What Is ClickFunnels About? A Solution for Entrepreneurs

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ClickFunnels provides an easy, hassle-free sales funnels for you to implement into your online business.

Why would you need sale funnels for your new business?

Well, let’s get straight to the point, building an online business isn’t always easy.

If you are planning on doing everything yourself, you will need to know how to code, design, market, manage, to name a few.

At least, if you don’t use the right tools!

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Even if you have an amazing idea or “rough draft” of a business plan, you’ll still be bogged down by the workload that is required to start a successful online based businesses.

This is where ClickFunnels comes in.

You can use ClickFunnels to plow through many of the challenges you are facing as an entrepreneur, and help you start earning a long term online income.

It makes collecting leads and making sales super easy!

Of course, there is much more to this system than meets the eye.

So let’s dig deeper to find out how ClickFunnels can be a solution to problems you may be facing as an entrepreneur.

I hope the information below will help you make an informed decision on whether or not ClickFunnels is ideal for you.

Since ClickFunnels is primarily designed to provide businesses sale funnels, let me first give you a quick run down on what sale funnels are.

What Are Sales Funnels?

Basically you can see sale funnels as the complete package or an all-in-one solution.

Well, they are basically multiple solutions that paves a path to the ultimate goal, which is to get customers and earn an income.

There are numerous technical terms for these solutions or “phases”, but for simplicity’s sake we won’t get into them.

They essentially are steps you need to take to create a successful funnel that will “catch” repeating customers.

Creating sale funnels is a pain in the neck and like I mentioned before, requires a whole lot of expertise and know-how.

But this is where ClickFunnels comes in to give you a hand.

How ClickFunnels Helps Entrepreneurs

Creating successful sales funnels can be a rocky road, but ClickFunnels makes that road much smoother.

Basically, ClickFunnels is a software that makes it extremely easy for entrepreneurs to create an online successful business by providing them with custom-made sales pages.

Here’s a list of the more important “tools and materials” you will be given:

  • Website Hosting
  • Landing Page, Opt-in Page, etc
  • Auto responders for emails
  • A/B testing for all of your web pages
  • The ability to create membership websites.
  • Affiliate management
  • You will be able to create integrated payment options from the likes of PayPal and Stripe.
  • A whole bunch of themes and templates that you can use to customize your website.
  • Around the clock support
  • Training materials

You will also have analytical tools that you can use to review how your sales and funnel performance is doing.

There are many more highly useful tools that are made available to you if you decide to sign up for a ClickFunnel Subscription.

What Else Do I Need to Build a Lucrative Business?

Besides what is listed above, what else does an entrepreneur need in order to create a profitable online business?

While ClickFunnels does offer quite a lot, there are some things that you will need to do yourself, or hire others to do for you.

For example, typically you will have to write a huge amount of content in order to attract potential buyers (copy for the sales page).

This type of workload is so heavy that most entrepreneurs will hire writers or freelancers to do this type of work.

ClickFunnels also doesn’t offer much in terms of Social Media Management.

For that, check out our Hootsuite Review!

Customers expect any respected company, whether it be brick and mortar based or online-only, to have some sort of presence on Social Media websites like FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram (How to Market on Instagram read this Review), etc.

You will probably also want to invest on various advertisement options such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ad, etc.

It can seem overwhelming at first, I know, but thankfully there are programs out there that can make your rise to success an easier one.

The button below, for instance, will bring you to a recommended training program that will teach you the in’s and out’s of making money online.

How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost?

I won’t sugar coat anything and say ClickFunnel is cheap.

The starting price is $97 a month.

There is a more expensive option called Etison Suite priced at $297 per month.

The Etison Suite has more features and tools.

What is ClickFunnels about photo

Considering how some of these funnels can convert at an incredible rate, it won’t be long before you make the money back.

But if you don’t have a large budget ready to invest in traffic campaigns, it’s probably best to hold off on for now.

There’s an cheaper alternative, Lead Pages, it’s what I use, and it hasn’t let me down.

Is ClickFunnels Worth It?

ClickFunnels is definitely awesome for entrepreneurs that don’t want to spend grueling hours on creating websites and learning coding.

The software also let’s you keep track of everything from one platform.

This makes your job easier and more efficient.

So, in short, yes ClickFunnel is worth it.

However, you will need a large budget to get started.

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On the other hand, If you are serious about earning money online, then ClickFunnels is a great tool.

ClickFunnels will do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to creating your op-tin sales pages and manage your email marketing.

If you are still unsure about creating an online business, and want more information about the scene, then you will want to try our Free training program.

Thanks o much for reading the Click Funnels review, now you know what ClickFunnels is all about. If you have any questions leave them in the comment section below!

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