What is Internet Jetset: Does it Work as Promised? Lets Find Out

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What is Internet Jetset? Is Internet Jetset a scam? Can you make money with the system? Let’s take a look.

I have been seeing a lot of conflicting opinions regarding this product. 

Some people say its a scam, while others its a lifesaver.

Once again, we don’t know who to trust. 

So I decided to dig a little deeper and do my own research into this product.

In this Internet Jetset review you’ll learn the truth about the product.

What is Internet Jetset?

  • Name: Internet Jetset
  • Creator: John Crestani
  • Type: Affiliate Marketing Training
  • Price: $47 + $47/month. 
  • Material: Video Training and PDF Files. 

Internet Jetset includes the material that you would expect to find in any affiliate marketing training course.

It covers the basic topics; find a niche, search affiliate offers, build a site, include affiliate links, and send free traffic to the site.

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The one thing that made this product different from the many identical training courses out there is the focus on free traffic.

The free traffic techniques aren’t exactly “Ground-breaking” but they do work. 

For example, the training recommends learning how to optimize articles for search engine results by targeting keywords.

If you need help on that and want it for free, get our Free Targeted Traffic eBook to learn how we rank fast to bring in free traffic. This site currently get’s an average of 700 – 1400 free visitors per day.

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Back to Internet Jetset..

There are some cool tips on how to find keywords, but the same results can be found with a free keyword research tool. 

The training will also teach you how to utilize social media for free and fast traffic, in addition to a host of other marketing methods.

So the traffic ideas aren’t too bad.

Nothing new, but not bad. 

Internet Jetset: A Lot of Up-Sells..

Yes, this product does come with a lot of up-sells.

One up-sell contains a bunch of interviews with successful businessmen and marketers.

I thought its cool to see how some marketers make their cash; they’re not all the same.

For instance, one marketer has a successful business selling flashlights, while another sells credit repair options.

So the case study up-sell is a bit interesting in itself.

But its more targeting towards advanced marketers, not beginners.

Bit Too Much Hype!

I’m not a fan of hype.

I believe if a product provides plenty of value, there’s no need to hype up the course.

People will find it and spread the word for you. 

Internet Jetset’s sales page contains a bit too much hype for my taste.

He claims you won’t have to spend a cent to build the type of business he built.

And you’re only a few months away from earning thousands of dollars a month. 

I also think his advertisement methods are a bit too aggressive.

After watching the sales video you feel pressured to buy the course as fast as possible.

Except the sales video doesn’t really reveal much about the product at all.

Another thing I noticed is the wording used in the sales video is remarkably similar to Google Sniper.

What I Liked:

I did like a few things about Internet Jetset.

For starters, the training is not too bad.

Though John does sometimes speak a little too fast and it can be difficult to follow at times. 

I found a few interesting tips that I never heard of before, though most of what was taught I was already familiar with.

The focus on free traffic methods was nice too, as most people don’t have a budget for ads, especially when they’re starting out.

Speaking of ads, there is a section dedicated to Facebook ads for affiliate marketers.

I have to admit there is some value in this product.

At least there’s no counter-productive advice, like some of the products we reviewed that recommend outdated marketing techniques.

The training is rather basic but solid. 

The copy-writing section was informative as well.

Internet Jetset Cons:

The downsides? Several.

First off, the price is a bit high.

The product costs $47 one-time fee plus an addition $47/month.

You pay $47 flat fee and a month later you’re automatically billed $47/month. 

Though there are some helpful tips in the course, I have came across much more value packed products, at a much cheaper price.

The membership does grant you access to the exclusive forum where other members discuss strategies.

There’s also a Facebook group!

Still, I think it is a bit too expensive. 

Additionally, I didn’t like how John’s videos are more targeted towards experienced marketers.

Its supposed to be a course for complete beginners, but you’ll find it hard to follow as John powers through all the steps in the process.

It can be a bit frustrating!

Another downside is the lack of proper tools.

There are no tools included in the membership!

You’ll have to pay for the tools you need.

There also wasn’t that much content, definitely not enough to continue paying the membership fee.

The Right Product for You?

I believe everyone has their own “Perfect” product. 

Most people spend so much time and cash looking for their perfect product.

I might love one product and think its a perfect fit for me while you completely disagree.

But I do know you need something that offers the best value for the price.

Personally, I think Internet Jetset is a bit expensive.

Yes, it does offer decent advice… but its not hard to find advice.

You can find the same tips on any marketing website for free. 

But you can always go ahead and take a look at it for yourself, I believe the 60 day money-back guarantee is legitimate.

An Alternative?


I recommend taking a look at my free training series, hit the button below.

Its free after all. 

Take Our Free Training Course!

I think you’ll love it.

Is Internet Jetset a Scam?

I can’t say the product is a scam.

The money-back guarantee works, the training is okay, and there seems to be a real person behind the product.

It does deliver value.

I just don’t think its the best product for beginners, as there are cheaper and more in-depth systems out there.

But you can always try it. 

My conclusion is that Internet Jetset is a legitimate product but the training is a little weak and its a bit expensive.

I believe there are much better alternatives waiting for you.

What is Internet Jetset in your opinion? What do you think? 

Leave a comment below.

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