What Is Copy Success? Better Yet…Should You Invest In It?

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Trying to figure out whether or not Copy Success is another sleazy scam or legit opportunity to make money from the internet?

Well, I’ve been doing quite a bit of researching on the various methods of earning cash online.

One of these research endeavors has brought me to Copy Success.

An affiliate system like Copy Success naturally caught my interest so I set out to dismantle the Copy Success system and put it back together in the name of research.

Because, let’s be honest, there are far too many “make a six figure monthly income” schemes out there that are simply full of horse rubbish.

That being said, I’m going to be a straight shooter and tell you that I am in no ways affiliated with this product.

The reason why I write this review is to help you get a better idea of how the Copy Success system works, and whether or not it is worth your investment and time.

Alright, let’s get started with our Copy Success Review!

What Is Copy Success – In A Nut Shell

Like the name suggests, the Copy Success system is supposed to teach you how to become successful by copying the best out there.

According to their website, you will only need six steps that will somehow make you a successful businessman overnight.

Of course, you will have to sign up to Copy Success in order to have access to these six mysterious steps.

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Furthermore, little to no information is revealed on what exactly these six steps are.

I mean, anyone with common sense can see the red flags from miles away.

Copy Success looks like your textbook scam, and it isn’t even a very good scam either.

Nevertheless, despite being turned off by the constant harassment of their pop up windows (which will beg you to stay on their website), I decided to dig a little deeper and find out how their system supposedly works.

Copy Success is a Cover!

After some research I realized that Copy Success isn’t a new system that has been created by entrepreneurs, but it is really a cover for an affiliate of Digital Attitude.

Now affiliate programs can be a great way to make money online, but when an affiliate uses dishonesty and trickery to recruit new members, then that is borderline unethical and scam-like.

To my knowledge, affiliate programs like Digital Attitude typically requires its members to recruit people in order to make money.

Simply, you cannot earn money with this type of affiliate program unless you recruit new people.

So, if you sign up to Copy Success, you are really signing up to Digital Altitude’s affiliate program.

This means that you will eventually have to recruit new members yourself and promote Digital Altitude if you wish see fruition from your investments.

Is Copy Success a Scam?

Well, while it is dishonest and frankly quite annoying, Copy Success isn’t a scam.

That is if you are being technical. However, that doesn’t mean it is a viable route to take in order to earn a decent income online.

You can earn money from Copy Success, but few actually make a profit. 

In fact, typically only people on the very top of the “pyramid” will actually earn a decent revenue.

How Does the System work?

Still wondering what is Copy Success?

Copy Success is really just a sales funnel for Digital Altitude , so I will be talking a little about how their system works.

Digital Altitude is a program designed to teach users how to build a successful online business.

They also give you a system  where you buy, then sell products to earn a profit.

This is of course, connected to their affiliate program I was talking about earlier.

So they teach how to earn money online right? Sounds like a worthy investment?

Yes, learning information on how to create an online business that thrives is of course important and valuable.

However, the way Digital Altitude “hooks” newcomers to their training program isn’t so great.

They start off small, by asking for small payments, but then start asking you for large payments when you are halfway through your training.

In other words, you might think you are only paying a few hundred dollars for a program, but then end up paying thousands.

Remember, that the whole system is built on users trying to get new people to join.

If you “upgrade” your membership level (which involves buying that membership), then the person that introduced you to the system get’s a cut (and so do the people above him).

If you upgrade your membership, then you are pressured to hire other people in order to make your investment worth it.

That’s why scam-like websites such as Copy Success keep appearing, because they are desperate for new recruits so they can earn a profit.

Our Verdict on Copy Success:

I believe that a website that utilizes cheap methods such as pop-up “don’t leave our website” windows as well as “get-rich” schemes, reek of desperation.

Do you think a desperate company is a successful one?

I think not.

Besides the website’s unprofessional demeanor, you also have to remember that Digital Altitude is a costly investment.

It is also a high risk and low reward venture. 

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Investing in such a system can even make you lose money.

Instead I recommend you try out the training program above, which can help give you the training materials you need to start your own online business.

Thanks for taking the time to read this What is Copy Success review!

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