What is Countdown to Profits? Is it a Scam? Let’s Find Out

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Wondering “What is Countdown to Profits?” then you came to the right place.

This product has been making the rounds lately, and I think its best you know what to expect before handing over your credit card.

If I told you that I would pay you one dollar for every second you spend on my website, would you believe me?

Probably not. 

But that is what Countdown Profits promises!

From the sales page alone, it is safe to assume this product is nothing but a scam.

Lets dig a little deeper and see what the product is about.

What is Countdown to Profits?

Countdown to Profits is one of those spam-advertisements found in a Facebook comment threads.

You’re reading an article (or browsing comments on a popular Facebook post) and you see a comment from someone claiming to be making thousands of dollars working from home.

It will link to some obscure webpage that offers even more vague promises. 

Most of these webpages track your location to display targeted ads, such as “Learn How Stay at Home Moms in (Your City) Make Millions of Dollars a Month!“.

There are also timers and “Limited Spots” to pressure people to sign-up as quickly as possible.

I was actually kind of impressed after watching the sales video for Countdown to Profits, not because it revealed any interesting information, but because it includes so many different sales tricks.

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Sales Tricks Used By Countdown to Profits

  • Location Targeted Advertisements
  • Limited Spots
  • Timer
  • Offers to Pay Visitors for Watching the Video
  • Doesn’t Let Visitors Click Away
  • Live Testimonials Designed to Resemble Facebook Comments
  • Testimonials from Official Sites like CNN and BBC

The Countdown Profits sales page is so high-pressure, it feels like you’re being forced to watch the video!

While the video plays, there’s also a counter that increases by one dollars every second you spend on the page.

The idea being that you can “Redeem” the total amount when the video is over.

Of course, that never happens. 

Throughout the entire 10 minute video you never once are told what you’re going to be doing online.

You’ll see clips from interviews of people who “make money online” but what they do is kept vague.

Heads up: There are tons of ways to make money online! 

When you finally manage to make it through all the sales videos, there is a check-out page for some product that wasn’t even related to the sales page at all.

These types of scams are popular and you should try to avoid them as best you can.

Countdown to Profits is not a product. 

It is a sales funnel. It leads you somewhere else.

The sales page lures people in by offering to reveal work at home opportunities, and then re-directs the visitor to another product.

These funnels are quite common online!

what is countdown to profits

The Typical Hype of Fast Cash Systems..

The End of The Countdown Profits Funnel:

What happens when you reach the end of Countdown Profits funnel?

If you manage to sit through the cheesy hype and income claims, at the end of the video there will be a sales page for a $97/one-time fee hosting company.

Hosting is what you need to set up a website, but does Countdown to Profits teach you anything about setting up a site?

Does it teach you how to make money from your site?

Well… no.

There’s no online business training and you’re left wondering what to do!

You end up more confused than you originally were!

Once again, when you arrive on this page, and attempt to leave, the price will drop to $77 – one time fee.

The question here is why would anyone pay for a strange website hosting company when you can use any of the hundreds of legitimate ones available?

Our recommended site builder is Site Rubix, and its perfect for beginners, but there are other reputable hosting companies too, a few are mentioned below:

Its always best to go with a hosting company that is well known!

But hosting is only one part of the puzzle.

To make money online from a website you need to target a niche, find a product to promote, acquire traffic, and scale as much as possible.

It takes time. 

In other words, there is no need for Countdown Profits.

Countdown Profits Disclaimer Issues:

I thought it was funny, in the disclaimer it says “We make no guarantees of income”, but in the sales video it says; “We guarantee you will make $500 at the end of this video”.


The video also says you can make money for free… while the disclaimer says you have to buy the products you wish to promote.

So the sales video says one thing and the disclaimer says something else – that’s pretty fishy!

And there are more instances where the sales video contradicts the disclaimer as well.

Overall, there’s not much else to say about this “Product”.

I’m surprised it is still online, to be honest. 

The one thing that you can take away from this product, as I mentioned earlier, is their dedication to making a high-pressure sales page.

They use all the sales tricks in the book!

Unfortunately, it does work, as I continue to see people fall for it.

But now you know what to look out for, and since most scams are similar, it will be easy for you to avoid them.


So what is Count Down Profits?

It is a scam. It promises you vague results and then leads you to something completely unrelated.

I suggest you keep your distance!

Remember, building a website that bring in cash takes a bit of time, its an investment.

You work on a bit everyday and eventually it grows into something you never thought was possible.

If you would like to get started, hit the button below and grab our free training eCourse.

Check Out Our Free Step to Step Training Course Here!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, What is Countdown to Profits review!

Leave a comment if you have any experience with this product. 


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