What is Lead Pages: Find Out in This Lead Pages Review

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Wondering what is Lead Pages? Would you like to find out more about the product to see if it is a good fit for your business?

In this Lead Pages review we’ll examine the product and see if its worth the investment.

Though there are a lot of conflicting opinions when it comes to making money online, one thing every marketer agrees on is building an email list is very important.

What is Lead Pages?

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools you can use to build your business.

Experts agree you should be capturing emails from day one of your online business launch. 

The best way to capture emails is by offering something for free – like a course, book, or video – in exchange for contact information.

Lead Pages is a tool designed to make capturing leads simple. There are plenty of templates designed for different types of offers.

Most online training courses mention you should be collecting emails, and they’ll point you towards email management platforms like aWeber.

The problem is aWeber only lets you make forms and sign-up buttons, not entire lead-gen pages. 

You could try to make your own capture page with aWeber, but it can take a long time, and may not look so nice.

With Lead Pages you can make your own whole-page squeeze page and customize every aspect of it as well.

You can choose to make your own template from scratch or customize one of the templates (recommended).

Then, connect the page to your email management service, and watch as people start signing up!

Lets walk through the process of setting up a Lead Page…

Setting up a Lead Page:

Creating a Lead Page is quite simple, and there’s another feature called “Lead Boxes” which we will discuss later on.

To create a Lead Page, start your free trial, login, and hit the Create New Page button.

What is Lead Pages Screenshot

Next, a template library will appear, where you can choose a template based on your offer. The most common type of offer is a free report, so we’ll select that one from the list.

You can feel free to search for more templates based on your needs. 

If you are offering a book, remember to have the cover image handy!

What is Lead Pages Screenshot

Editing Lead Page Templates:

We’ll select the Sporty Ebook Page for this example. 

Give a your new page a title, and move on to the drag-and-drop template builder, this is where we’ll customize the template to our business needs.

What is Lead Pages Screenshot

From here you’ll see a list of widgets on the left-hand side.

You can remove the widgets that are already in the template, replace them, or edit them.

The template we chose is for people who want to sell an Ebook.

What if you want to give one out for free? 

Well, it is easy!

Just need to make a few changes and connect our email management service.

So first what you’ll want to do is remove the placeholder book cover and put in your own.

Next, fill in the description and other details to match your offer.

Then, we’ll want to remove the button in the template. Click on it and click the trash bin icon. 

Since we want people to sign-up here, we don’t need that button.

Now open the Widget tab and drag a Form into the area the Buy Now button used to be. 

Click the form and a menu will appear on the left hand side of the screen.

In this menu, select add new integration and connect your email management service.

Next, head to the second tab on the same menu to add more fields to the menu.

I added a First Name field to the menu to make it look more official. 

Now our form looks like the picture below.

What is Lead Pages Screenshot

Not bad!

You can edit the text on the button to make a more powerful call to action too.

You’ll need to configure your email management service to automatically send an email with the link to your free offer when someone signs up.

When someone hits the button, they’ll be added to your email list, and they’ll be redirected to the default Thank You page (unless you change this in the Button menu).

Pretty simple, right? 

But what if you don’t want to make a whole full lead capture page?

Lead Boxes

Lead Boxes are beautifully designed forms that will appear on the same page when a link is clicked.

These are perfect to collect leads from individual articles because they don’t take someone to a new page to subscribe, they can subscribe right on the same page in a couple clicks.

To make a lead-gen system effective, there should be as few steps as possible.

Lead Boxes cut out one step and make it easier for people to subscribe.

Of course, there is less room in a Lead Box to describe your offer, but if your offer is relatively simple, a Lead Box should work wonderfully.

What I Liked About Lead Pages:

I’m quite happy with Lead Pages.

One thing I like in particular is the library of form templates.

Combine the professionally designed templates with a drag-and-drop editor, and you can make a really responsive and high converting offer in no time.

In short, they make it really easy for you to start building a list.

Its also relatively cheap, there are three memberships: Standard, Pro, and Advanced.

You can also choose to pay annually or monthly, annually offers a better monthly rate.

The Standard membership is what most small website owners need, it costs $37/month, and there is a free trial too.

Keep in Mind:

Couple things to keep in mind.

To make the most of Lead Pages you should have a decent offer to promote.

Take some time to build a high-value offer and you will see much higher conversions.

Its also important to remember you need to configure your email management system separately.

There is a bit of a learning curve, mainly when it comes to connecting and configuring your email system with Lead Pages.

And if you have any problems connecting, support is wonderful and will walk you through the process or do it themselves for you.

But once everything is connected you can leave it alone and it will continue to bring in leads forever.


All in all, I think Lead Pages is one of the best tools out there to build a list.

Their forms are really easy to edit and you can make some really high converting forms in a matter of minutes.

Go ahead and start their free trial.

You can always request a refund if you are not satisfied with the service (within 2 weeks).

Thanks for taking the time to read this What is Lead Pages review!

Leave a comment if you have any questions.

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