What is Automated Daily Income – A Scam or Legit? Read Our Review!

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Is Automated Daily Income a legit way to earn money online? Or is it just another get rich scheme that is essentially a scam?

If you’ve been earning money online for a long time, like I have, then you will likely approach each new online income method with a sense of caution.

It it is important to be cautious because there are numerous scam systems on the internet. They will try to swindle you from your money by using empty promises of exaggerated, unrealistic salaries.

In fact, the Automated Daily Income system is yet another website that promises it’s visitors that they can make large sums of money within mere minutes of signing up.

Of course such promises are empty, yet someone gullible or desperate enough might give it a try because there doesn’t seem to be much involved in signing up to this program.

The truth is, this website and it’s affiliate program is not worth spending any of your time or money on.

Our Automated Daily Income review below will show you why you should steer clear away from this one.

What is Automated Daily Income?

While it first appear to be an independent program, the website for Automated Daily Income (ADI) actually seems to be a sales funnel for a much larger affiliate program called MOBE.

In other words, the person behind ADI is actually an affiliate for MOBE, and she is using ADI to bag new recruits.

You can confirm this by visiting the “” link on the bottom of their homepage.

Unsuspecting new recruits who pay for the ADI program hoping to make quick riches, will instead be sucked into a failing affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing by itself isn’t sketchy or illegal.

In fact, with the proper training, hard work, and drive, you too can earn a long term revenue online through affiliate marketing.

Not too shabby at all.

Even big name websites such as Amazon.com offers an affiliate program that you can take advantage of.

If you are interested in earning money online, then the link below can help you get started.

Passive Online Income is a Reality for Anyone, Here’s How It’s Done!

Anyways, getting back on track, Automated Daily Income is really just a sales page that is basically the same as thousands of others found online. It even uses a webpage design that I’ve seen over and over again in other scammy websites.

Now, a sales funnel isn’t necessarily bad by itself. However, a website that uses deceit and trickery to obtain clients and sales is a scam.

ADI is one such website. More on that below.

Why Is Automatic Daily Income a Scam?

In order to determine whether a website is a scam or not, you have to keep a keen eye out for red flags that indicate something is fishy.

The Automatic Daily Income is full of lies and red flags.

The most obvious lie is probably the one where it says that you can make a four digit income within minutes of signing up to their program.

When you enter the ADI website you will also notice several well-known, respected news agencies such as ABC, CNN, and Fox News.

The people behind this scam website claim that they were featured in these news outlet.

The truth is, Automated Daily Income was not featured in CNN, Fox News, etc.

Instead these news agency had stories only about “working from home” jobs. ADI specifically was never mentioned, and most likely never will be mentioned.

Using logos from popular news agencies on their website without the permission from said news agencies is a huge sign that this website is a scam.

Another unethical method scam websites like ADI use to recruit newcomers is to put pressure on them.

In other words, tactics such as “sign up now, before there are no more positions in your area” or ” there are only 24 hours before the discount ends!” Pop up windows typically appear on these types of scam websites.

What is Automated Daily Income Review Photo

The thing is, there isn’t a limited amount of spots.

This is just a marketing tactic to try to make you sign up quickly and rashly.

Can I Make Money From The MOBE Program?

Yes, you can make money from MOBE, which is the actually affiliate program behind Automatic Daily Income.

However, that doesn’t mean it is worth your time and investment.

You can earn money from MOBE, but the vast majority of affiliates do not make a lot, or even profit from their investments.

The fact of the matter is, MOBE is an expensive affiliate marketing program and highly risky.

You can check out the disclaimer found on the homepage. It shows that over 50 percent of active affiliates of the MOBE program are making an average of $54 dollars each month.

What is Automated Daily Income Review Photo

This is an incredibly low amount when considering that you have to invest thousands of dollars to see any results at all.

How Do You Earn Money With This System?

You can only make money if someone clicks on your unique affiliate link, then buys a MOBE product. 

You get a percentage or commission if a client buys a MOBE product through your link.

However, the process is more complicated then that, as you have to actually buy MOBE products before you can sell them.

This means that you are putting yourself at a huge risk. While, the price tag may first seem small, it is just to slowly lead you on to buy more and more expensive products and services.

Some people have been reported to lose over $10,000 without earning anything.

So Is Automatic Daily Income Worth It?

Well when some of it’s members are using scam websites in a desperate attempt to recruit members, then it is a good sign that MOBE is not a good business venture.

The risk is far too great, and it is highly unlikely that you will earn a decent income through this program.

If you are looking for an alternative method of earning money online, then you can check out the button below.

Become Awesome in Online Bussiness, Get Our Free Step to Step Training eCourse!

It’s a training course that will teach you how to make money online in a better way for the long term.

It’s been 4 years for me and I love to wake up and see cash earned from my online business that works 24/7.

As for what is Automated Daily Income, now you know. I recommend that you stay far away from their sign up button. 

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