What is Business Success Alliance? Legit Training Or An Online Scam.

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Have you been approached by Business Success Alliance, found yourself wondering What is Business Success Alliance? If so, check our review first.

I came across Business Success Alliance and wanted to let you know what I discovered about the business.

Some call it a pyramid scheme, and others claim its a legitimate way to earn online.

Lets get to the bottom of the debate.

What is Business Success Alliance?

Business Success alliance is an online multi-level marketing business platform.

The way members earn money with the program is by recruiting new people and selling the memberships.

So right off the bat, we can tell this isn’t going to be a recommended program. 

What do I recommend?

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Rob Abrams is the name behind Business Success alliance…

And it seems like he has been behind quite a few identical websites as well.

The products are high-ticket items, similar to the products in Digital Altitude

So what’s the point of the system?

The reason people are signing up is because the company claims its business opportunity the best in the world and there’s potential to earn millions of dollars a month.

There’s also the promise of 100% commission rates.

When you’re selling a course for thousands of dollars, and you offer 100% commissions, its bound to attract people. 

Hi, I just thought I would weigh in.  I was with the Business Success Alliance program for over 2 years.  I can honestly say that I have been very successful with it. In my very first 12 weeks, I made over $56,000.  I literally made over $500,000 my FIRST YEAR, and I have PROOF, working part time with it and I attribute this primarily to an exclusive LEAD generation system that I have developed for my team.

Not everyone who joins BSA has access to what they need to truly be successful, but when you do, this program REALLY works.

You can call me anytime if you have any questions about how I am having success.

Thanks Todd for having this discussion, and I appreciate you letting us share our views here PRO and CONS.

Despite people not being successful with BSA, there are many who have, so it is not a scam, it just takes the right tools.

Mark Ross



What is The Product?

What is Business Success Alliance Photo

Pretty much any company that uses pictures like the one above are bound to be scams.

Pictures of mansions and fancy cars are always tell-tale signs of scams.

The platform offers seven memberships that provide various training and bonuses.

Essentially, the product is the opportunity!

The first membership, called Bronze, costs $500 and unlocks access to training material and 1 on 1 coaching calls. 

(One of the most common complaints about this company is the never-ending stream of calls. Some people claim to receive over 12 calls everyday!)

At Bronze level you can join the affiliate program and earn $500 every time you recruit a new person.

The catch is your first sale is a qualifying sale, its not added to your account but rather sent up the line to whoever recruited you. 

This also means when you recruit someone, their first sale is added to your account.

Its the classic pass-one-up commissions ladder that most multi-level marketing systems have in common.

Some people claim its a borderline pyramid scheme, but a lot of companies use the same system.

The training is rather basic, and instead of teaching members how to build their own online business, it teaches them how to promote the business.

The same classic MLM promotion strategies are included; host events, recruit friends and family, pass out flyers, advertise the links on social media, etc.

Really nothing new here. 

Though the Bronze level was expensive?

Well, that’s the first level.

Silver membership costs $2,000 one-time and it unlocks more material.

Take a Look at Business Success Alliance Prices

  • Bronze – $500
  • Silver – $2000
  • Gold – $3500
  • Platinum – $7500
  • Diamond – $15000
  • Elite – $25000
  • Empire – $50000

Don’t forget that there’s also a registration fee for each level.

So that’s a lot of cash. 

I have found the training material really isn’t worth that much.

I think the main reason people join this platform is to promote it, not learn how to build a business.

What happens when you invest all your cash into this program and it goes down? 

Considering how most of these programs pop up and die after a couple years, its not a stretch to assume this one will go under too.

MY Business Success Alliance Cons:

Besides the over-priced products, another downside worth mentioning is the low quality training material.

I found there’s no progression with the training material.

Its more like a collection of eBooks and videos that span different categories.

I also didn’t like the registration fees.

Most affiliate programs don’t require you to pay to join and start promoting the system.

I guess Business Success Alliance makes most of their money from registration fees because they offer 100% commission rates.

Still, when you’re paying $500 and then you have to pay another $97 – it is a bit too much.

Check Out Our Free Training Course Instead, 100% Free!

It seems like they never end, and when you block one number they’ll call from a different one.

There are also a lot of up-sells.

You would think if you’re paying so much for membership it should include everything that you need?

Not the case!

Inside the member’s area, there are a bunch of up-sells, such as a squeeze page templates and email scripts.

And of course you’ll need to buy an email management system as well.

So we already have a nice list of cons: 

  • Over Priced Products
  • Registration Fees
  • Poor Training Material
  • Too Many Calls
  • Up-Sells

Another thing I noticed is the company is not very transparent.

The sales videos are very vague and only promise riches – they don’t even hint at what is inside the member’s area.

I think the reason they do this is because the product is actually the opportunity!

I didn’t like this program at all but it seems to be legal.

And I have seen a lot of these businesses and I suggest you keep your distance, they rarely work out for anyone. 

Conclusion: Is My Business Success Alliance a Scam?

Hopefully now you know what is my Business Success Alliance.

Honestly, it’s not really a scam but it is definitely no where near the best choice for you.

Most people want to buy a product that provides them with the absolute best value for their investment.

In my opinion, My Business Alliance is not a good investment at all.

Considering how there are so many training resources out there, some of which are completely free, there’s really no reason to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a course.

Also, there’s no real record of Rob Abrams anywhere, especially not related to online business.

Most successful marketers won’t hide behind an alias.

They’ll have websites and products under their name; there’s no need to hide your identity when you are legitimate.

Rob Abrams is obviously an alias and the real person behind the system is probably a small team of people who continue to make new, identical, systems every month.

Literally anyone can put together a scam! 

The good news is that most scammers are lazy and use the exact website templates over and over.

Learn to spot the templates and you can avoid losing money on scams!

Thanks for taking the time to read this My Business Alliance review. What is Business Success Alliance in your opinion?

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below! 

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