What is Market Samurai & Should You Use This Keyword Tool?

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What is Market Samurai? In this Market Samurai review we show you exactly what you will get when you buy Market Samurai. Click to read my unbiased review!

Market Samurai is a keyword research tool that’s been making a lot of noise in the internet marketing world. So I decided to take a look for myself and see if this is a valuable tool that’s worth the cost.

I’ll share my thoughts about the product in this Market Samurai review.

If you were thinking of signing up for Market Samurai, read this review first!

Market Samurai Basics

  • Name: Market Samurai
  • Type: Keyword Research Program
  • Price: 12 Day Free Trial, $97 for Full Version
  • Website: http://marketsamurai.com/

What is Market Samurai?

Market Samurai is a keyword research tool based on Google’s Keyword Planner program.

It’s not an online platform but rather an actual program that you have to download and install on your computer. 

The program uses Adobe Air and Adobe Flash Player so make sure that you have those programs installed.

(I had Adobe Air installed but not Adobe Flash Player, at least, I received an error saying I didn’t have it installed, so I had to download it again.)

Once installed, a menu will pop up that will ask you to create a new project.

This was a little confusing because I didn’t know if it wanted me to upload a keyword file or just enter a name for my new project.

Enter a name and a new project will be created, from there you’ll see all the Market Samurai features, some of which are locked.

The main feature, the keyword research tool, is unlocked for your trial period, but it does require you to sign into your Google Ad-words account.

It’s also important to keep in mind that this program is still in BETA stages, so some bugs are to be expected. 

Honestly, I thought this product was already in full-swing because the website and sales page do not mention that the program is still in beta.

If that was a little clearer, I think it would be better, because people won’t enter with high expectations only to receive a half-done tool.

So you type in your main keyword, then log into your ad-words account to find related keywords.

I thought the layout was not very user-friendly and it’s a little hard to find the data you need. 

I think the keyword research is average at best, the keyword tool I absolutely love and use daily is definitely much more user-friendly and no download is required.

Market Samurai Review: Included Features

As I mentioned, this product is not only a keyword research tool, there are several other features included.

Here’s a list of included features:what is market samurai photo

  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Competition
  • Monetization
  • Find Content
  • Publish Content
  • Promotion
  • Domains

These features are pretty standard for the industry, the Find Content feature scrapes various article directories for content.

I assume the idea is to re-write the articles found in these directories and publish them on your website to target keywords.

Regardless, it’s not the best method because content should always be unique, not created from another person’s content! 

Publish Content is a feature that lets you link your WordPress account to Market Samurai.

This allows you to set up a unique email and then you add that email to Market Samurai to publish or schedule posts.

The Publish Content feature can be found on WordPress, under Settings, then Writing Settings.

So, there’s not a lot of tools, and most of them are pretty standard.

Domains lets you search domain registrars for domains that have exact keyword matches, a useful feature.

Promotion lets you submit links to various directories for back-links which, at first, sounds interesting since not many products include this.

However, this strategy was used in the past successfully, but since 2014, Matt Cutts (former head of the internet spam team at Google) recommends staying away from this back linking strategy.

Instead go for long term online success using White Hat SEO strategies. Strive for backlinks from…

  • Social Media
  • Other websites that link to your site as a resource
  • Videos based on your post that you put on YouTube with a link (of your post that takes viewers back to your website (then embed that YouTube video on your own site as well). 

There are links to Hub Pages, Weebly, and a few other Web 2.0 sites, but I wouldn’t recommend using this feature.

You’ll also be able to submit to Google and a few other search engines as well as forums. This is a good strategy and should be done with each and every post you publish.

Check out our guide to content/seo via our Free eBook that allows you to increase targeted traffic to improve sales conversions. This is my manual for publishing content. Totally free and takes no time to read.

Market Samurai Cons:

I already mentioned the back-link directory issue, but here are some other downsides to this product.

First of all, the layout is not really user-friendly.

What is Market Samurai Photo

It’s a little confusing?

It takes awhile to figure out how to use the program.

I found myself making multiple projects just to search for one specific keyword, it’s a bit of a hassle.

Secondly, there’s no traffic and competition information for the keywords.

That’s one reason I love Jaaxy because it shows all the metrics that you need right next to the keyword.

P.S. if you want to find out how I find awesome keywords to target in my articles, read this! 

With Market Samurai, there’s no way to see the competition for each keyword or the monthly traffic, so it’s really hard to figure out if a keyword is good.

Here’s a Quick Example of the Importance of Keyword Research…

For this targeted post you’re currently reading, I could have chose to focus on the keywords… Market Samurai Review – which sort of occurred naturally.

However, I’m better off focusing on the keyword phrase… What is Market Samurai? 

Why’s that? Keyword Competition…

With my favorite keyword research tool – Jaaxy, I can measure these keywords/keyword phrases and see which will be easier to rank for and get more potential traffic to my website. Take a look at Jaaxy’s results.

This is of the keyword phrase: Market Samurai Review

What is Market Samurai Photo

Compare this with the keyword phrase I chose: What is Market Samurai

What is Market Samurai Photo

I digress about keyword research – but it is super important to learn to be a successful internet marketer, blogger, or eCommerce business owner. Jaxxy’s gives you the info you need…

  • Monthly Searches for any Keyword Phrase
  • The amount of Traffic I get if my site is on page 1 of Google
  • The QSR – This is the number of competing websites that currently rank for the keyword phrase

These are all factors that are imperative for a keyword research tool. It makes your job more efficient and allows you to target what your online audience is already searching for on a daily basis.

Now back to the review.

Third, Market Samurai a bit expensive.

There are still quite a few problems with the software alone such as long loading times and connection issues.

I wouldn’t want to spend $97 on this product at it’s current stage. 

I’m sure there will be updates in the future but there are better tools out there.

Market Samurai Review: Our Conclusion

What is Market Samurai overall, a decent program but still needs some work.

The main issue I had with this keyword research tool is that there’s no way to see the data for each individual keyword.

Additionally, they need to make it a little more user-friendly as I found myself stuck on more than one occasion.

Besides those issues, I think it does have potential, and can turn into a really decent keyword research tool.

The current version, in my opinion, is not worth it. 

If you are interested, I recommend waiting a bit to see if it’s updated because the current version leaves a lot to be desired.

Instead, check out Jaaxy, the best online-based keyword research platform, it makes it so much easier for you to find the keywords that you need.

Also, if you want to learn how to build an online business from scratch, considering this membership training website.

What is Market Samurai Photo

Click Here to See What Wealthy Affiliate Training is All About!

It has everything that you need to get a website up and running and start bringing in sales. Not to mention the in depth training on how to perform keyword research effectively.

This will allow you to rank quicker and more consistently. The bottom line for any online business or website is that it needs consistent traffic to be successful.

When you can tap into what your target audience is looking for and rank (your content and products) at the top of Google, you’ll see online success.

One last note about Wealthy Affiliate, they sincerely care about your success. Plus it’s a social media website too, so networking with people is easy and fun and you can get help to most any online business or website question right away.

That’s pretty remarkable in my book. Nothing better than getting help when you need it.

Hit the image below to sign-up for free!

What is Market Samurai Photo

Thanks for checking our our Market Samurai review, feel free to leave a comment or share this post on your favorite social networks.

What is Market Samurai Photo

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