000 monthly hits to your website

There’s only 212 competing websites using this phrase. Anything under 300 is very easy to rank on page one of any of the search engines if you are writing quality content.

I can also find other great keyword phrases like Get Rid Wrinkles, Reduce Wrinkles Naturally & Facial Exercises Reduce Wrinkles. They all are great “low competition” keyword phrases that I can use to base my content on for my website.

I also can come up with new content ideas within seconds using Jaaxy which is a huge time saver.

Plus, I can see keyword phrases to avoid like…Prevent Wrinkles, Reduce Wrinkles, & Facial Wrinkles. These phrases are overused with poor SEO power and are too competitive.

When you look at the results from Jaaxy, we can see the…

  • monthly searches
  • monthly traffic
  • the competing pages that I will be up against and
  • the SEO power of the keyword phrase.
  • The Green Dot represents keyword phrases that are less competitive with good SEO power. We want to focus in on keyword phrases with the green dots.
  • The Yellow Dot, which is Cream Wrinkles in the example above, means that the keyword phrase is OK, but that we will have more of a challenge getting rankings under that particular phrase. This actual one above though is not too bad, it’s below 300 QSR and it offers 465 visitors in estimated traffic. So I’d probably keep this keyword and add it my list.
  • The Red Dot is a stop signal. Don’t even bother with targeting this keyword phrase because it is extremely competitive or has poor SEO power. If you target these keywords, you’ll never see top ranking in search engines.

I’ve singled out the top few results and would like to review them with you as to why some keyword phrases are good and others are bad.

seo keywords tool results

Check out our first phrase “Reduce Wrinkles”: It has 4,095 monthly searches but a QSR (number of competing pages) of 1.5 million and a very poor SEO Power of 4. Use this as your keyword phrase and you’ll never rank your post or website, you’ll be competing with 1.5 million other websites under these keywords.

Now look at Reduce Forehead Wrinkles, Reduce Wrinkles Naturally, and Reduce Wrinkles Under Eyes. These all have smaller monthly searches between 100-300, but only 100 to 252 competing pages. If you produce quality content under these terms, you will have no problem ranking in the first page of any search engines.

Brainstorming New Keyword Ideas

Continuing with our example above, let’s say I like the phrase “Deep Wrinkle Treatment” as a keyword phrase because it has

seo keywords tool positive results

  • 320 Monthly Searches
  • Estimated Traffic of 55
  • Low Competition (QSR) of 266 other pages/sites
  • And a SEO Power of 81.

So this would definitely make a great Keyword Phrase that I could write about for my niche website, Women’s Health and Beauty.

But let’s say I want to check this phrase out and see what other keyword phrases are associated with this term. Using my Jaaxy keyword search tool, it will actually help me brainstorm for new ideas that are related to my chosen keyword phrase.

I just click the phrase on the left of “deep wrinkle treatment”, and Jaaxy repopulates my search term with other related keyword phrases.

seo keywords tool

Again, I can see 3 very poor keyword phrases of: Wrinkle Treatment, Wrinkle Creams, and Wrinkle Treatments. Look at Wrinkle Treatments, 325,000 competing pages. This is a horrible keyword phrase.

But look at our Green lights/good Keyword phrases: We have 7 new keyword phrases that we could base 7 different articles on that would be easy to rank. Plus if we rank on page 1 of Google under all 7 keyword phrases, we could see monthly traffic to our site of… 1,189 visitors per month.

seo keyword results

We also would realize that basing a website or article on “Best Treatment Wrinkles” would be brilliant because it has close to 5,400 people searching this phrase on a monthly basis. You could potentially get 918 new visitors per month to your site, it has great SEO Power of 91, and it only has 43 pages to compete with. This would be super easy to get on page one of Google with a good quality content filled post or article.

Want More Information to Rank Your Website?

If you want to learn more about writing articles that rank quickly, click here. Check out my 10 Easy Writing Tips to Writing Quality Contentand if you would like to know more about learning how to use Jaaxy for free, click here.

Thanks for reading my SEO keywords tool post and if you have any questions about what you have read today, please send me a comment below and I’ll get back to you asap. Also, please share this post via the social share buttons.


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photo credit: Paloma Gómez via photopin cc

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