What is Power Lead System? Read This Before You Sign-up

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What is Power Lead System and is it a viable way to make money online? 1,000’s of people are asking this question and today we’ll find out.

Power Lead System is another multi-level marketing opportunity that is supposed to be the opportunity of a lifetime.

There are a lot of conflicting reports about this product online, so I thought I would take a look and see what all the fuss is about.

Let’s take a look at the details.

What is The Power Lead System?

Power Lead System is a marketing training product with an affiliate program. It teaches people how to earn traffic and promote affiliate links through various platforms, similar to many other products in the internet marketing niche.

Product at a Glance: 

  • Name: Power Lead System
  • Owner: Neil Guess and Michael Price
  • Type: MLM Scheme
  • Price: $30/month for a customer account, $54/month for an affiliate account
  • Overall Rating: See below

The vast majority of people who sign-up for this product do so to participate in the affiliate program, which offers several bonuses.

For instance, there’s a 50% matching bonus for people under you, we will talk about that in the next section.

The idea behind the Power Lead System is to recruit as many people as possible and earn money from the products they purchase.

You simply have to make sure that your referrals continue to refer new people and you collect all the bonuses without lifting a finger.

Doesn’t that sound familiar?

That’s the classic false promise hook that multi-level marketers use to recruit people to their systems.

Guess what? It doesn’t work, and here’s why.

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Why The Power Lead System Matching Bonus is Not Special

Let’s talk about the matching bonus.

It’s supposed to work like this; if you refer someone to Power Lead System (PLS) and then that person recruits more people or makes some sales, half of what he earned is added to your account.

For example, if he earns $100, $50 will be added to your account, but it won’t be deducted from his account, it’s an additional bonus.

Therefore, the people behind PLS want you to promote as much as possible and encourage everyone under you to promote as well, this way you’re supposed to earn a significant amount of passive cash, simply from matching bonuses.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is that people don’t stick around long-enough for it to make a difference.

Power Lead System is a low value product and there’s not much within the member’s area that can’t be found elsewhere.

Do you have sales skills?

If so… Then all you need are the LEADS and an AWESOME MENTOR.

If this is what you’re looking for… call Mark @ 714-408-4993 to get his perspective on this type of business model.

He provides leads and a successful system and Mark is someone I know who has integrity and really mentors people.

It’s also more expensive than other products, affiliates need to pay the standard membership fee plus the affiliate fee ($30 + $24/month).

I admit, that’s not too expensive, but it’s not that attractive, either.

Special Note: Most affiliate programs don’t cost anything to join, you’re marketing to sell their products, so you are doing the affiliate program a service.

You get compensated for this, not pay more.

What’s in the Power Lead System Member’s Area?

The member’s area is simply a collection of marketing training videos and articles.

There are also a few free tools thrown into the mix, this package is called “a business in a box” but it’s more like a collection of tutorials scraped from the internet.

In a nutshell, I was not impressed with the material, and it could definitely use some improvement, it’s not a groundbreaking system.

The main feature of the Power Lead System would be the landing pages.

I have to admit that the landing pages do look rather pleasant and professional. You can use the landing page templates or pursue a different path, but the templates are on the table.

It’s not all about email marketing; it’s mostly about how to collect leads for PLS so you can make more money as an affiliate.

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What I Liked About Power Lead System

Even though I don’t agree with this business model, there were a couple of things about PLS that I thought were interesting.

For starters, the landing pages are crisp and look excellent. Of course, it’s not that difficult to create a landing page from scratch nowadays, there are plenty of tools at your disposal.

Nevertheless, I liked the templates.

Secondly, affiliate members are entitled to the weekly marketing webinars. Webinars are excellent for learning how to promote affiliate programs because you can usually ask questions at the end of the webinar.

(I haven’t joined one of these webinars so I can’t say if they’re indeed in-depth)

What I Didn’t Like

I don’t like the payment structure, it’s similar to pyramid scheme matrix.

I also didn’t like how every other sale goes to the person above you. If I referred you to the company and you make two sales, I receive the total payment for one of them.

I don’t really like the idea of working hard to promote links only to give away half of my earnings. It’s a waste of time.

On top of that, the training material is simply sub-par, it doesn’t have anything that can’t be found on other websites.

It seems like the focus is on the affiliate program, everyone wants to jump in and start promoting the company for commissions, most people don’t want to sign-up solely for the marketing courses.

At least, that’s the impression that I got when researching this opportunity.

The training material is not terrible, there are some decent suggestions, but I felt like it has all been said before, and none of it really sparked my interest.

Is Lead Power System a Scam?

I have to admit that this product is one of the lower quality IM products out there. Is it a scam? I’m not sure.

From what I can tell most people have received pay-outs, but there are some fishy things that could push it into scam territory.

In my opinion, it’s in a grey area, I don’t recommend anything that’s in the grey area. I did notice that there’s a free 7 day trail, but at the same time, there are no refunds.

Oddly, there is no refund policy. You can cancel your account at anytime but you won’t be given a refund if you want one. I thought that was strange.

Final Recommendation

I suggest that you keep your distance from this product, it feels like a scheme, and the meat of the product is very low value.

It’s difficult to promote products that lacks value.

If you really are committed to making money online, and you’re willing to learn, apply what you learn and take action.

If that’s the case.

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What is Power Lead System for you? Do you have any personal experience with this company?

If so, we’d love to hear from you in our comments section below.

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