The Magic Submitter Review: Don’t Destroy Your Site

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So if you’re checking out Magic Submitter as a means to bring automated traffic to your website, then this is the post for you.

Start off by asking yourself one question: Does social bookmarking and article submission still work for search engine optimization? 

Back In The Day..

Back links were all the rage; if you wanted a website to rank well in search engine results then you needed to collect as many back-links as possible.

The easiest way to build back-links was to write a bunch of articles and then submit them to article directories and other social bookmarking websites for a quick search engine boost.

Article Submissions: Good or Bad?

The Magic Submitter Review Product Photo

Great Concept, But Doesn’t Hold Any Value To Search Engines Like Google These Days.

Unfortunately, this created some problems because people would spam article directories with all sorts of junk and low quality websites would end up ranking higher than quality websites, simply because they had more back-links (even if the back-link quality was really low).

So Google had to make some changes to their algorithm, and these changes placed a focus on quality rather than quantity; and article directories lost their usefulness.

However, there are still people that claim submitting articles to article directories and social bookmarking websites is really useful for search engine optimization, there are plenty of software dedicated to that specific task.

One such software, is called Magic Submitter, and it automatically submits links to multiple websites, supposedly solving all your search engine optimization needs.

Does Magic Submitter work? Let’s find out.

It’s also essential that you remember this program was created in 2012 and has not been updated since.

A lot has happened in the internet marketing world since 2012!

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The Magic Submitter Review Snapshot

  •  Product Name: Magic Submitter
  • Creator: Alexander Krulik
  • Type: Social Bookmarking and Article Submission Software
  • Price: First month $4.95 and then $67/month.

What is Magic Submitter?

If you believe that submitting articles to directories is beneficial, then this software would make all your dreams comes true.

I understand that it’s time consuming to visit multiple websites to submit links, I know building back-links can be a hassle.

Note: This program uses black hat and grey hat optimizing techniques. I wouldn’t recommend it as a long-term approach to content marketing mainly because it’s too similar to spamming!

On the other hand, Google’s algorithm is re-configured to cut down on spam, and now social signals are more important for search engine optimization.

Back-links are simply not as important as they once were. It’s also critical to create natural looking links, something that software can’t easily replicate.

So if back-links are not that useful, then is a software that creates back-links useful? 

Magic Submitter is a downloadable program that searches the net and compiles various submission websites, such as article directories, press release websites, WordPress blogs, link directories, feed submissions, and much more.

The interface is a little complex and there is a learning curve, it’s not newbie-friendly.

You’ll also have to spin the articles because most submission websites don’t accept duplicate content, so spinning the articles sneaks your content past their spam filters.

The program recommends an article spinner but you don’t need to use it, most people manually spin the articles or hire someone to rewrite multiple versions of one article.

You will also have to create multiple accounts on various websites using a proxy to bypass spam filters.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a black hat marketing strategy and not recommended for anyone who is uncomfortable with such marketing techniques.

There’s also a chance that you can destroy your website rank! Which is essentially killing your site.

The Magic Submitter Review Listing of Services

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Magic Submitter has a few pros.

  • Good for initial traffic

It can take a long time for search engines to index your articles, pinging multiple websites with your newly published article link is one way to speed up the indexing process.

Magic Submitter is great for sending out a bunch of signals and letting websites and databases know that you have a new article on your website.

Of course you can always just Fetch your content in Google and Bing Webmaster Tools and you’re site will get indexed in a matter of hours.

But it would help to have some quality bank links established as Google and Bing index your post.

  • Easy to automate

Once you figure out how to use the software, automating everything is fairly simple, and it provides a lot of freedom.

For instance, there’s no need to use all the features (some are actually quite harmful) but instead you can cherry-pick the services you need and configure them to promote your content, it can be useful for white-hat SEO too.

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Here are the Magic Submitter cons.

  • Hidden Costs

The product itself costs $67/month and there are other hidden costs that you’re not told about.

For example you will need a Captcha solving service, these programs can be found for $15/month.

Next, you’ll need an indexing service, the price for these services vary.

Lastly, an article re-writer is recommended, their service costs $45/month.

So as you can see, the bill adds up to quite a lot, and if you are not making money online yet then this can be a setback.

  • Low Quality Links

There are a lot of debates about the quality of the links created with this software, some people say they’re top-notch while others say they’re worthless.

I noticed that most of the links are not from authority websites (because no authority websites would allow auto submitter) but rather obscure databases and link exchange websites.

  • Risk of Destroying Your Current Rank

As I mentioned earlier, this software can destroy a website’s current rank if you don’t know how to configure the settings.

Contrary to what some people say, thousands of spun articles submitted to article directories won’t bring in floods of traffic or improve your search engine rank. You have to be careful with these kind of programs! More importantly to search engines is quality content that helps internet searches find what they’re looking for.

Final Word

Though I wouldn’t say that Magic Submitter is a scam, I do think it’s not worth investing in.

The reason for my decision is due to the black hat factor and the mass link submissions, something that Google clearly stated it’s against.

In addition, all the extra hidden services that you need to unlock to utilize the full power of the article (content marketing system) simply send more cash down the drain.

You don’t need an article spinner!

You just need to learn to write original content, or pay someone to do it for you.

So all in all, the software can be used to send some quick signals to a bunch of websites, but I don’t think it’s worth the $67/month fee. There are some services that are white-hat offered by Magic Submitter, but you can complete those tasks easily enough by yourself, while still remaining white hat.

How Do I Rank So Fast?

I often get asked how I rank my content so quickly.

I’ve had posts rank page 1, position 2 in Google in as little as 4 hours, others in a day, some take longer.

I’ve learned how to rank written content with Google, and video content with YouTube.

If you want to dominate the organic searches within your specific niche, know this, it does require a little bit of education and work, but it doesn’t take too long to get the hang of it.

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Thanks for taking the time to read our post, The Magic Submitter Review, and remember that Magic Submitter is outdated, and their black-hat SEO could be the end of your site.

Remember friends, it’s quality, not quantity.

Take care,

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