Ultimate Profit Empire Review: 3 Page Websites, Can it Work?

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I recently got my hands on a product called Ultimate Profit Empire, and decided to do a review for anyone who might be interested in this product.

I know that you are likely interested in making money online, so in this review I’ll break down this product, and we will see if it’s useful for beginners (and if you can make money with it).

Once you are done reading this review you should have a good idea what this product is all about and if it’s worth your cash and time.

Remember, this is a unbiased review, I don’t promote this product as an affiliate. 

So, let’s jump in.

Ultimate Profit Empire Review: What’s The Deal?

Ultimate Profit Empire is one of Alex Jeffrey’s many internet marketing products, the following are a few of his most popular products: The Blackbox Sales Machine, Video Profit System, and The Digital Millionaire Mastermind.

Alex has created about 13 different profits within the internet marketing niche they are all listed on JVZOO, here.

Some are not bad, some need some work, and others completely lack value.

Ultimate Profit Empire, in my opinion, is not bad (for the price, it’s only $7), there’s a lot of decent value in the training area, most of it is basic internet marketing tips, but there are useful bits of info in there too.

The package consists of 9 modules, one eBook, and 3 bonuses. In each module, there’s one video that is in-between 5 and 30 minutes in length. The first few modules introduce the system and cover the basics, like how to find a niche, conduct research, etc.

The other videos get into the more detailed aspects of internet marketing; like product creation.

This is the section of the training that I found the most valuable, there’s a lot of cool tips, and I’ll talk about that later on in this review.

Once you are done with all the modules you should have a basic idea of how to make a simple three page squeeze page that can be used to promote affiliate products and your own products. The idea is the same as many other list building products; build a list and market to the list.

The eBook is a transcription of all the videos. It’s a little difficult to read because the text was not broken into paragraphs correctly, chunks of texts are hard to read. It’s about 27 pages long and can be read in less than 10 minutes.

Alex Jeffrey seems to know his stuff and I believe he is truly dedicated to providing people with good marketing tips.

Problems With Ultimate Profit Empire

I immediately noticed a few problems with this product, that, if fixed, could transform this product from an average product to a decent product.

Most of the tips are generic and it seems like a lot of re-hashed content. If you have a more advanced knowledge of online business, then most of the videos in this package won’t be useful for you.

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A Bit Salesy In My Opinion

It’s mainly targeted at complete beginners, and that’s not bad, but the first few videos are full of fluff and there’s not much value in them.

In addition, a lot of important topics have been left out of the whole training course, topics such as search engine optimization, content creation, and keyword research, have been totally ignored.

It’s all about how to make a simple three page website that converts subscribers into customers. It’s not a full course online business training package.

I don’t have anything against email marketing and list building; but if you’re more interested in building a full scale website, then this product might not be the best for you.

I also didn’t like the fact that Alex uses a Facebook group to manage his clients. There are over 9,000 members in his Facebook group (I know because I am a member of his group) and they post a lot of junk in there, I saw a lot of spam links.

Alex does not clean it up as often as he says he does. I did ask a question about Facebook ads in the group, and I did receive a few useful responses, so it’s not entirely dead.

You should also know that there are little up-sells to his complete coaching program in almost every video.

So there are a few little problems with this product, but it’s not a scam. It’s relatively cheap and there are a lot of things that I liked about it…

What I Liked About Ultimate Profit Empire

First, I like how the modules are organized, all in one page, makes it easy to find the next video. There are also some PDF mind-maps to download for reference. Oh, and I liked how you can download each video, I downloaded all of them, copied them to my phone, and listened to them while away from home.

Secondly, I like how that Alex describes information overload and how to avoid it. He creates a little spreadsheet that marks your progress, the idea is to stick to one step, complete it, and then move to the next one. Taking it a step at a time, instead of trying to complete everything at once. I thought that was cool.

Third, I like his tips on how to create a product. Like I said, there’s no mention of keyword research for content, but there is some tips on how to research keywords for a domain name or name for a product.

He recommends that you check out the table of contents of popular books on Amazon within your niche for product ideas. I also like how he suggests that you interview a expert for inside information into a certain niche. This makes it easier to create a fast product.

What you do with the product, is up to you, either give it away as an incentive for people to subscribe to your list, or sell it. He recommends listing it on an affiliate platform like JVZOO or Clickbank and then collecting affiliates.

Fourth, there are some excellent tips on how to write a sales page that converts. It is very condensed information, but useful for people who have never written sales pages before. I personally suggest that you read a few books about sales writing for maximum conversions.

The last video is all about automation, how to create a three page website, collect affiliates, subscribers, traffic, and make cash. It’s a pretty in-depth video that explains some cool tricks to get more affiliates and make more income.

For example, when you list your first product, it’s a good idea to set your commission rate to 100% in order to collect as many affiliates as possible.

He also recommends creating banners, ads, and email swipes to make it easier for people to promote your product. These are some pretty useful tips when it comes to promoting a product.

There really is a lot of info packed into this product…

Final Word

In a nutshell, Ultimate Profit Empire is not a scam. Some of the information might seem a little old, but that should be expected if you already have an advanced knowledge of internet marketing topics.

The training is decent, and worth the price, there are a lot of cool tips that you can use to create products and promote them. I personally thought the tip about making it easier for marketers to promote your products by creating email swipes and other tools was particular useful.

So, this product is not a scam, but it’s not a complete training course, either.

I believe full-scale websites can be much more profitable than this small systems, and if you want to learn how to build a full-scale website, check out my favorite training course. 

Below I’ve placed a comparison chart between my favorite training course, Wealthy Affiliate, and the Ultimate Profit Empire so you can see how their training program is superior in support, guidance, and education.

Thanks for reading this Ultimate Profit Empire review, leave a comment with your opinions below, I would love to hear from you. 


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