What is Easy Cash Code? Scam, Legit, Find Out Here!

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What is Easy Cash Code? Is Easy Cash Code a scam? Does it Work?

These are some of the questions people have been asking me about this product, so I decided to take a look at Easy Cash Code.

Easy Cash Code is an online opportunity that most people classify as a scam.

We have seen the same template before; courses that promise easy wealth in just a few simple clicks. 

Remember, building wealth is not something that happens overnight.

It takes time to build a business and I would be suspicious of anyone who says otherwise.

But lets see if this product is really a scam.

What Is Easy Cash Code?

Easy Cash Code was quite popular in the internet marketing world a few years ago but the hype has died down.

Another interesting note is the company was bought and revamped in 2016 so a lot has change in the past couple of years.

Prior to 2016 the product was one of the auto-binary trading scams.

Before the recent change, Easy Cash Code was a complete scam.

The sales video even includes shot of the “owners” private jet.

Except, there is one problem with that… 

what is easy cash code

But the product was bought by a company and changed into something a little bit better. 

The idea of the current product is to generate squeeze pages and teach people how to use those squeeze pages to build a list which you will sell products to later on.

There is a squeeze page creator as well as free training material inside the member’s area.

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The squeeze page creator is like a cheap version of Lead Pages or Click Funnels.

Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem. 

Except, these lead page templates are designed to promote only one kind of offer; the system you just joined.

Basically, the Easy Cash Code product is the opportunity to promote it as an affiliate.

And based on the positive reviews I found, it seems like a lot of people are trying to promote it.

On the other hand, there is a little bit more to this product.

There is some training material behind the member’s only doors, and there are regular live-webinars and Q&A sessions.

So there still seems to be an active community and it hasn’t died yet. 

Nevertheless, I can see why most people are quick to assume it is a scam, and here are some reasons:

Is Easy Cash Code Scam?

There are two red-flags I spotted…

  • Too Much Hype! 

Easy Cash Code has far too much hype around it.

It claims you’ll be able to make thousands of dollars a day in a matter of minutes.

Members say they became millionaires overnight.

Some of the testimonials are suspiciously positive!

I almost wrote the product off as a complete scam by looking at the sales page alone.

  • Price Reduces Every Time You Leave The Page

When you try to close the page, a pop-up appears asking if you want to try the product for half price.

When you try to close that, another one appears asking if you want to try the product for free.

These marketing tactics scream desperation. 

I found a lot of scams that use this same tactic.

It is like a last-ditch effort to grab someones attention.

I’m not a fan of these tactics because I think if you have a valuable product, there’s no point to give it away for free!

People will buy a product if it provides enough value.

  • No Core Product

As we mentioned earlier, there is no core product.

The product is the opportunity!

It’s like the product is the affiliate program.

  • Lots of Up-Sells

I guess one of the ways the people behind this course make money is from the back-end.

There are loads of up-sells in the member’s area!

So many it basically looks like an advertisement page. 

Is Easy Cash Code a scam? The idea of the product is to make lead-pages for the system, with an affiliate link so you can earn when someone pays.

Technically you’ve got a product, the lead pages, but it’s all to promote the system. I can’t outright call it a scam.

Easy Cash Code Pros:

I mentioned the active community, but besides that there are some other positive points as well.

For one, its cheap! 

You would think for a product that promises thousands of dollars a day, the price would be quite high.

Ironically, the price is quite low – starting at $49/one-time. 

But when you attempt to leave the website, the price is slashed in half, until it is finally handed out for free.

In other words you can basically try the product for free with this method.

I also noticed their website seems to be undergoing an update, and I imagine the new website and system will be much better.

So at least the creators are trying to keep the system alive and engage with members.

Nevertheless, they still need a core product. 

One that benefits it’s members to build lead pages based on selling whatever people want to sell would be a good start.

Conclusion: What is Easy Cash Code

Below is my final answer to the question, “What is Easy Cash Code?”.

Honestly, its not a scam.

They do have an active community, a product, and a support desk.

The value of this product, however, is rather low, and not something I recommend.

It seems to be geared towards multi-level marketers who are good at promoting these kind of opportunities.

I don’t think its a good strategy for beginners!

If you’re starting off for the first time, I recommend signing up for our free training series.

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Ideally, beginners should learn to provide as much value as possible, instead of looking for quick cash.

Word of warning: auto-pilot systems rarely work. 

If a sales page promises that you can earn hundreds of dollars without any work – that is the signal to leave the website.

Don’t fall for the hype!

Stick to proven online business techniques, such as building a website, targeting keywords, and writing high-value content.

Offer products and services that help people and that people use every day.

Thanks for taking the time to read this What is Easy Cash Code review!

Don’t forget to leave a comment. 

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