Spy Visit Review: How To Spy On Website Traffic

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Want to know how to spy on website traffic? Spy Visit will get the job done. It’s perfect if you want to discover what each visitor does on your website.

When someone says that you can spy on each of your website visitors and track exactly what they did on your website, it might sound like some sort of scheme. Well, the truth is that it’s possible and most websites already have tracking software in place.

What most website owners don’t know is that the core of your business is in the back-office, what’s behind the curtains, the data and numbers.

Tracking website data is extremely important because you can split-test different settings to squeeze out the highest conversion rate possible. Sometimes moving one ad to a different area of your website is all it takes to boost conversions by 50% or more.

That means more cash in your pocket. 

Today we will take a look at a new service I discovered called Spy Visit, a service that tracks website traffic with pin-point accuracy.

In this Spy Visit Review you will see exactly how you can use the service to boost your conversions.

It’s really quite amazing!

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Product Details:

  • Name: Spy Visit
  • Price: Free 7 Day Trial
  • Website: spyvisit.com
  • Type: Website Analytics Software

Spy Visit Review: Introduction

Spy Visit is a really cool service that makes understanding analytic data easy and simple. If you have a website, then you have probably heard about Google Analytics, the most popular free data tracking tool for websites.How To Spy On Website Traffic Photo

The only problem is that all the numbers can be confusing and it’s difficult to find the information that you need. If your eyes glaze over when you see a bunch of numbers on the screen, then Spy Visit is the perfect tool for you.

I tried Spy Visit for awhile and I can honestly say it has improved my business. It let me see exactly what each person who lands on my website does, where they look, what they click, and how they found my links (and much more).

It’s really simple to use too, once you sign-up for a free account you’re given a tracking code to place on your website, and then the website compiles all the information for you. This code can be placed on individual pages or on the entire websites, it doesn’t matter.

How To Spy On Website Traffic? Use Spy Visit’s Top Features

I have been playing with this service for awhile and here are some of my favorite features.

Live Visual Tracking

Doesn’t sound that interesting? Well, what happens here is when someone lands on your website everything that they do is recorded, much like a video, and you can play that video to see what they did, cursor included and everything.

It’s kind of like looking over someone’s shoulder and watching what they do. I thought this was really cool because, after a few videos, a pattern clearly emerges, and you can use that pattern to improve conversions.


It’s simple. If you notice that a lot of people are leaving their cursor on the right side of your website, then that’s the perfect place to put a link to one of your products. Likewise, if you notice that most people leave their cursor in the center of your website, that’s another ideal spot for an advertisement.

This feature alone makes Spy Visit unique.

Heat Maps

Heat maps are awesome for improving conversions. They’ll reveal the parts of your website that are the “hottest” and these spots are ideal locations for advertisements because they’re more likely to be clicked.

You might think that the heat maps are the same on all websites (the hottest area is the top of the website) but each heat map is different because each theme is different.

It’s not ideal to use someone else’s heat map to optimize your website!

You can use this feature to find your website’s heat maps and find the best place to put an advertisement.

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An Example of a Heat Map


Obviously it’s impossible to track people’s eyeballs, but we can get a pretty accurate estimate based on cursor location. See, when browsing the internet, most people will look around the area of their cursor (unless they’re watching something or typing of course).

There’s also a feature called “Scroll” that shows how far down your website people will scroll before closing the page.

Popular Pages

This feature is pretty simple but I love the pie-chart of your most popular pages. It shows exactly which pages are bringing in the most traffic.

Why is this information useful?

It’s simple; if one article is bringing in 40% of your traffic… well, if you publish similar articles, there’s a good chance you’ll drastically boost your website traffic.

Check out this video overview of Spy Visit’s must have features…


Spy Visit offers a free 7 day trial which is all that you need to take a look around the website, install the code, and watching the service collect data for you. But if you want to track multiple websites and unlock all the features, there are other memberships available.

You basically need to upgrade if you want more space for recorded sessions.

  • Free 7 Day Trial
  • Basic – $12/month
  • Plus – $27/month
  • Pro – $47/month
  • Enterprise – $97/month.

Remember, keeping track of your website’s traffic data is really important if you want to squeeze out as many conversions as possible. Most people forget about this important step and then end up with a low converting website.

The truth is that your website can probably bring in a lot of cash… if you just make a few important changes.

And this software will make it easy for you to discover what needs to change.

Take a look, it’s completely free. 

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I hope you enjoyed this Spy Visit Review!

If you want to take your business further, then you’ll want to learn all the inner internet marketing secrets. You’ll also want to be a part of a powerful community that supports each other so everyone can win.

If you want to be the owner of a full-scale online business, then you’ll love my favorite internet marketing training course. There’s a free trial too so there’s nothing to lose (and everything to gain)!

Now you know how to spy on website traffic to create the highest conversions on your website.

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