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The first step to creating a profitable website is niche selection. You’ll have to find the right niche, one that’s not too competitive but still has room for profit.

Most people have a hard time finding a niche because they are not sure whether or not to pursue their passion or a niche that is profitable but they’re not passionate about.

You have decide how you’re going to make money in your niche.

Choosing the right niche is important. It’s a big decision. 

But what you don’t hear people talking about is, “What is an affiliate marketing niche?”

The easiest way to make money online from a website is via affiliate marketing and it’s rather straightforward. This is the best recommendation for numerous reasons.

You just need your custom affiliate link and send people towards the product and you earn a commission.

If you want to create a product for your niche, that’s one way to go but it requires more effort, money and might be too difficult for beginners.

In today’s article, we’ll talk about

  1. What is an affiliate marketing niche.
  2. How to find and promote products within your niche.

Let’s start..

What is an Affiliate Marketing Niche?

As an affiliate marketer, the goal is to find a product in your niche that has a decent affiliate program that you can promote on your website.

Thankfully, there are plenty of products that offer affiliate programs, and most affiliate marketplaces like Clickbank and JVZOO have plenty of products in various niches.

Shoot, you can even get started with Amazon. There’s thousands of affiliate programs and products.

So before you start working on a website, there are a few things that you should do.

Assuming that you have already found a list of low competition and high traffic keywords, the next step is to find something to promote.

If you don’t have anything to promote on your website then you won’t make any money; it’s that simple. 

Contrary to what you might think, the make money online niche is not as profitable as you might think.

Other niches have a lot of potential if you’re willing to branch out a bit.

So what you want to do is head over to an affiliate marketplace such as the three mentioned earlier, we can start with Clickbank as it’s the largest and most popular database for affiliate programs.

Note: Keep in mind that there could be products in your niche that have excellent affiliate programs which are not listed on these three websites. It’s worth doing a little digging on Google for products in your niche by typing in a simple phrase such as, “Your keyword” + “Affiliate program”.

Visit the Clickbank affiliate marketplace, and select the topic of the left that is related to your niche.

A list of products will appear, with different metrics that you should understand.

Let’s use the “Arts & Entertainment” category as an example.

If you’re wondering what is an affiliate marketing niche, this is a prime example.

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How to Find Profitable Affiliate Marketing Products

Take a look at the image below, we can immediately see a few products.

In the drop down menu, we can select how to organize the products, I chose most popular products.what is an affiliate marketing niche photo

Now we have to figure out which product to promote, some products are not worth promoting at all.

One way to do this is to head on over to our keyword research tool, and look for some keywords that we could use to drive traffic to one of the products.

So let’s use the first product on the list as an example, the first keyword you can search for is “Product name” + “review”.

Let’s take a look at the keywords. 

Okay so here are the results, I took out the phrase “Online Singing Course” because on their webpage the logo is “Superior Singing Method”.

Searching on Jaaxy for “Superior Singing Method Review” gives us some interesting keywords.

Take a look at the image below.

what is an affiliate marketing niche photo

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So we can see the keyword is marked green but there still are 198 competing websites for that keyword phrase. 

In other words, it will be difficult to rank for that keyword, and the traffic is not as good as it could be.

So if you were to write a review based on this keyword, it will rank in Google, but it will be difficult to get in the first result of the first page, especially for complete beginners.

But let’s not throw in the towel yet.

There are plenty of other keywords that you could target to lead people into the program.

I always suggest that you try in some other keywords that are related to the product.

I tried a few, and after a few attempts, I found this simple keyword that not only has more traffic than the review one, but it’s also much less competitive. 

what is an affiliate marketing niche photo

And with a bit more digging I’m sure you can find even better keywords to target!

Then, the next step is to write the article and publish it on your website.

But your job doesn’t end once it’s published, now it’s time to promote it.

That means take the link to Twitter, Facebook, and other websites to get the word out.

We know that Google likes “Hot” articles that people are talking about on social media, so do your best to share the article as many times as possible.

For a detailed guide on how to do this, click this post.. How to find the best keywords for my website.

What is An Affiliate Marketing Niche – Conclusion

To conclude, in this article we used a rather popular niche as an example for finding affiliate products.

There are many more out there, and there are many more opportunities to make money from the internet.

There are also other ways to promote a product as an affiliate, writing reviews is not the only way to promote a product.

That’s just the simplest. 

You can also consider email marketing and email blasts, that’s one way to make money as well.

Of course, once you get 5,000 visitors to a post, you can throw in some advertising from Google Adwords or Amazon.

You can use YouTube and Facebook as well.

There are many different paths that you can take to reach your goals. 

But if you’re completely new to making money online, I highly recommend joining an online business training program. My favorite training center is Wealthy Affiliate.

Even if you have some experience, but need to grow your online business, Wealthy Affiliate is loaded with education to help you out.

This is the course that I love and I’m sure you’ll love it too.

Take a look and I’m looking forward to seeing you in the member’s area.

Sign up for the free trial now! It’s one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. 

Now you know what is an affiliate marketing niche, I hope this post will inspire you to make your own affiliate marketing niche website. It’s a great way to make money online and even passive income.

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