What is 30 Minute Commissions? Does it Work? Lets See…

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30 Minute Commissions is a book that claims to be able to train people to earn three-figure commissions by just working 30 minutes every day.

Does it really show you how to make that kind of money or is it more false promises? 

Lets find out…

What is 30 Minute Commissions: Snapshot

  • Name: 30 Minute Commissions
  • Price: $14.95 + 3 Up-sells
  • Creator: Raj Sidhu

what is 30 minute commissions screenshot

30 Minute Commissions is a special report that teaches you how to make quick commissions as an affiliate marketer.

Its not a full-scale internet marketing training course!

The creator of the report, Raj Sidhu, claims to have accidentally discovered a secret that lets you earn over 100 dollars in just 30 minutes, hence the name.

But, the real 30 Minute Commission may not be the jackpot it promotes.

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What we have here is a sales funnel that starts with a cheap offer and leads people to other offers.

Loads of marketers use these sales funnels and they do work – nothing wrong with them.

This report leads to two other up-sells:

what is 30 minute commissions screenshot

PM stands for Per Month.

Let me explain.

It is no secret that the internet is full of scams and reviews that are full of dishonesty.

There are also reviews praising scams, painting them as the best thing that ever happened to the world since the invention of the internet.

See what I’m getting at?

It is hard to trust every review that pops up on your Google search result, even if they are on the first page.

The same goes for the 30 Minute Commissions.

I am not saying that it’s a scam, but I am definitely saying that you should tread carefully before investing in it.

Hopefully, knowing more about this program/book will help you decide whether or not the 30 Minute Commission is worth your time and money.

First Impressions of 30 Minute Commissions:

The style of the website is designed in is very “bloggish“.

In other words, Raj Sidhu is trying to promote his book in a very personal way.

Also, there is literally only one page on the website.

And it seems that Raj Sidhu is the only person behind 30 Minute Commissions – which int’s a bad thing.

The internet marketing industry sees loads of products that are under aliases or fake names.

When someone uses their real name, its impressive!

There is an up-close and personal v-log at the top of the page where Raj Sidhu basically explains what the program/book is about.

Following that, there is a long story showing what he did to find this money “secret” of his.

Of course there is no information on about what the secret is and how to make over $100 in 30 minutes everyday.

Naturally, we are supposed to assume that information is in the book.

You, of course, also get your standard user reviews towards the bottom of the page/website.

These reviews undeniably swear that this system/book will solve all your money problems by letting you earn $100 in just 30 minutes per day.

It is up to you to decide whether they are legit or not (most of time time, they’re not).

What About the Training Material?

Here are the things that they promise you will learn if you buy 30 Minute Commissions:

  • How to make over $100 in 30 minutes. Everyday.
  • What to do to avoid common pitfalls people make when they try to make money online.
  • Actions you need to take to work smarter.
  • How to increase your affiliate commissions 10x.
  • A three step formula that pretty much anyone that can read English can follow.
  • How to get increased traffic.
  • Magic dust to sprinkle over your cash cake (no idea what Raj Sidhu means by this).
  • A blue print for a simple way to earn money

Most of these pointers are great if they are true. 

There also are not crazy income claims, so that is a plus!

Let’s move on to the pros and cons of this system to get a better grasp of what it has to offer.

30 Minute Commissions: The Pros..

It’s important to remember there is no such thing as a full proof investment.

In other words, there will always be risk involved when you are trying to invest in something.

Thankfully, with the 30 minutes commission, you do not have to risk much as the book only costs $14.95 per copy.

The low cost makes sense, as the 30 Minute Commission seems to be targeting people who are down on their luck and want a quick and easy way to earn money.

So you could say, a pro of 30 Minute Commission is that it is a low-risk opportunity. 

Its cheap and there are no hidden fees.

Rather, it is just something that takes far less money to try, compared to other high-ticket affiliate marketing systems found on the internet that require thousands of dollars just to get started.

The other advantage of this system is that it takes a more personal approach.

You can tell there is a real person behind the product. 

There is also a personal story about how he supposedly discovered the secret to success. Albeit there is a bunch of words in his story that are not spelled correctly.

But, he uses everyday, common language to get his point across and does not try to impress or confuse by throwing a barrage of technical terms.

30 Minute Commissions: The Cons..

It seems hard to believe that someone accidentally discovered a secret method of earning cash quick just by sitting on his computer all day surfing the net.

Also, while I did say the official website takes a very personal approach, it is also very unprofessional.

There are grammar mistakes as well as spelling mistakes.

Never a good sign.

There are also a bunch of ‘reviews’ of 30 Minute Commission found onthe internet that are obviously dishonest and biased.

Most importantly, there is absolutely no information on how you will actually earn money. 

There’s no hint what the book is about.

So, you will pretty much be flying in blindly if you choose to purchase the book.

Our Conclusion with 30 Minute Commissions?

Personally, I think its an okay book for the price – but definitely nothing spectacular.

I can’t say its a scam because you do receive a product at the end and it does have some helpful tips.

But it also leaves a lot to be desired. 

Instead, why not sign-up for our free email training series?

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Thanks for taking the time to read this What is 30 Minute Commissions review!

Feel free to light up the comment section with your thoughts and opinions.

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