What is Cash Tracking System? And Is It Legitimate? Find Out Here!

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Wondering what is Cash Tracking System? Want to know if its worth your time and cash?

Continue reading to find out the truth about Cash Track System. 

I have been hearing a lot about this company, mostly negative things, but I kept an open-mind and decided to take a look.

Cash Tracking System, or Financial Freedom, is a multi-level marketing business based on a gifting system.

You sign-up, subscribe, buy a package, and then you can start building your team and promoting the company.

While watching the sales videos, it became rather clear to me what the whole product is about.

Hint: The videos don’t explain much. Instead, they promise that you’ll join the top earners in the online business world. 


The concept of cash-gifting is not new in the online world.

To be frank, it is a well-known internet scam.

But lets take a closer look at Cash Tracking System.

What is Cash Tracking System?

Cash Tracking System is based on a cash-gifting idea, where each member gifts the member above them a “Cash-Pledge”.

Once you create an account and the pledge has been paid, the idea is to find people who want to pledge you cash-gifts.

Hi, I just thought I would weigh in.  I was with the Cash Tracking System for over 2 years.  I can honestly say that I have been very successful with it. In my very first 8 weeks, I received $24,500.  Since then, I made over $400,000 during my first 2 years working part time with it and I attribute this primarily to an exclusive LEAD generation system that I have developed for my team.

Not everyone who joins CTS has access to what they need to truly be successful, but when you do, this program REALLY works.

You can call me anytime if you have any questions about how I am having success.

Thanks Todd for having this discussion, and I appreciate you letting us share our views here PRO and CONS.

Despite people not being successful with CTS, there are many who have, so it is not a scam, it just takes the right tools.

Mark Ross



There are four levels (as well as other hidden fees)$500

  • $1000
  • $2000
  • $3500

The scheme works like this; one person joins the program and pledges cash to the member who recruited them.

Then that person recruits more people, and those people pledge cash, and percent of the cash moves up the ladder.

As a member of Cash Tracking System you will have to not only hand over a cash-pledge, but also a $39 monthly fee! 

The minimum you can pledge is $500 – and that secures a place in the business for you.

Members are given a website they can use to advertise the opportunity and earn more pledges from new members.

The website is basically a clone of their official site – and to put it bluntly – it looks terrible.

what is cash tracking system photo

Doesn’t look like a scam at all…

The amount you pledge to the system unlocks the amount others can pledge to you.

For example, if you pledge $500 that means you can only earn from people who pledge $500.

If you pledge $1,000 you can receive $500 and $1,000 pledges, and so on. 

That’s the meat of the system and how members earn money!

Sounds like a scam?

That’s right. 

Cash Tracking System Complaints:

You don’t need to look far to find someone complaining about this system.

The most common customer complaints regarding this product are related to traffic.

And I’m not surprised. 

Nearly all complaints mention it is difficult to send traffic to the site and make it convert.

The problem is obvious; the site is a clone and there’s no room to publish keyword-targeted articles.

The best way to make money online, from a website, is to write keyword targeted articles and lead the traffic to an affiliate offer. 

If you can’t write articles, acquiring traffic will be very difficult. If that’s you, we have an awesome source for that too.

There’s another problem with Cash Tracking Sites as well – they’re clones.

Duplicate websites don’t rank well in search engine results.

The only way to send traffic to these sites is via word of mouth or buy traffic.

And traffic can be quite expensive – and it might not even convert – so its a gamble!

In short, to make any progress with this system you’ll not only need to pledge cash but also buy traffic.

Something tells me most people don’t have thousands of dollars to throw away on traffic campaigns and questionable opportunities.

You want the best information when it comes to building free/organic traffic? Check out our free guide book.

ebook to build a successful online business and website builderBasically, with Cash Tracking System everything is working against you.

Wouldn’t it be easier to follow the rules?

Cash Tracking System Pros:

It looks like the company has been around since 2009 and they do host regular Q&A sessions.

So at least the team is still active and the company hasn’t completely died yet.

But something tells me more members leave than remain, it seems like a lot of people are going through the doors and out the other end.

I wasn’t able to find any solid information on refund policies, I believe there are none, so be careful.

What I Didn’t Like:

There’s a lot… really!

But we’ll mention the main points here.

For starters, its pretty expensive.

Cash pledge + Registration Fee + Subscription + Up-sells!

It can come to over $1,000 just to make an account. 

And that doesn’t guarantee anything!

If you want to make any of it back you need to start promoting the business like crazy!

You’ll probably take your website link to Facebook and message all your friends, only to have them block and report you, inevitably leading to a entire account ban.

Then you’ll use the rest of your savings on paid traffic, only to watch as none of it converts.

So you’re left with less friends, no cash, and nothing to show for it.

It might sound like an exaggeration, but it has happened. 

These product has far too many red-flags!

Here are a few:

  • No Information in the Sales Videos
  • Vague Promises of Wealth
  • High Cost
  • The Entire Cash-Gifting Concept
  • Crappy Clone Websites
  • Hidden Fees

In short, I suggest you keep your distance from Cash Tracking System!

Our Conclusion:

To summarize, Cash Tracking System is a cash-gifting scheme that is built on way too much hype and fails to deliver.

Now you know what is Cash Tracking System and you can evade it.

It is difficult for beginners to make any sort of cash with the opportunity and its like fighting an up-hill battle against search engines.

Making a legitimate website and a legitimate business is not that difficult.

Want to learn how to do that?

Start with our free training! 

This Free Training Will Teach You How to Get Started

And you can feel free to promote your legitimate business anywhere without worrying about being flagged as a spammer.

Avoid all cash-gifting schemes as they have all been proven to be scams, similar to pyramid schemes, only with a different name.

Learn how to spot scams and you’ll be able to filter out all the junk and only focus on products that benefit you.

Thanks for taking to the time to read this what is Cash Tracking System review!

Leave a comment if you have experience with this product or similar opportunities! 

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