What is Earn Honey? Can you Use it to Make Money or is It a Scam?

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Chances are you landed on this review because you’re wondering what is Earn Honey? – if that’s the case – you’re in the right place.

Today we’ll talk about Earn Honey and we’ll compare it to other similar platforms we reviewed.

But to answer your question…

What is Earn Honey?

Earn Honey is a platform where users can complete tasks or take surveys to earn some quick cash.

Yes, it’s another one of those websites, there are so many out there!

Creating an account with Earn Honey is quick and simple, it’s free too. 

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Once your account has been confirmed you can login and start completing tasks for Honey Dollars (HD).

I noticed there are a lot of offers to complete, but the ones I clicked on never loaded.

The Downsides To Earn Honey:

Immediately, I noticed a few things I didn’t like about the site.

For starters, the layout is really basic and looks like one of those sites from the 90’s.

I also couldn’t get rid of the tutorial video; it appeared on every page I navigated to! 

First impression: not good.

But what about earning? 

The way the Earn Honey earning system works is identical to other survey websites.

You earn Honey Dollars by completing tasks (surveys, offers, watching videos, etc) and you can redeem the points via gift cards or PayPal cash.

100 Honey Dollars is equal to 1 US Dollar. 

The minimum amount you can redeem via PayPal is five dollars.

Once again, most offers are not available for Non-US visitors.

For U.S members, there are quite a few offers to complete, but the pay-out is a bit ridiculous.

For instance, take a look at these rewards for watching videos:

What is Earn Honey Photo

This comes to a few cents for watching a video.

But I have to admit, that is still a bit better than other platforms we reviewed.

Most of the offers didn’t work for me, either they returned an error code or they never loaded. 

I kind of gave up on the platform halfway through investigating it.

The cheap design and the advertisements everywhere really turned me off.

My ad-blocker literally blocked the entire page! 

One thing to keep in mind…

Earn Honey Earnings are LOW. 

And sometimes they’re not even credited to your account.

In my opinion, Earn Honey is pretty bad. 

On the other hand, if you combine this with a bunch of other survey platforms, I think it’s possible to make some money.

Here’s a screenshot from a Reddit user who claims his earnings are “Good”:

What is Earn Honey Photo

$1.40 for 15 hours of work – I’d rather not. 

So this platform suffers from the same complaints that plague most survey platforms.

There’s one more thing worth mentioning: the whole site has advertisements everywhere!

It’s not enough to get their users to  complete tasks, but they also have to bombard them with advertisements non-stop!

It’s a bit much.

What I Thought Was Cool with Earn Honey:

There’s one feature about this platform I thought was cool, and it’s the Play Games feature.

You can play different online games for some quick Honey Dollars.

These games are usually really basic games like moving numbers around on a screen, but it can provide you with some entertainment.

Watching videos for points is also worth a look, though none of the offers loaded for me.

You’ll also find some higher-paying offers in other Offer Gates, below are some I found:

What is Earn Honey Photo

And you can make money from referrals too.

One interesting thing about the affiliate program is you earn 10% from everything people under you earn.

So if you have a bunch of super active people under you, there’s no need to actually complete offers for yourself.

Getting members to stick around is hard though.

Alternatives to Earn Honey?

There are so many companies like this, and most of them are utter garbage.

But there’s one that I think is okay, it’s called SWAGBUCKS and SURVEY JUNKIE.

Click this link to read our Swagbucks review.

And click here to learn about Survey Junkie.

There are others too, and if you find more, feel free to let me know!

Really Looking to Make Fast Money Online?

I don’t really like the idea of looking for ways to make fast money, but I understand most people need it.

I recommend offering a service. 

Offering a service is by far the best way to make fast money online.

I also mention a few other methods to make fast cash online in the article below:

Read this article to learn more about that.


To wrap this up, I don’t think Earn Honey is worth your time.

It’s not necessarily a scam but it’s definitely not worth the effort it takes to make a bit of cash.

If I was you, I would look into starting a website because a website is a platform you can use to advertise whatever you want.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this what is Earn Honey review!

Got any questions? Leave them below! 

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