What Is Manifestation Millionaire About? Read Our Review And Find Out

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What is The Manifestation Millionaire? Is Manifestation Millionaire a scam? Does it work?

These are some of the questions I get asked regarding the Manifestation Millionaire.

In this Manifestation Millionaire review I will do my best to provide unbiased and accurate answers to those questions.

Without further delay, what is Manifestation Millionaire?

What is Manifestation Millionaire?

Manifestation Millionaire is a 71-page business mindset book by Darren Regan.

To clarify, this is not a course that will teach you how to build a business! 

The book teaches different mindset techniques to make it easier for you to tackle business and reach your goals.

When I first looked at the product, I thought it would be more woo and pseudoscience than legitimate advice, but it does contain some useful information.

I wasn’t able to find much information about Darren Regan online, the only – somewhat – popular person with the same name is a DJ with a Sound Cloud page.

Seems like Darren Regan is the author’s pen-name. 

Darren Regan does have an author profile on Amazon, but he only has a Kindle version of his book, and it has a grand total of zero reviews.

Not to mention he doesn’t have an official website in his name.

Once again, it’s clear the name is just a pen-name and nothing more.

But does it contain useful advice?

The Manifestation Millionaire Review:

Remember, this book doesn’t teach you how to build a business from scratch, it is more for how to create the mindset you need to build a business.

Personally, I think it is always a good idea to read some self-improvement books, especially in the business niche, but some are not nearly worth the price.

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On Amazon you can find loads of these books for a few dollars, books that have plenty of positive reviews from high-profile authors.

With that in mind, lets see what the Manifestation Millionaire is all about.

Table of Contents: 

  • The Buck Stops With You and How You’re Thinking
  • From Ashes to Oasis
  • Turning on The Television of Your Thoughts
  • Obey These Laws and Money Will Come to You
  • Gifts Galore for the Grateful
  • Think Big to Accelerate Success
  • Manifestation Through Clarity
  • Lights, Camera, Action!
  • Turbo Charging Your Millionaire Momentum
  • The Belief Leap to Millionaire Manifestation
  • The Millionaire Laser Focus

Some of these chapters are close to pseudoscience territory, but the book does a decent job to motivate you towards success.

One of the things I liked about the book is it was written with a conversation tone and it is very easy to understand. 

There are no complicated business terms or mindset theories, it is all rather straight forward.

I also like some of the ideas about how to change your mindset and remove negativity; something that has been proven to benefit our mental health.

Other sections, like the chapters about “Gifting the Universe” were a little over the top!

On the other hand, the tips on how to think like a millionaire and think positively about money are quite spot on and useful.

In general, though, the advice is not bad, and I can see people can benefit from it.

Is Manifestation Millionaire Worth $47? 

For me, no, and there is a Kindle version you can check out (the one with no reviews) for $3.14. 

I found it interesting how on other websites the same version costs $47 and on Amazon it’s just a few dollars.

What About Other Mindset Books?

Millionaire Manifestation is one of many business-mindset books.

There are quite a few others that are worth looking into, one of the most popular and recommended being Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

If you have a Kindle, there are loads of ultra-cheap business books you can add to your collection.

Some of them are quite useful. 

Just remember, learning as much as possible is great, but if you don’t do anything with all that information it will be wasted.

A lot of people study and consume tons of material only to feel more stuck than they did before because they don’t know where to start.

So feel free to read and study, but don’t forget to apply that knowledge as soon as possible, or it might sit in your brain and be wasted.

Another book I recommend is Millionaire Fast-lane, it provides you with a road-map to building an explosive business, not one that requires a lifetime to build.

Millionaire Manifestation Cons:

Below are some of the things I didn’t like about the Millionaire Manifestation book.

For one, there is a bit too much hype and too much emphasis on becoming a millionaire. 

You’ll see tips and chapters like, “Do This and You Will be a Millionaire!”, and its never that simple.

I would have liked the book more if they provided some more examples of how people built their businesses.

The only examples in the book are from well-known businessmen, like Walt Disney; the same stories you can find all over the place.

Maybe people don’t want to be millionaires, maybe all they need is a way to pay the bills and live comfortably without financial stress.

To do that, they’ll need a simple step to step course they can follow, like the one we recommend below…

The Millionaire Manifestation Review: Our Conclusion..

Still, the Millionaire Manifestation is not a scam. 

Its a business book that does contain some useful information, and you can feel free to grab a copy for a few bucks, but I don’t recommend spending more than that on it.

There are also plenty of other – better – books to read before you embark on your entrepreneur journey!

Just remember, without action, all the information in the world is useless.

You have to do something with it. 

And maybe you’re first project won’t work out.

And that’s fine.

We don’t learn to walk on the first attempt.

But the sooner you start the sooner you’ll be able to build the project that does work.

And your life will never the same.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this Millionaire Manifestation review!

Now you know what is Manifestation Millionaire is all about, leave a comment below if you have any thoughts. 

Until next time!

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