What Is High Ticket Income System? Can I Make Real Money From It?

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HTI Elite or High Ticket Income is a fairly new system that claims to be able help you get huge commissions through reselling products.

Sounds too good to not be a scam?

Well to answer that question properly, we got to dive deeper into the system to figure what it is all about.

Scroll down for a non-sugar coated, honest review of HTI.

First on the menu, the overview.

What is High Ticket Income System?

So, I’m always on the prowl, looking for the best, most lucrative systems or methods to earn money online.

My searches on the world wide web have brought me to discover this new System a few days ago.

At first look, their website has somewhat impressed me as they seem to have their stuff together in terms of webdesign.

However, I was a bit weary of the legitimacy of the system.


Because it is common knowledge that both scams and advertisements are getting smarter.

Below are the questions I found answers to after I did quite a bit of digging.

How Does High Ticket Income System Work?

If you have heard about WIFI Millionaire or Six Figure Mentors before, then you already have a good idea of how this system works, as they’re all based on similar systems.

Basically, this program uses licensing rights to earn revenue.

They sell the licensing rights to people who want to resell certain products (and claim them as their own) in order to earn a revenue.

Sounds like affiliate marketing right?

However, supposedly this type of system allows users to earn a higher commission than affiliate marketing.

At least that’s what they tell you.

The downside of this type of program is that you will have to invest a large sum of money before you can start earning!

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We’ll talk about the price later on in this review.

You will have to actually buy the products from HTI and their license before you can start reselling them.

And the HTI products aren’t exactly cheap!

They do however, try to cater to the new and inexperience marketers.

They do this by offering a variety of software that supposedly are capable of helping you find leads, sales funnels, sale videos, and more.

The section below is a summary of the programs they offer.

High Ticket Income System Program:

What Is High Ticket Income System Photo

Sale Funnels.

According to their website, their programs will help you quickly set up a sales funnel just for you.

All you need to do is pay a set amount and the program will do the rest!

The program will eliminate the need to create hosting and programming as HTI will provide you with all that.


Supposedly, the program will automatically help you generate leads so that you will have customers to sell your products to.

Tracking Software can also be purchased in this program.

As the name suggests, the tracking software is supposed to help you keep track of your clients, but also the commissions you make.

Supposedly, HTI will take care of all the number crunching and tech work for you so that you can focus primarily on making those sales.

You can also choose to allow HTI to make professional sale videos for you.

It is unclear if they will only help with the editing or if they will provide detailed advice on how to create marketing videos.

Nevertheless, it could be a nice perk if you do not have any experience with video creating.

All of this training and marketing resources sound great, right?

However, keep in mind that you will have to pay a $1,000 for these products.

Furthermore, most of these resources can be found for free or at a much cheaper price elsewhere on the internet.

The Compensation plan

It is important to note that their compensation plan is extremely similar to what a pyramid scheme would look like.

It is all about earning money by recruiting others to join the HTI program, based on a multi-level marketing system.

To participate in the business opportunity, you’ll need to buy their products, or at least, the products you want to promote as an affiliate.

After you pay a $1,000 you will be able to start looking for people to sell the same product or license.

If you manage to sell the HTI system to someone, you get a 50% commission.

This means that you will get $500 each time someone buys the HTI product through you.

In addition, if the person that you’ve recruited goes and recruits another person, then you also get a cut from that.

So, in theory if you manage to get 5 people a week to join HTI, you could make $2,500 a week.

What Is High Ticket Income System Photo

However, it is easier said than done.

We talked about the types of businesses a lot on this site, and our conclusion is you need a lot of marketing and sales experience to make it work.

Can I Really Make Money With HTI? Is it Worth It?

The truth is…

Yes you can make real money from it.

And its not a scam because members are paid and they do have products.

However, in my opinion, it is not worth investing in. 

Why is that?

Yes, the compensation plan looks fantastic at first.

However, the truth is, systems like this have a 95% failure rate.

Only very few people earn decent money from their investments in HTI.

As we mentioned earlier, most people who join these systems don’t have marketing experience.

The people who do have marketing experience end up on top, while everyone else fails.

Also, apparently the High Ticket Income System website is hosted on the same server as scammy websites, such as Reverse Commissions, Get Me Bitcoins, and network marketers.

These websites have either already collapsed or are on the verge of going under.

Some people behind the system have also been accused of being cons.

With that track record, it is hard to believe in the legitimacy of HTI.


High Ticket Income System is not a scam because they sell a product and you can earn money from it.

However, I strongly suggest that you look for other systems to earn money online.

Because HTI is both untrustworthy and highly risky.

You don’t need to pay a $1,000 to have the chance to make money online.

You can learn how to do that for free, right here.

Learn How to Start a Awesome Online Business Right Here, for Free!

The truth is, there are far better programs that can set you on the track to success.

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