What Is Millionaire’s Brain Academy? A Scam, Legit? Check Out Our Review

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A lot of readers have been asking us what is Millionaire’s Brain Academy.

Check out our review and see if this product is worth your time and money.

Specifically, readers want to know if this business book called Millionaire’s Brain Academy is worth their time, and the most common question in those emails is, “Is Millionaire’s Brain Academy a Scam?”.

In this article, I’ll do my best to answer that question.

We’ll take an in-depth look at this product.

You can decide if it’s worth the investment.

What is Millionaire’s Brain Academy?

Millionaire’s Brain Academy is a business book for people who want to adopt the same mindset and habits of successful people.

The sales video is full of clips of famous businessmen, athletes, and other “successful” individuals.

The implication being that you can become one of those people if you follow the principles outlined in the book.

That’s a tall claim.

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Who is the Author and Why Should You Listen to Him?

Millionaire’s Brain Academy was written by someone called Winter Vee.

The story is Winter Vee was down on his luck and had a terrible car accident.

He was hospitalized for several months and decided to study mindset and the habits of successful people.

Then, he broke the code, and went on to earn millions of dollars.

In fact, he claims, after applying the lessons in the book he earned 1.2 million dollars.

Supposedly, the whole process is outlined in his book; Millionaire’s Brain Academy.

The problem is there are some inconsistencies with his story, we’ll mention them later on. 

Long story short, we don’t really know who Winter Vee is. 

Maybe he’s a real person, or maybe he’s a persona, we don’t know for sure.

Regardless, there are a lot of writers who use pen-names, so we can’t disregard his book on that notion alone.

In A Nutshell..

Millionaire’s Brain Academy is self-help book with a focus on business and positive mindset.

There are lots of these kind of books out there, and some contain useful information, but none of them will make you successful.

It all comes down to you.

Books only provide information.

You have to take the action.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the topics discussed in this book.

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What’s Inside Millionaire’s Brain Academy?

When you purchase the product you’ll be granted access to the member’s area.

Within this area there are some up-sells, the main course, and some downloadable files, mostly workbooks.

The Main Course..

The main course consists of a 121 page eBook.

The whole concept of the book is to change your mindset.

For example, cutting negativity out of your mind, limiting beliefs, scarcity mindset, low self esteem, etc.

The book covers why most people fail to reach their goals – there’s some useful advice here.

Then it tries to dissect the mindset of successful people, such as Steve Jobs, and mentions the habits which may be responsible for his success.

Honestly, most of the information is quite basic and it can be found in basically any self-help book.


I like how there are some downloadable workbooks that you can print out and fill in.

These workbooks provide you with some exercises to create the mindset habits you need for success.

If nothing else, at least it’s a fun exercise.

The problem with most self improvement books is they imply a small change will create amazing outcomes.

The truth is small-changes over a long course of time will lead to success.

You have to adopt the new habits and stick to them for years and years.

Still, if a book puts you on the right path, then it’s worth it.

Three Up-sells..

When you first enter the member’s area you’ll be hit with an up-sell called Hyper Wealth DNA.

This program is advertised with the claim that you can become a millionaire in ten days.

The slogan is, “Go from Broke to Millionaire in 10 Days!!”. 

That’s a lot of unnecessary hype!

It costs $197 and it’s basically a collection of videos and audio files, there are 10 videos in total.

Each video is quite long but there’s not really much useful information.

The first video is basically 36 minutes of hype. 

There are two more up-sells, Copy Paste Wealth, and Jumping Audio Program, both cost a $97 flat fee.

When you exit, the price will decrease to $47.

I don’t like it when programs lower their price when someone tries to leave.

If you are confident of your product’s value, there’s no reason to lower the price.

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Millionaire’s Brain Academy Cons:

There are quite a few things I didn’t like about this course.

For starters, most of the training material lacks actual content.

It’s more like generic self-improvement advice.

The sales videos also leave a lot to the imagination; it’s not clear what you’re getting in the product.

Additionally, you can’t skip the sales videos. 

I also noticed the website platform hasn’t been updated since 2014 and I doubt it will anytime soon.

I really didn’t like the level of hype and claims.

You won’t instantly become a millionaire!

In my opinion, it seems like an outdated and over-hyped course, one that continues to make the rounds for some reason.

If you want to learn more about business mindset, I recommend heading over to Amazon and buying the highest rated books.

You’ll learn a lot more.


I do not recommend this Millionaire’s Brain Academy.

It’s far too generic.

There is some useful advice in the member’s area but – in my opinion – it’s not worth the investment.

I think it’s much more beneficial to invest in a course that shows you exactly how to build a business.

You need actionable advice that you can follow with ease.

Not generic feel-good advice. 

When researching this product, I was under the impression this is one of those quickly made products for a quick grab at cash.

Since the course hasn’t been updated in a few years, chances are the creator has moved on to a new – similar – course.

These courses pop up all the time, run hot for awhile, and then die down.

It happens all the time.

I really don’t recommend this product.

What Now?

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You now know what is Millionaire’s Brain Academy, make sure you share this post on your favorite social networks to help others avoid this program.

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