What Is 1Sale – Awesome Discounts or Cheap Counterfeits?

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I heard of 1Sale (formally known as 1SaleADay) as an online retailer that offer huge discounts on brand name products.

Apparently, they buy bulk amounts of surplus consumer goods, then re-sell these products on theirwhat is 1Sale - product photo website at major discounts (products are listed at up to 80-90% off retail prices).

Sounds great, right? Who wants to pay a marked-up price at a store when you can snag these consumer goods at huge discounts with 1Sale?

I did a little digging and discovered just how 1Sale does business.

I also discovered what their customer service as well as the quality of their products is like. You’ll get a kick out of this..

I don’t know about you but I don’t like getting ripped off when it comes to buying things online.

I have an extensive background in buying discounted merchandise online and have since developed a sixth-sense for sniffing out questionable business practices.

This review will keep you wise to 1Sale.com and may even inspire you in  getting started making money online for yourself.

It’s easier than you think..

Let’s get started.

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The Basics 

Product Name: 1Sale formally named 1SaleADay
Overall Ranking: 10/100
Ben Federman
Not Recommended

What Is 1Sale Exactly?

1Sale was introduced in 2007 as a revolutionary new website offering deep discounts on brand name products.

Their product range is vast. Fashion, Jewelry, Appliances, Electronics, Gift Cards.

You name it, they’ve got it.

They claim to offer new and refurbished merchandise that has been restored by a manufacturer or manufacturer-approved vendor.

They also offer free shipping on all their heavily discounted items.

what is 1sale1 - header image

1Sale also offers a deal-a-day which gives consumers daily deals that last for 24 hours.

These deals come from “sister sites” that specialize in electronics, jewelry, household products, so on and so forth.

From 2010 through to 2012, 1Sale was well received and highly praised from multiple media sources…

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Read on to find out how 1Sale really works.

What Is 1Sale Really?

Similar to Aliexpress.com, the sister company of the powerhouse wholesale import/export site Alibaba.com, the bulk discount products that 1Sale offers on their site are nothing but junk.

They can offer free shipping and 80% to 90% discounts because they are buying and shipping the majority of their products from Chinese factories that make counterfeit goods.

This is also why their products take so long to ship to their customers (usually between 3 – 6 weeks).

Read my review of Aliexpress.com to learn more about how this process works.

So here’s what a couple of 1Sale/1SaleADay customers had to say:

what is 1sale - customer complaintwhat is 1sale - customer complaint

In fact, did you know that the Chinese government subsidizes the delivery costs of exported goods?

This gives Chinese export businesses an advantage, allowing them to ship products inexpensively to the United States, or really to any country for that matter.

When 1Sale delivers individual retail products, one product at a time, it’s easy to get them to pass through US Customs.

It’s only when you import larger quantities of a product that US Customs starts to snoop around.

How do I know this? I sold 1,000’s of these types of products that I bought from companies like Aliexpress.com on sites like eBay and Amazon.

If you label the products honestly and don’t break any copyright laws, it’s perfectly acceptable to way to make money online.

Check out my article about how Amazon allows 3rd Party Sellers to sell fake products right here.

Let’s Talk A Little About Customer Service..

As you probably noticed from reading the customer comments above, customer service at 1Sale.com is not one of their strong points.

From my own experience with buying discounted goods from online retailers like 1Sale, this is usually the biggest problem you’ll find. You have little control over the quality of the products you purchase, and worse still, very little recourse when things go south.

Don’t just take my word for it, check out what 1Sale customers have to say.

What is 1sale - customer complaint

What is 1sale - customer complaintWhat is 1sale - customer complaintWhat is 1sale - customer complaint

The Only Reason 1Sale is Not a Complete Scam

Although the majority of the bulk discount products 1Sale.com sells are, basically, junk.

And in spite of their pretty appalling customer service, 1Sale has an important money making lesson to teach us:

1Sale effectively and legitimately uses affiliate marketing with real companies like eBay, Lowe’s, American Express, and other well established businesses to make money, and good money at that.

This lesson is something we can learn from because it is highly practical and effective. Allow me to show you something.

Here’s a product listed on the 1Sale.com website:

What is 1sale photo - product example

Screen Capture From 1Sale.com

When a consumer clicks on this ad they are taken to Ebay.com, shown below:

what is 1sale photo

If your visitor goes on to buy a product from an Affiliate site like Ebay, for example, the Affiliate (YOU) would earn a percentage of the sale.  In the case of Ebay, you would be looking to earn 50% on this Luggage Set or $37.50.

You see, Affiliate Marketing simply works like this..

You have a website that contains links or ads to products.

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These products are usually relevant to your site but not always.

If ever a visitor to your site clicks on one of these ads – and then goes on to buy the product – you earn a percentage of the sale, you earn a commission.

When you link to sites like Ebay or Amazon like 1Sale does (many sites already have affiliate programs in place to allow you to work with these large vendor sites) earnings ensue.  This is true even for niche vendor sites, not only the online giants.

Let’s look at a better example..

What is 1sale photo - product example

A nice looking set of Earrings advertised on 1Sale.com starting from $499 with up to 90% off.  Nice!  However, click on this ad and you are directly to an Affiliate Site.  In this example, you are taken to diamondstuds.com.

What is 1sale photo - product example

Now wait a minute, what happened to the sweet deal I saw on 1Sale?  Hmm.

Maybe this is a glitch in their affiliate system, or maybe it’s a bait and switch tactic.

You make the call.

Now regardless of 1Sale’s questionable business ethics, take a look at what’s really happening here..

A visitor clicks on this great Earring deal on 1Sale.com and are taken to an Affiliate website (which shockingly has increased the price by almost two-thirds..!)

However, if this visitor actually does go on to purchase these earrings, guess what?

1Sale has just made another Affiliate commission. Cha-ching!

A Silver Lining

Although 1Sale.com may be no more than another website selling counterfeit goods that they label as “Refurbished” brand name products albeit with huge discounts, there is something to be learned from them.

I’m reminded of the old saying from Pablo Picasso.  He said:

“Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists Steal”

And you better believe that the same thing applies to business!

I’ve spent the last 5 years trying to figure out how I could make money online. And if you’ve spent anytime at all on my website, you’ve seen that I’ve stuck my nose into a lot of online money making programs out there.

At the end of the day there was one program that stood above the rest.

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What would you like to do if you had a little more financial freedom?

what is 1sale photo

Pondering life from Puerto Iguazú Falls, Argentina side of the falls

I hope you enjoyed my review of 1Sale.

Hopefully you’ll think twice now before purchasing anything from them.

Keep checking back because I’ll be providing more insider information about online money making systems as well as real, proven ways to make money online.

Class is out,

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