What Is IQ Life/IQ Konnect? A Gigantic Waste Of Time

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What is IQ Life and IQ Konnect? And yeah, it’s Konnect with a K.

If you’ve been on Facebook lately, it seems that there is a bombardment of Facebook friends promoting this program called IQ Life as the next holly grail of investment opportunities.IQ Life/IQ Konnect Site photo

I continually hear IQ Life messages of “time is limited”, “invitation only”, and “don’t miss your opportunity to get in on the ground floor”.

All messages which I associate with scams, some form of MLM’s (Multilevel Marketing), or pyramid schemes.

Now, first off, I’m not here to knock MLM’s or pyramid systems by any means.

I’m just here to take a look at what is IQ Life/IQ Konnect and give you my honest opinion of what I think about it.

And in my opinion, the IQ Life company promoting the IQ Konnect social network is just another MLM system that is a grand waste of your time and money.

First Off, What Is IQ Life, IQ Konnect, and Level 9 Marketing

Level 9 Marketing LLC launched it’s (MLM) Quality of Life App in December 2012.

After less than a year of promoting the Level 9 Marketing App, there was a drop in sales and Level 9 was unable to break into the retail side of the App Market.

In August, 2013. According to the Level 9 website, two branch partners bought out the company.

Then a couple of months later, they relaunched themselves as another company called IQ Life.

They abandoned the App world to bring you the same (MLM) system into the Social world.

What Is IQ Life/IQ Konnect photo

Now, IQ Life (formally Level 9 Marketing) is the parent company and they are offering their marketing investment in the form of a new social platform called IQ Konnect.

Confusing I know.

But what does this say about the company?

Some reorganization perhaps, or just a poor track record in the multilevel marketing industry and possibly trying to hide their past failures.

You make the call.

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What Is The IQ Life/IQ Konnect Concept?

So this is probably the coolest aspect about IQ Life/IQ Konnect.

They sell you on the concept of getting in on the ground floor to create a social site like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc.

Watch their sales pitch and you’ll see what I mean.

The guy’s got this kind of folksy way of talking, makes some gosh darn common sense statements.

Ahh, I’m starting to sound like him, sorry about that.

But give it a watch to get an idea as to how grabbing the IQ Konnect sales pitch is.

IQ Konnect is presented as a way for you, the little guy, to get involved into sharing the profits by helping launch this new social network.

The concept is, we all helped make social networks big and profitable, so we should all get our part in the profits.

And like I said, it’s a cool concept.

I’d be in hog heaven if Google or Facebook were cutting me a million dollar check every month.

Who wouldn’t.

IQ LIfe presents you an affiliate program to promote their social network IQ Konnect.

The goal is to build your network with new affiliates.

And your new affiliates will in turn, promote IQ Konnect as well.

And of course, they have a pyramid system. It compensates you on 9 levels (sounds like Level 9 Marketing, aye).

Here’s the pay structure they offer. Level 1 is the people that you recruit directly into IQ Konnect. Level 2 would be the people that are recruited from your Level 1 recruits, and so forth.

  • Level 1: 10 cents per affiliate
  • Level 2: $1.10 per affiliate
  • Level 3 through Level 6: 15 cents per affiliate
  • Level 7: $1.15 per affiliate
  • Level 8: 65 cents per affiliate
  • Level 9: $1.00 per affiliate

There are extra matching bonuses offered by IQ Konnect for keeping so many active paid affiliates in your down-line.

  • 25% matching bonus for all those IQ Konnect affiliates that you directly enroll – if you have 3 active affiliates in your down-line
  • And a 50% matching bonus – if you have six active affiliates in your down-line.

The luring aspect about IQ Konnect for most marketers or entrepreneurs is that you can look at this as a small investment opportunity. The cost is a mere $9.95/mo to be an affiliate.

So it seems like a nobrainer to get in on the ground floor of this new social platform. And there in lies the beauty of the scam. Kidding, but seriously it’s a scam. 🙂

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What’s Wrong With The IQ Connect Opportunity?

Well, there’s several things.

First off, it’s a Multi-Level Marketing program

I’m not saying MLM’s can’t work.

But for the majority of people who enter into MLM’s, DO NOT make much money at all.

They all have an extremely low success rate.

Here is the most prominent statement that you can find from the IQ Life Income Disclaimer.

IQ Income Disclaimer

If you watched the video earlier, the Presenter clearly states that IQ Konnect is NOT a Multilevel Marketing program.

But here in the IQ Life Income Disclaimer they refer to themselves as Network Marketing.

News Flash Friends: Network Marketing is Multilevel Marketing and Pyramid Systems. (source)

Second, there is no established time frame to launch this social platform

The launch for the IQ Konnect platform has already been delayed once to my knowledge. And there is no set date when it is expected to launch.

what is iq konnect iq life logo

I assume they are waiting for enough people to sign up and pay  $9.95 so that they can fund the website construction, hire engineers, etc.

You’d hope that they would already have this done by now, wouldn’t you?

Or at least provide some sort of business plan as to when certain aspects of the social platform will be completed.

Either way, why would anyone invest in a company without a good business plan or a set schedule?

Because they’ve already sold you on the idea of earning huge dividends by getting into a “Facebook” like social platform. And all for the low investment price of $9.95/mo.

Third, you don’t know what you are investing in

The only thing we know is that IQ Konnect comes from IQ Life which originally came from a failing MLM App company called Level 9 Marketing.

They have a website called IQKonnect.com that is a landing page.

There is no useful information about the company, social network structure, or website designs.

All you hear from those that promote IQ Konnect is that it’s going to be the next Facebook.

Come on, please, that is an unfounded statement that is impossible to say. The reality is we don’t know anything about the social platform or if anyone will even like it.

Fourth, you are assuming IQ Konnect is going to be successful

We’re assuming IQ Konnect is going to be successful, right? That it will attain success as Facebook and other giant moguls in the social industry have.

But it may take as long as 5 years.

That’s 5 years that IQ Life will get their marketers to pay their affiliate marketing payments.

You can rationalize this due to the low cost of the program.

$600 dollars over 5 years for an investment that could pay off big time.

I don’t think so.

People love their social networks, but the social network has to provide something of value in order to join them. And again, we don’t know anything about what IQ Konnect offers. Back to the third negative reason.

Here’s a better question.

Would Facebook have been successful if it was run as a multilevel marketing social network?

I can almost guarantee that it would have failed. People enter social networks for social reasons, not for multilevel marketing. If you agree or disagree, please let me know in the comments section below.

Summary Of IQ Konnect

IQ Life is supposedly launching IQ Konnect, a social site that we know nothing about.

They use a MLM strategy to bring people into this system to promote the social network. Something that is very unsocial and comes off as unnatural.

We have no clue as to when, if ever, this website will launch.

IQ Life comes from a company called Level 9 Marketing, a multilevel marketing company that failed within their first year to brake into the App Industry.

And, MLM’s in general are just a lot of work for very little money.

You’d be better off investing in a real affiliate marketing or niche website business that can make substantial monthly income as well as turn into a long term business.

So if you really want to invest in something, invest in yourself.

Don’t just throw it away on IQ Life’s MLM social platform.

It will never happen in my opinion.

I hope for those that have spent hours and money on this program that it will pay off for you. But it’s not for me.

Personally, I think most people use social networks for social reasons.

Obviously marketers use social networks to market their products and advertise.

But most people just want to be able to keep in touch with friends and family.

The other thing is that once people find social networks that they like or are comfortable with, they don’t want to change to a new social network.

It’s like finding a good bank to work with or an email company.

Once you’re happy using them, there’s no reason to change.

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Best of luck in your online endeavors,

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