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“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” Leonardo de Vinci

We all have hopes and dreams for our lives.

But it seems that certain people gravitate towards success, while others, never really, well, do much of anything.

When we look at the difference between those that succeed and those that don’t, we find that those that take action achieve success.

And those that don’t, never really change.

In this world, we need ACTION to accomplish our goals and live the lives that we aspire.

“When we define the action that we will take in our personal lives on a daily basis, we find that we can accomplish great things”.

Whether your goals are to start a business, get in the best shape of your life, learn to speak a new language, or improve yourself in anyway whatsoever, creating a plan of action will allow you to accomplish your goals.

By taking consistent action on a daily basis you will see that over time your efforts will accumulate into great results.

Whether it’s with personal growth, physical health or financial success…

Small changes, over time, lead to amazing results.

“Taking consistent action on a daily basis creates results”.

8 Tips to Help You Take Action and Achieve Success Today!

1). Formulating Goals

When you have a goal that you are trying to accomplish in life, start by writing it down.

  • Put a date for when you originate the goal
  • Make the goal measurable
  • And have a time frame as to when you want to achieve your goal

Be accountable for your new goal by telling friends and family members about your goal.

That way if your dedication starts to waiver, you will have a system in place to keep you in check.

2). Resources to Accomplish Your Goals?

What financial resources are needed to accomplish your goal?

Maybe your goal is to learn Salsa or to take a tropical vacation to the Caribbean.

Check into the costs of your goals.

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How much do round trip tickets and hotels cost?

What’s the cost of Salsa classes, how many classes will you need, will you need to buy special dancing shoes?

So take a little time before you start your goal and do your homework.

Do you currently have the finances to make you goal happen.

If not, make a financial plan for your goal. 

Understand how much money will be required to make your goal a reality.

Then, budget you monthly income to include the financial resources for your goal.

Ask yourself if there are sacrifices that you can make on a daily basis.

Maybe not going out for meals and cooking in at home is one option.

Budgeting is for you to decide, but success and good things usually come with some sacrifice.

Calculate the amount of time needed to accomplish your goal.

Maybe it will take 2 months to learn to Salsa dance. Or maybe you will need to work 5 extra hours a week for several months in order to take that special vacation.

3) Create Daily Tasks to Reach Your Goals

Take Action Achieve Success with a To Do list photo

Every day, begin your day with a “TO DO LIST”.

Keep your goal in mind and ask yourself how much extra time do you have today to dedicate yourself to your goal.

Can you spend 15 minutes practicing your dance turns?

If your goal is health related, do you have an extra half hour a day to do some basic exercises.

One of my recent life goals was to learn to speak Spanish.

So every day I would create a world list of 20 to 25 words and I would write out the English and Spanish words next to each other.

I would find time throughout the day to just review my word list.

Ideally I would try to find 6 times during the day where I could sit down for 10 minutes and just look at the words.

Not trying to memorize them, but just taking them in and associating the Spanish world with the English word.

It wasn’t more than a month and I had 100’s of new worlds that I could use conversationally as I was practicing my Spanish.

Below was one of my action plans for learning Spanish. It’s quit simple, check it out.

Take Action Achieve Success Photo

4). Get Excited About Completing Your Daily Tasks

Realize that when you complete your daily tasks every day that you are getting closer to reaching your goal.

Celebrate this, be proud of your efforts, and know that with time your goal is going to become a Take Action Achieve Success Photoreality.

Get excited about what you are doing!

Are other people doing these types of tasks to improve their lives. Or are they letting life pass them by.

When you are taking Daily Actions to Better Yourself, you should be pumped about that.

5). Reflecting as a Means of Rewarding

At the end of the day, sit back and relax and reflect on how well you did today.

Take time to be proud of your efforts.

If you give yourself these little mental rewards of self-satisfaction, your motivation will stay high and every day you will see your goal slowly becoming a reality.

6). Review Your Plan and Stay on Task

Every week, review your Action Plan and look at your goals again.

  • Are you’re staying on task with  your goals?
  • Are you making progress?
  • Are you putting in the amount of time that you originally specified in your outline?

Sometimes we need to modify our plan. But in general, try to stick to your original plan, unless it’s really affecting your life in a negative way. Stick to the plan!

7). Stay Consistent Until the Goal is Reached

So many times I hear people who say they want to do this or that in life, they want to get in shape or learn a new skill.

But they just don’t seem to have the passion to stick to it.

When I first started studying Spanish,Take Action Achieve Success Photo I was overwhelmed by how many nouns and verbs there were in order to speak the language fluently.

But friends who knew of my goal encouraged me to keep going.

They would say, “if you have the will and desire, and you just don’t back down, there’s no way you’re going to fail”.

And you know what, they were right.

“Yo hablo español bastante bien”

8). Reevaluate The Process

Depending on your goal and how much time you give yourself to achieve your goal, evaluate your progress on a weekly basis.

In general it’s good to set long term goals for 30 days.

Then after the first month, you may need to extend your goal date out another month or maybe you’ve already accomplished that goal.

This will allow you know how you are progressing and if you need to change your plan of attack with your daily tasks.

I’m always amazed at meeting people that put these principles into place.

I have met people who were

  • afraid of heights and now jump out of airplanes
  • people with debilitating back pain now are pain free and in the best shape of their lives.

It’s kind of a boring topic, but an Action Plan that is Consistently Carried Out on a Day to Day Basis can allow a person to create new skills, talents, and fortunes greater than one ever imagined possible.

“It’s up to you to follow it. If you do so, success with follow you”.

Best of luck in whatever goals you are trying to achieve, may a goal orientated action plan bring you closer to your dreams.

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Please feel free to comment about how you take action to achieve success.

And please share this content to anyone who might benefit from this article.


Be Awesome! Share This Post & Help Someone..
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