What is My Daily Cash Machine? Scam, Legit? Read Our Review

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Wondering What is My Daily Cash Machine? You came to the right place!

Of course, most of these articles are specifically designed to direct traffic towards My Daily Cash Machine, so it is not surprising they aren’t exactly the most reliable sources of information.

In order to find out more about this website, I went to their website to register and investigate what they’re really all about.

How do you make money from it? Will it be a long term method of earning money?

How much do you have to invest in? What do I like about it? What do I dislike about it? Is it a scam?

These questions, and more, will be answered in this review.

Let’s get started..

What is My Daily Cash Machine?

When you create an account, the first thing you notice is a ton of  videos showing you the ropes of revenue sharing and affiliate marketing.

Sounds great right?

But, I found it quite annoying that there really wasn’t an end to these ‘introductory videos’.

They also keep insisting that you watch each video until its end.

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Also, most of these videos aren’t really educational. They are more like advertisements for My Daily Cash Machine (MDCM) – a lot of hype and no real instructions.

Nevertheless, if you manage to make it through the sign up process, then you can find out you can earn money on MDCM through:

  • Ad revenue
  • CPA offers
  • Adpacks
  • Cashlinks
  • TrafficGrid
  • Traffic exchange

The best way to earn cash on My Daily Cash Machine is through ad packs or ad revenue.

The way My Daily Cash Machine works is that it gives advertisers the space and opportunity to place their advertisements for thousands of unique visitors to see.

What they don’t tell you is these ad-packs are placed on their website.

You can actually choose to either become an advertising partner or you can choose to use My Daily Cash Machine as a way to market and direct traffic to your website.

But, let’s talk mainly about whether or not this website/ program is a legit way to earn money.

How do You Make Money from My Daily Cash Machine?

The tasks given to you are fairly easy to complete.

Any John or Jane Doe with basic computer skills can do it.

In fact, the first task you need to do before you can earn any money is to click on at least 15 online ads within a 24 hour time period.

This will activate your account and unlock the earnings.

However, the main way you can earn money from My Daily Cash Machine is through its ad packs and affiliate programs. 

So let’s talk about their ad packs.

Adpacks cost $35.

You earn money by sharing the revenue the ads generate.

what is my daily cash machine screenshot

Some of the ways to make money with My Daily Cash Machine.

You buy an ad-pack, the link goes on their site (and partnered sites) and you earn whatever it makes.

However, it is made clear that the amount of cash you might generate from these ad packs varies!

There is also absolutely no guarantee that you will will earn a profit or break even.

The affiliate and revenue sharing functions of this website can also help you earn cash – referring other people to the site with your affiliate link.

Sounds simple and not very risky right?

The sections below sheds some more light on what’s really going on.

Does My Daily Cash Machine Work for the Long-term?

The website is essentially a revenue sharing program.

Revenue sharing programs tend to rely mainly on new recruits to earn money.

Of course, there is no such thing as an endless supply of new recruits.

I mean, if there’s no good reason for someone to stick with a program, they probably won’t.

In my opinion, a revenue sharing program like My Daily Cash Machine will certainly end in the future, and its not a ideal for the long-term.

However, it is impossible to tell how long MDCM will stay popular or mainstream enough to be successful.

MDCM is actually a fairly risky program to invest in. 

We’ve reviewed numerous programs like this, they typically fissile out after a year or so.

Both Click Ad Pays and My Advertising Pays are pretty much dead, not sure about Traffic Monsoon.

All of these programs are based on the same system, most people lose money in these types of systems.

It’s not a good long term plan to make money online to say the least.

How Much do You Have to Invest?

I mentioned earlier that an Ad pack merely costs $35.

However, the pricing is somewhat deceptive, as it is next to impossible to generate a profit with a single ad pack.

And since the ad-packs are displayed on the website, the only people clicking on it are other members.

Why would a member want to click on an ad for the same program he or she is in?

I also mentioned before that there is no guarantee that you will receive a return of investment.

If you are new to the scene, then you are better off trying a training program to help you start earning cash online.

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You will most likely not earn money immediately through My Daily Cash Machine.

Perhaps, after a months time or so will you earn the amount you’ve invested in – but its unlikely!

What I Dislike?

The main thing I dislike about this program is the fact that they try to stuff you with their ‘training’ programs the moment you register.

It is also quite obvious that they are trying to monetize your registration by overloading you with advertisements.

It gives you the feeling that My Daily Cash Machine is merely click bait.

I also dislike the fact that buying ad packs from them is a risky move.

There is no guarantee you will earn money from them, and more importantly there are no refunds. 

I also mentioned earlier in this article that these type of ad revenues tend not to last very long.

Personally, I prefer investing in something that is both reliable and long term.

What I Liked?

On the other hand, there are certainly pros of this revenue program.

For one, My Daily Cash Machine seems to be honest and up front with what they have to offer.

Of course there is some candy coating – but nothing too ridiculous.

They’re disclaimers make it clear what the website about and makes no guarantees of income – something that is appreciated.

It’s also nice to know that they put a bit of effort into the design of their website.

Typically, revenue programs have very poorly designed home websites that are definitely a turn off for me.

I mean, if you do not have enough money or resources to design a proper website, why should we trust in your program that supposedly lets you earn 7 figures?

What is My Daily Cash Machine? Is it a Scam?

Since you can earn money from a their ad revenue and affiliate system, My Daily Cash Machine is not categorized as a scam.

Does it deserve the respect of an official company?

Well, certainly not, but like I said there is a chance for you to earn money, even if that opportunity is slim.

You can certainly use them to make a few bucks here and there!

If this is what you’re really looking for, to make a buck or two online, I’d go with..

The reason why this opportunity is so small is because the large majority of people on My Daily Cash Machine are using the website to earn money, and not to advertise their websites.

Like any product, if the supply far increases the demand, then it is bound to go ‘under’.

So the choice is yours.

If you want to risk investing your money into My Daily Cash Machine, know that it’s risky.

I suggest you try out our free email training series first to get a better idea of how to earn money online and how these type of systems work.

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Thanks for reading our My Daily Cash Machine review! If you have any thoughts or experiences you wish to share, feel free to do so in the comments section!

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