What is 48 hours Logo? And Is it a Good Place to Make Money?

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Looking into 48 Hours Logo and wondering what they’re all about. Well, it’s kind of an interesting business model.

Basically it’s a logo-design company that uses designers competitions to create the graphics that clients need.

We’ll discuss this business from the perspective of the Pro’s and Con’s for both the Client (Company that needs a designer) and the Designer.

Marketing and branding relies heavily on your firm’s logo, so this is an important aspect to any business.

Online or offline. Let’s begin..

What is 48 Hours Logo?

48 Hours Logo provides customer logos to businesses at relatively reasonable prices.

The website started in 2010 and has gained massive traction over the years.

Most marketers recommend 48 Hours Logo, but is it the right logo design service for you?

48 Hours Logo is an potentially decent platform for freelance designers because not only can they improve their design skills, but they can also participate in cash contests.

Here are some of the features you can find in 48 Hours Logo:

Logo Prices Starting from $99:

Though some companies are willing to shell out hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars on a new logo, most new website owners don’t have that kind of cash.

Actually, there are much cheaper places where you can get a quality logo designed.

Fiverr has an entire section dedicated to gigs where you can buy custom logos. 

One of the cool things about 48 Hours Logo for it’s clients is the company’s task goes out to all their designers, so the client can pick the one they like the most.

It’s an Easy to Use Platform:

48 hours is a simple and an easy website to navigate. There are no complexities like frequent upgrades, up-sales and other pressing matters.

Start Your own Logo Contest at $29:

You can throw a contest starting from 29$ only.

And you only pay for the designs you approve.

What I Liked:

One of the things I liked most about this company is how you can browse through their completed competitions and take a look at all the logos.

If you’re struggling to come up with a logo idea, browsing through their listings can be a source of inspiration.

what is 48 hours logo photo

There are multiple categories too, so it will be easy to get an idea for your new logo.

You can also see the price that the competition ended at.

I also like how you can browse through the designers and view their portfolios, free of charge.

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Another positive is the speed in which work is delivered – its not  called 48 Hours Logo for nothing!

Logos are expected to be delivered within 48 Hours, some are delivered within hours of submitting a request.

Other logo design platforms or freelance graphics designers can take weeks to finish a logo.

Not the Best For Designers:

Though the platform seems appealing to people who need logos because they can choose work from multiple designers, its not so appealing for designers.

Let me explain.

See, the platform is based on a contest system.

But the company takes a 20-percent fee from the prize.

Each designer submits his or her logo to the client, and the client picks the best one.

The problem is only the winner gets paid, at least the full contest prize.

Designers can earn a bit from participating or being invited to a contest, but it’s usually only a few bucks.

Here’s a screenshot from one of the top designers on 48 Hours Logo, take a look at his win success rate…

what is 48 hours logo photo

That’s a really low win-rate!

Nobody likes wasting their time!

Personally, I don’t think its the best platform for graphics designers.

It’s kind of like doing work for a chance to get paid.

Making Money with 48 Hours Logo:

As a designer, there are a few ways you can earn money with this platform.


When you are invited to participate in a contest you earn five dollars.

Participation Tips

Participation tips are a way for a client to show appreciation for a specific design, but most clients to hand out tips.

Contest Winner

If you win the contest you will receive the full prize, minus the 20% company fee.

Place a Price on Your Design

Clients can choose to buy a copy of your design a long with the winner of the contest.

Not many clients do this, but it can open another source of income.

As I mentioned earlier, most member’s win-rate is very low, so they make most of their cash from the other methods listed.

And that is not a lot of cash.

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For Clients:

On the other hand, clients who need a logo will benefit from this platform because they can see and choose the best logo out of all the competitors.

For example, here’s a screenshot from a competition that was run:

what is 48 hours logo photo

As you can see, there were 88 total designers by 28 designers – that’s a lot of designs!

Chances are finding one that you like and that suits your business are quite high.

Alternatively, if you were to hire one designer, he or she would likely only deliver one or two variations of the same logo.

Then again, one could argue that you don’t really need 88 designs – its a bit overkill.

Still, from a client perspective, the platform is excellent for finding a logo for your business.

File Formats:

The files of logo designs are handed over in JPG, PNG, PDF and EPS files.

These are the files that are necessary in both online printing and offline.

You can also contact the winner directly and ask for designs for other marketing material such as business cards, flyers, and more.

Speaking of business cards, here as any article we wrote about how to make business cards for free!

what is 48 hours logo photo

Conclusion: What is 48 Hours Logo?

48 Hours Logo is a decent design platform, but its not the best for designers.

As a designer you’ll not only spend a lot of time designing the logos, but also entering contests.

And the chances of you winning a contest are quite low, so most of that work will be for nothing!

Nevertheless, 48 Hours Logo can be a good place to find a logo for your company.

I like how you can browse through their contest winners, and sort them by category, to find examples you can borrow for your own site.

If you’re looking into this platform because you want to make some cash as a designer, it might be not the best option for you.

Sites like Fiverr will likely be a better choice.

And if you want to get started building your own site, hit the button below to get our free training!

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Thanks for taking the time to read this what is 48 hours logo review!

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