What is Power Sellers Center? Does it Really Teach You How To Become A Power Seller on eBay?

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There is a online course called Power Seller’s Center that a lot of people are claiming is a blatant scam, today we will find out the truth.

But before we begin, let’s talk about what it means to be a power seller on eBay…

One of the fastest ways to make money online is to sell something that belongs to you on eBay or similar websites.

Most people use eBay to casually sell items for fast cash, but a lot of people choose to create a full-time business with eBay, it can be rather profitable.

If You Really Want To Become A Power eBay/Amazon Seller – Here’s Your Best & Most Economical Source

If you’re in need of some fast cash, selling unwanted items on eBay is an excellent solution.

If you manage to maintain a positive rating on eBay and you sell plenty of products on a monthly basis, it’s possible to reach Power Seller status.

There are plenty of additional features that come with the new title, for more details check out eBay’s official Power Seller support page.

Most people think that they need a Power Seller account in order to create a profitable business with eBay, but that’s not necessarily the case.

However, people who are new to e-commerce, will notice that Power Seller’s ads rank higher than other, regular, account’s ads.

eBay's Power Sellers Center Logo

This Power Seller Badge Gives You Better Rankings in Ebay’s Search Results

In other words, if you are selling the same item as a Power Seller, the Power Seller’s ad will always rank higher in eBay’s search results.

That’s one of the bonuses that comes with a Power Seller status, and new sellers fight tooth and nail to reach that level as fast as possible.

So, there are a lot of online courses that claim to teach people how to become a Power Seller, the course that we will take a look at today is called Power Seller’s Center (formerly Power Seller’s College).

What is Power Seller’s Center?

Product Snapshot:

  • Name: Power Seller’s Center
  • Website: powersellerscenter.com
  • Type: eBay Business Coaching and Training
  • Creator: Rob Allen

The purpose of this product is to teach people how to expand their eBay businesses and become a power seller on eBay as fast as possible.

The coaches are supposed to call you about 4 times a week to assist you with your training and make sure that you’re making progress. Unfortunately, each call is only about 5 minutes.

Taking a look at their website, I noticed that there were a lot of pages that I couldn’t access.

Every-time I click on a link I received a “This webpage is not available” error. It seems like whoever is behind this company decided to stop maintaining the website.

So I took to the internet to find more information. According to their BBB page, this company has been around since 2011 and has not received any negative reviews or complaints. But there are plenty of other websites that have published negative reviews.

Let’s take a closer look…


  • List of product suppliers (over 7,000)
  • Lifetime eBay consultations
  • Over 4 Marketing Tools
  • In-depth Power Seller Curriculum
  • Free SEO Analysis
  • Free Search Engine and Article Directory Submission

The above features are advertised on the website’s homepage, the idea is to make it easier to link distributors with product suppliers.

As it turns out, there are plenty of free ways to do this, and there is really no need to invest thousands of dollars to access training material that you can find online for free.

This product claims to provide you with a database of over 7,000 wholesale product suppliers, but most of the companies are already on Alibaba.


Power Seller’s Product Directory – A.K.A. Alibaba.com

All you have to do is head over to Alibaba and you will be able to find suppliers for pretty much everything that is being sold on eBay.

It’s also free to use.

You can also find similar manufacturer websites from a simple Google search.

So, in my opinion, this aspect of Power Seller’s Center is not worth it, all of the information can be found online for free.

Even YouTube has plenty of in-depth videos about how to create a successful online eCommerce business.

Learn How to Build a Business Here, 100% Free Training →

Power Seller’s Center has two main courses:

  1. Marketing and Advertising
  2. eBay a Web Business.

When I clicked on the links for more details I was hit with a “Page not found” error. There doesn’t seem to be much information about these courses online, it seems like the website is a little outdated and inactive.

Still, I don’t think it’s necessary to fork over cash for training material that is abundant and free on other websites. Even eBay has guides dedicated to becoming a Power Seller, so there is no lack of information regarding this topic.

What I Didn’t Like

I found a lot of complaints about this company, there are plenty of people who claim that they lost thousands of dollars to this company and never managed to receive a refund.

I also found a link to a court case, where a user was suing the company  for false promises. Check it out.

I also personally had a friend from Shaymurat’s Facebook page that asked me to expose these guys.

Here were his exact words to me about Power Sellers Center….

Hey Todd, I got talked into Power Sellers Center and thats one you should get the word out on your site, talk about a scam. They have changed there name many times and once you sign up you can’t get your money back no matter what, they got me for 9,000 dollars. Please inform your readers of this scam before they screw over other unsuspecting people.

So in addition to the poorly made website, the numerous fraud complaints, and the fact that they’re charging an arm and a leg for information that can easily be found for free, what else is wrong with this product?

I would say that the coaching system needs improvement, five minutes is not long enough to discuss important issues or create a strategy for the future. When you hand over the payment, the company promises that you will make it all back within a month, and of course, that rarely happens, and refunds are practically impossible.

All in All

All in all, I seriously suggest that you keep your distance from this company, don’t let their sales team convince you to sign-up with false promises.

If you want a structured program to learn how to create a business with eBay or Amazon, there’s one program I do recommend, Skip McGrath (click the link to read my review of his program) has been a power seller on eBay and Amazon for years and has created so much helpful information on his site and in his educational programs.

He has several books that walk you through the process and he gives you insider tips and tricks and teaches you to put up a successful eCommerce eBay and/or Amazon business.

I particularly like his Complete Amazon/eBay Marketing System and have had lots of positive feedback from his site about this program from my readers.

I know that e-commerce businesses can be very profitable, but you have to be cautious, and don’t throw all your money at a product right off the bat, keep it slow.

Find what sells, then invest in stock.

Alternatively, affiliate marketing is another route you can take, it’s easier, and you don’t need to worry about dealing with suppliers, buying inventory or shipping products.

Learn How to Build an Affiliate Marketing Business Here, for Free!

I first started making money online selling on Amazon and eBay, but affiliate marketing is a much better long term business with huge passive income potential.

You need to put in some initial effort, but if you want to create a sustainable online business based on something that you’re interested in, passionate about, or have an in depth knowledge about a particular subject, it’s perfect.

Almost any niche can be turned into a profitable online business.

Thanks for reading and if you have your own ideas about.. what is Power Sellers Center, we’re all ears.

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