What Do You Do When You Hate Your Job?

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What do you do when you hate your job?

Quit that stinking job, right!

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Quitting your job may inspire you to make changes in your life that could lead to a brighter future.

You may be able to find a better job or career.

Quitting your job might be the best decision you ever made.

At the same time, that may not be the best decision, depending on your financial situation.

But if you feel trapped in a job that you hate, you’re not alone.

According to a recent Gallup Poll, a whopping 70% of the work force hates their jobs.

So if you’re reading this article right now, I’m assuming you fall into that 70%, I HATE MY JOB, Category.

Why Do So Many People Hate Their Jobs These Days?

When people graduate high school they usually have a couple of choices

1). Enter the work force with the skills they have.

2). Go off to college to continue to develop their education and find a career.

If you start working right after high school, what kind of work do you find?

  • minimum wage
  • or labor intensive jobs.

These can be great to start out with; but with time, low pay, and working long hours to make any real money, many realize that this future is very limited.

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And let’s face it, when young adults go off to college, many don’t know what they want to do with their lives.

Some do, but occupation develops and changes over time for everyone.

So what we wanted to do in your 20’s may be totally different than what we want to do in our 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s.

Plus when you look at the current work situation, you’ll find several factors that make it easy to see why more people hate their jobs these days.

1). More people are working longer hours to make ends meet

Employees are finding themselves not just working one jobWorkers who hate their job picketing outside of workplace , but sometimes two and are working 50+ hours a week just to be able to pay their bills.

And the cost of living is rising every year.

Shoot, the cost of health care last year has almost doubled for most families and individuals.

Yet many have found their hourly wages to remain the same or have decreased.

2). Employees Getting Less Hours

In today’s economical times, if business is slow, employers will send home employees early to cut costs, thus cutting the employees hours.

This results in less pay and less opportunity to advance in an employees economic situation.

Are you starting to feel the resentment?

3). Many people find themselves in boring, meaningless jobs

Fast food services, cleaning services, manual labor; these jobs don’t provide much mental stimulation and really don’t utilize all the skills that people have to offer.

Many of these types of workers find themselves bored and depressed with their work.

There’s no room for advancement or promotions which can lead to resentment and hate for their jobs.

There’s no sense of progress.

But the Reality is, We All Need to Work, Right?

So many people want to get rich and think that this is the solution to all life’s problems.

But is that really what makes us happy?photo of man laying on hammock

Many of us have this conception that being rich and living on a beach sipping Piña Coladas is the definition of happiness, something we should all strive for.

Sure, when you’re working away at a desk job you hate, it’s easy to fantasize about white sandy beaches and lazy days with nothing to do.

And people should have vacations.

Personally, I believe ever person should spend 3 – 4 weeks hanging out at the beach destination of their choice.

Having lazy days without a care in the world, maybe taking a few surfing lessons, kite boarding, scuba diving, daily yoga next to the ocean, walking along the beach at sunset.

But just get away and let the brain veg out.

Zero Stress!

Then return home, rejuvenated and ready to get back to your life, your occupation, your friends, etc.

Have you ever heard the saying?

If You Love What You Do, You’ll Never Work a Day in Your Life.

Turn Your Hobby and Passions Into a Business. Start Here, Its Free!

So being rich and care free isn’t the solution, its finding work that is rewarding emotionally, physically, and financially.

Having a job does several positive things for people that make our lives more rewarding and most people don’t recognize this.

These are actually the core values of the profession of Occupational Therapy.

  • Work gives us meaning in life
  • Work is an important determinant of health and well-being
  • Work organizes our behavior in a positive way
  • Work develops and changes over a lifetime – as humans we need to find new challenges and new things to learn. That’s one of the great ways we can keep our brains healthy and ward off dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Make new neural connections by learning new things.
  • Work shapes our environments and our character
  • Work has a therapeutic value

Sure, wasting away in Margaritaville sounds nice.

But try doing it for a few months.

You’ll most likely find yourself depressed and bored.

The truth is…

“People Need to Be Challenged, Engaged, and Productive to Feel Good about Themselves”

sign encouraging to follow your calling in life

So What Do You Do When You Hate Your Job?

If you feel trapped in your current job and think there is no way out of this modern day form of slavery, I’m here to tell you there is.

And it’s pretty easy in this day and age to change your life from…

Slave of the Daily Grind


Master of Your Own Domain

The internet is growing at an incredible daily rate; there are 8 new internet users per second in the world.

Can you fathom this?

That’s over 691,000 new internet users a day. (source)

internet crowd photo

More and more people today are finding internet related jobs and businesses that can provide

As a matter of fact, if you take the time and effort you put into your current job, and apply that to an internet business, you can find much more success in the online world.

Why is that?

  • It has never been easier to start on an online business than today (you can start one here, right now for free)
  • As stated before, there has never been so many people using the internet in the world’s history. The internet provides a tremendous marketplace to sell products.
  • Not only are there more internet users, but more and more people are buying products online. Look at companies like Amazon and eBay that have thousands of transactions every hour. It’s incredible.
  • It has never been easier to put up a niche website to promote products and create an online business (I can show you how to do this in less than 10 minutes).

Do You Feel You Have More to Offer This World?

We all need to work, but we need to invest in things that we are passionate about, things that we care about.

What’s the point of living a mundane life working at a job you hate?

People have all kinds of different talents, skills, life experiences, hobbies and passions.

The only thing that most people don’t know is…

  • How to take those skills, passions, and hobbies and make profitable online niche businesses with them.

Imagine if within 6 months to a year you had a niche business set up online that was generating a couple thousand dollars a month, and with time that business could grow to anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 dollars per month.

All you need is…

  • a passion
  • a computer
  • and an internet connection

Want to Learn More? Our Free Training Has What You Need.

Take your passion, build a profitable website, and build a great reputation for your business.

What do you do when you hate your job?

Please share your ideas with our readers to see what inspires people who are facing the same question in their lives.


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