Ultimate Home Profits Honest Review: Is it a Scam?

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Ultimate Home Profits Honest Review: I’m just going to come out and say it; this product is a scam.

But it’s still worth an article because it’s a classic example of a standard internet marketing scam and if we pick it apart, we can see how it all works (and best of all, how to avoid falling for similar scams).

While searching for a profitable online business plan, many people fall for scams because of false promises and persuasive sales writing techniques.

I’m sure you have spotted a few -maybe even fell for a couple – these are the kind of scams that are advertised with flickering neon graphics; promising massive pay-outs and featuring rented mansions and random people in business suits.

Today we will take a look at a product called Ultimate Home Profits, an online business training course that is supposed to reveal a secret technique that you can use to earn up to $400 a day from your home with no skills required.

Does this pitch sound familiar?

I heard that description a few too many times.

It seems like most of these online business products use the same sales pitches and even the same website templates.

Notice these two scams; Ultimate Home Profits and Work From Home University use the same logo.

Ultimate Home Profits Honest Review Photo

Note: Ultimate Home Profits has updated their header, but you can see how these scams are so poorly made.

Notice the Same Home Logo

Ultimate Home Profits Honest Review Photo

It’s funny because it’s actually true; there are so many identical products out there, the only difference is that the name is switched around every once in awhile.

Let’s take a look at the details.

Ultimate Home Profits Honest Review – Product Details

  • Creator: Michelle Robinson
  • Name: Ultimate Home Profits
  • Website: ultimate-home-profits.com
  • Type: Internet Marketing Training With a Focus on Amazon
  • Verdict: Scam
  • Price: $97

What is Ultimate Home Profits?

Ultimate Home Profits is a training course that has several instructional videos about various online business topics such as affiliate marketing, email list marketing, and even tips on how to create a drop-shipping business with Amazon.

I noticed that the information is rather generic and does not contain actionable steps. It’s all rather vague and it doesn’t provide the reader/viewer with clear steps to follow once he or she is done absorbing the material. You’re simply left more confused then before, and that’s a sign that your training material needs work.

I also couldn’t find any information about the person behind this product, my spider senses are telling me she’s not real and just a random name that was slapped onto the product for marketing purposes, like so many other scams.

The Training

The training covers three main topics: affiliate marketing, building a email list, and drop-shipping on Amazon. There’s also some additional material dedicated to traffic generation techniques which (as I suspected) are all based on link submission scams.

In my opinion (and I’v been doing this for awhile) the training is absolutely not worth $97!

What I Didn’t Like

For starters, the website is so generic, it’s an exact clone of several other products. The testimonials are also all stock images. The “Featured on” section is also completely fake, this product has never been featured on these news channels.Ultimate Home Profits Honest Review Photo

I also didn’t like the “Check for Availability” form which essentially forces you to join their email marketing list. You’ll also need to enter a phone number which is a huge red-flag! You know exactly what they’ll do with that phone number; call it non-stop and pester you to sign-up for more deals.

In fact, it seems like almost immediately after you purchase this product, the phone rings, and someone on the other end starts trying to sell you a mentor deal that costs between $1,000 and $3,000. If you don’t have the cash they recommend a credit card company; basically begging for more debt.

Refunds Are A Hassle with Ultimate Home Profits

There have been numerous reports of people who purchased the product and requested a refund but the request was never accepted. At least their customer support responds once in awhile but they always come up with excuses not to hand over the refund. Ultimate Home Profits is not honest.

There’s also a hidden monthly fee that’s really difficult to remove. Not to mention the frequent calls and emails to upgrade your account and hire a mentor!

So all in all, the training material lacks value and on top of that you are bombarded with promotional calls and emails.

It’s just a bit too much!

In case you were wondering you can enter any info into the form and you’ll be redirected to the main sales page. If you just want to check out the sales page and pricing details, then don’t use your real phone number, enter a random number.

There’s also no forum or community, that’s a huge con for me. I think every online business training product should have an active community where you can interact with like-minded people and ask for advice.

What I Did Like

I actually didn’t like anything about Ultimate Home Profits besides the fact that it’s a perfect example of a standard internet marketing scam. This is how they all look. Remember how this one looks and works and you’ll be able to avoid similar scams.


To summarize, Ultimate Home Profits is a product that you should stay clear from!

It’s absolutely not worth the price, the training material is sub-par, there’s no community, refunds are granted randomly, and marketers harass you on a daily basis.

So, in short, Ultimate Home Profits will detour your online business plans and ideas. It will send you in a huge circle back to where you started, wondering what just happened.

So let’s avoid all that confusion and wasted time, and let’s stick to the training courses that actually work and have active forums where you can chat with other members.

That’s one feature of Wealthy Affiliate that I love, the forum has been a life-saver for me and my online business, it’s also an awesome networking tool.

But Wealthy Affiliate is also the best online business training course I found, the material is simply superb (and it’s also regularly updated) so check it out if you’re serious about creating an online business, making money online, or ranking content in places like Google or YouTube.

Remember, Ultimate Home Profits is a scam, and I suggest that you keep your distance!

Thanks for taking the time to read our Ultimate Home Profits Honest Review, have you tried this product? Leave a comment below and please don’t hesitate to share this article on social media! 

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