The Traffic Authority Review: Is Traffic Authority a Scam?

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Is traffic authority a scam? Don’t sign up for Traffic Authority before you finish this review!

You’ll thank me later.

Traffic Authority is a multi-level marketing company that provides various traffic packages for marketers to use to promote their websites and businesses.

This company used to be called Infinite Leverage, it was shutdown and Traffic Authority took it’s place. This is a common red-flag that a lot of scams have in common!

In this Traffic Authority review, we’ll discuss the company, how it works, the compensation, and summarize with a fair conclusion.

What is Traffic Authority?

Traffic Authority is a company that sells traffic, business training, and marketing tools. It’s also a multi-level marketing business.

The core service that this company provides is internet traffic. The reason this company has been growing in popularity is due to the multi-level marketing opportunity, one that we will discuss in detail later on in this article.

The Traffic Authority Review – Product Details

  • Name: Traffic Authority
  • Type: MLM
  • Website:
  • Price: Free to See, Expensive to Participate (see below)

What You Need to Know..

There are a few things that you need to know before you dive into the membership.

For starters, in order to promote the products as an affiliate, you’ll need to purchase the products. This is a deal breaker for a lot of people because these products can be really expensive (and there’s no guarantee that you’ll make your money back).

traffic authority review photo

Notice The Immediate Encouragement To Buy Products – Are You a Salesperson for the Company or a Customer?

For instance, the basic package (and the cheapest) is $220 while the most expensive package is $4,290! That’s quite a lot of money to spend for affiliate benefits!

With that in mind, the membership is free, but you won’t be able to promote anything unless you buy a product. Still, the free membership lets you take a look around the website and member’s area to get a feel of how the business works.

Affiliate Marketing RED FLAG: You should never pay to be an affiliate for any company! 

  • You are marketing someone else’s product – They pay you a commission for doing this, not the other way around.

This is how normal affiliate marketing works with brand name products at Amazon, Home Depot, Apple, etc.

You should never pay to be an affiliate. I’ve only seen internet marketing scams or MLM’s use this tactic.

Forget about THAT. Learn How to Build Your Own Site Here!

In my opinion, that’s the most important thing that you need to know about Traffic Authority.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that, like most mlm opportunities, one will need to excel at marketing and sales, otherwise your earnings will be really low!

How Does Traffic Authority Work?

So, the opportunity is this; member’s are given a commission for each product they sell as well as bonuses and other rewards.

I admit, the commissions are not terrible, and traffic packages are not the only deal that you can advertise.

There are tools and training material as well (including training for affiliates).

In other words, there’s a moderately sized catalog of products to promote.

If you sell a basic traffic package you’ll be given almost half of the total price; $100 (that’s not too bad).

The problem is that you need to qualify for affiliate benefits.

I already mentioned one way to qualify (buy the products) but there’s another way too; make three sales.

So, let’s say that you choose to sell the basic traffic package ($220) so you need to sell that package three times in order to qualify for commission payments.

Basically, making money for the company for free just to be able to make more money for the company; it doesn’t really make sense.

But… that’s how most multi-level marketing businesses work.

I can’t vouch for the quality of this traffic that Traffic Authority provides.

I can’t see why I would use this company for traffic when there are other, much better, sources of traffic out there.

Namely by driving people who are already interested in your products based on Google searches that are being made every second. That’s how you get targeted traffic that’s ready to buy.

traffic authority review photo

What I Liked About Traffic Authority

Digging deeper, I discovered a few things that I did like about this company.

First, they have some basic training videos that show marketers how to promote the company. It’s also important to remember that when someone signs-up under you – you earn a percentage of his sales. The idea is to build a team and make a profit from their profits.

Secondly, I appreciate the regular webinars. There’s also a radio show that let’s members ask the creators questions, and different topics are discussed to provide more clarity. It’s definitely not a dead community; the creators like to interact with members whenever possible.

Third, the traffic can be used to advertise your own affiliate links. What this means is that you can sell the company’s products with the company’s traffic, a loop.

Once again, I can’t vouch for the quality of the traffic, and there are numerous reports online, some positive and some negative.

Some customers claim the traffic is the highest converting traffic they found online while others say it doesn’t convert at all, I guess it depends on what you’re trying to promote.

If we play devils advocate here, the people who are praising Traffic Authority’s traffic might just be trying to sell more traffic packs.

Lastly, there are cheaper products that you can purchase (or sell) to acquire re-seller benefits. Most of the Traffic Authority reviews mention that you have to buy all the traffic packages in order to start earning commissions, but that’s not true, all you have to do is buy at least one of the products or tools (the tools are cheap) and you can begin promoting it for commissions.

What I Didn’t Like

With that in mind, this company still needs a lot of work and I wouldn’t recommend anyone throwing their life savings into it without properly testing the website and products.

The website does not provide a lot of details about the opportunity, it’s not very transparent, all that’s advertised are promises of wealth (another common red-flag).

The main issue that I have with this product is the price, obviously the high-ticket products will grant you the best affiliate commissions, but you’ll have to pay the full-price to promote those products.

That means, at least a few thousand dollars!

the traffic authority review photo

Here You Can Take A Quick Look at Traffic Authority’s Compensation Plan

In my opinion, that’s too much to spend on a company that is in the grey-area!

One Thing About Traffic

We all know traffic is essential for any business, offline or online.

The cool thing with an online business is that it has somewhat limitless potential for traffic versus a specific physical location.

You can literally bring in 1,000’s of visitors to a website per day, per hour, and per second.

So whether you’re doing an affiliate marketing business or a mlm network marketing business, you can bring in tons of traffic to buy your products if you understand how to do a couple of things.

  1. Create engaging content for your niche audience.
  2. Understand how low competition keywords work to easily rank content organically in search engines like Google and YouTube.
  3. Covert that traffic to sales

Using these techniques, I’ve learned how to bring traffic to my sites fast and for free. Can you believe I have one post about selling on Amazon that currently brings over 6,000 new visitors to my site per month, and then just sends them on their way to buy stuff at Amazon.

Want to Learn More? Check out Our Free Training Series!

It works like a charm.

The internet never sleeps and online users grow by the thousands every day. By taking the time to learn how to connect with your clients or niche audience, you can dominate online sales, you just need to learn how.


In a nutshell, Traffic Authority might be something to play around with for a bit, I don’t recommend it, but I don’t believe Traffic Authority is a scam either.

You can feel free to try it out and let me know how it goes; but I suggest that you don’t spend too much money on the products!

This is What I Recommend…

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the Traffic Authority Review!

Take care,

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