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If you own a website or blog, you know how important it is to get on the first page of Google rankings. Today I will give you some great tips for writing website content that you Tips Writing Website Content Photocan use to increase your Google rankings immediately.

We hear that “Content is King” in the internet world, but really it should be “Quality Content is King”.

Why is that the case?

The three major search engines that make up 98% of all searches performed on the internet are from Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

And all three of these search engines base quality content as one of their highest priorities in ranking websites. The reason they do this is to provide the best user experience. If you type in a question to Google, you want the most relevant answers that apply to your question within the first page of your search.

Websites that provide a good user experience with easy to read and valuable content will get ranked higher and more quickly. So quality content leads to higher rankings in search engines. Websites that land on the first page of Google, Yahoo, or Bing will lead to increased traffic, which ultimately should lead to increased revenue.

Keyword Phrases are the Key to Rankings!

Before you begin writing an article or post, you need to do your research. If you don’t have a Keyword Research Tool, it’s time to get one.

Why is this so important?

Search engines really use keyword phrases more than they use keywords to rank a website. And this makes sense in today’s world. No longer do internet users type in one or two keywords, they just type in “keyword phrases or questions”.

For example, you’re going to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving and you’re not sure about the cooking time. Do you put in “turkey cooking times” or do you put in “how long does it take to cook a 12 pound turkey”.

Tips Writing Website Content Photo

Within seconds I’ve got the results I wanted using a Keyword Question. Look above at the second result in my Google search. Turkey between 8-12 lbs cooking in 325, etc. So you can see this is more efficient and a more pleasant experience for the user.

So when writing your articles or posts, you want to have…

  1. A keyword phrase as your title
  2. Then mention that phrase within the first 150 characters of the first paragraph of your article.

Take this article you’re reading right now for example:

Tips Writing Website Content Photo

Here, you can see several of my Keywords and my Keyword Phrase repeated in the first paragraph. This will allow Google to easily understand the basis of my article and start to rank my article as people begin searching Google using the keyword phrase… Tips Writing Website Content.

So maybe you’re thinking, well Todd, who’s searching…tips writing website content these days?

The answer is, not many, and that’s exactly what we want when building a website. We want low competition keyword phrases that people search on a monthly basis. So how do you figure out the right keyword phrase? Again, I refer you back to Jaaxy, it’s the perfect tool for the job. See below.

What’s the right Keyword Phrase to Use?

You also want to use what is called “Low Competition Keyword Phrases”. For example, in this article I could have titled it “Web Content Writing” or “Website Content Writing”. But look below at my research for the amount of searches and the competition I would have had using these Keyword Phrases.

Tips Writing Website Content Rankings using Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Keyword Phrase Search Using Jaaxy Enterprise Tool

You can see the monthly searches for both phrases are great, 1,215 searches for one and 1,197 for the other. However we want to look at their QSR (which is the competition for that Keyword Phrase).

You can see that if I used either phrase (Web Content Writing or Website Content Writing) that I would have had 661,000 or 270,000 other websites in Google to compete with in order for someone to see this article.

Now look at the Keyword Phrase that I chose for this article “Tips Writing Website Content”. It has only 104 monthly searches, but a much lower QSR of 18. So that means I only have 18 other websites to compete with to get this post in the first page of Google.

When we have a QSR of under 200-300, we shouldn’t have trouble ranking in the first few pages of Google if we provide our users with “Quality Content”.

Hopefully, you are beginning to see the importance of “Keyword Phrases” and how we can leverage “Low Competition Keyword Phrases” to get ranked in the first few pages of any search engine. If you’re writing content to get ranked in search engines, save yourself a lot of time and energy and invest in a quality Keyword Research Tool.

I recommend Jaaxy. It allows me to find low competition keywords that will allow me to rank faster in search engines and will ultimately give my website higher rankings.

Conclusion – Tips Writing Website Content

In general, write your content naturally for your readers and not for search engine rankings.

Use a Keyword tool like Jaaxy to find low competition keyword phrases so that you can get your website ranked quicker within the search engines.

Then mention the title phrase one time in the first paragraph and then don’t focus on Keywords after that, just write for your readers and you’ll do fine.

If you’re looking for more help with your online business, get professional help from a quality resource and education.

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Best of luck and if you have anything to add to this discussion please send me a comment below and I’ll get back to you right away.


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photo credit: Slaff via photopin cc

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