What Is The Best Free Website Builder? A Must Read For Website Owners

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What is the best FREE website builder you ask?

Great question.

Free websites can be a tricky thing, if you pick the wrong platform, you could end up with a slow search-less website.

I’m talking about a site that never gets ranked in search engines like Google.

In today’s market, without a doubt, the best free website builder is the WordPress website builder called SiteRubix.

It’s got everything you need to get started…

  • Two Free Websites
  • Free Cloud Hosting – that’s awesome!
  • Free Basic Training to Manage and Build Your Site – Even Better!

I mentioned the Free part, right?

Kidding!  😉

What Is The Best Free Website Builder? WordPress

The best thing about having a free website built using WordPress is that you have the flexibility and control to have a website built the way you want it.

And at any point latter down the road, you can easily change the look and feel of your website with a click of a button.

Your website could be as simple as a personal blog, an online business, or even an eCommerce store.

WordPress is used by more than 23.4% of the top 10 million websites in the world as of March 2015 (source).

They’ve invested billions of dollars into their technology and they continue to strive for excellence.

Managing the basic functions of a WordPress website is about as difficult as sending an email, yet you still have the control to manage and customize your website HTML code/CSS.

So why should you choose SiteRubix’s WordPress website builder over the free version of WordPress?

Because it’s simple to use, fast, free lessons, amazing community support, and loaded with useful tools that give you an advantage when it comes to ranking and bringing in free traffic.

How Easy It Is To Build a Free Website with SiteRubix?

Take a look at this helpful video to see how simple it is to get your free site up and running in a couple of minutes.

Start Your Free WordPress Website Today!

What to Look For in A Free Website Builder?

With ANY free website builder, you are going to have a sub domain name like HomeBrew.wordpress.com.

Using Site Rubix… you’ll have HomeBrew.siterubix.com.

If you want to buy your own domain name, like a .com, .org, or a .net, then you’ll need to go to a domain registry to see if your domain name is available, if so, it will cost you around $15 dollars/year.

I recommend using WA’s Domain Name Service because they’re easy to work with, no up-sells, and they offer great service.

But if you don’t want to buy a domain name, you can still have a fully functioning highly rank-able website using SiteRubix along with the free training they provide.

When Choosing A Free Website Builder – Think SEO

If you put into Google, “What is the best free website builder“, you will get a result page filled with paid advertisements as wells as review sites of website builders.

Google screenshot result page for what is the best free website builder

There are a number of free website builders to choose from, but the biggest problem with most of these systems is ZERO education on SEO.

What is SEO (search engine optimization)?

I am referring to how your website is recognized and indexed by major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

So in other words, we’re talking about how well your website ranks which ultimately effects how well your site brings in TRAFFIC.

And most of the popular drag and drop website builders make it difficult to get your website recognized in search engines.

example photo of what is the best free website builder

Free Responsive WordPress Themes by SiteRubix

Most of these types of website creators, like we saw with Wix Website Builder, are loaded with customer complaints that user’s websites don’t even register with search engines, while others take 3 – 4 months.

Can you imagine waiting for your site to register with Google for anything over 30 minutes?

Not me.

That’s not what you want with any website, paid or free.

There are many complaints of too much HTML code is being utilized with these “Cookie Cutter” website builder’s and they make it difficult for search engines to index them.

This may not be important for your current website needs, but may become so in the future.

Speaking of Your Future… Grab Our Free Training Series to Build an Awesome Online Business!

WordPress website’s code is consistent and not loaded with excessive HTML code so it’s easier for search engines like Google to index.

Plus, with the right guidance on setting up your website (also provided by SiteRubix), you can optimize each and every post to give your site the best optimal position in the search results.

My WordPress SiteRubix websites register with search engines like Google in minutes, in some cases, the websites have even ranked within a few days after posting a few pages of content.

The other big issue we see with website builders like the eCommerce platform, IncomeShops, is that there is no structured education on how to build organic traffic to your website.

And this is the most important aspect if you are creating an online business or trying to drive traffic to a specific sales campaign or landing page.

Why a Free SiteRubix Website Over WordPress?

The big difference that you’re getting with Site Rubix is quality training to set up your website so that it’s geared for gaining traffic.

Site Rubix offers step by step training and an amazing community support system to help you as you build out your site.

The Site Rubix free training program is an invaluable service to help you get your website set up securely, optimized for search engines, as well as teach you how to manage WordPress’s content management system.

This is such a bonus if you’re new to putting up websites!

example photo of what is the best free website builder

Free Responsive WordPress Themes by SiteRubix

The first website I tried to start was a complete flop.

I needed a structured course to help me build out my online businesses.

Now that I have personally used Site Rubix to build several websites and can testify that you can put up a site in less than a minute.

If you are building a free website just for fun, still go with Siterubix.

Why’s that?

You will learn some great skills by learning how to manage WordPress!

Plus, you’ll have any easier platform with more control in the future if you ever want to change your website’s look, turn your website into a business.

Or use it in your professional career!

Site Rubix Free Website Builder Training

The Site Rubix free website builder was developed in 2007 by the leading internet marketing educational program called Wealthy Affiliate.

They specialize in training students on internet marketing, affiliate marketing, niche website development, blogging, search engine optimization, and content writing.

Just to name a few of the many things they offer their students.

With Site Rubix, Wealthy Affiliate provides 10 FREE courses that allow you to…

  • Get your site up and running
  • Index your website into Google
  • Set a foundation on how you can structure, control and build-out your website one step at a time.
what is the best free website builder classroom screenshot

Click The Photo To Enlarge

Each and every one of these courses comes with daily objectives and tasks for you to complete to help you get your website up and running.

What Is The Best Free Website Builder? Hands Down It’s SiteRubix 

There are four simple steps to get your site up and running as seen in the video.

what is the best free website builder directional photo to start a free website

what is the best free website builder photos of themes

what is the best free website builder start button

Got A Website Name Picked Out? Start Building Your Free Website Using SiteRubix Today

Put in the Name of Your Website and let SiteRubix do the Rest

Final Thoughts

If you want a free website, I’d avoid the popular drag and drop style website makers.

They have a history of not being recognized by search engines and provide next to zero training in order to teach you how to..

  • Build your website
  • Write quality content
  • Get your site to bring in free organic traffic.

Learn How to Do That and More in Our Free Training Series!

Go with a website builder like Site Rubix and use WordPress to build your free site.

You can always go back and make whatever adjustments to your website that you see fit.

Site Rubix goes above and beyond other free website builders because of the FREE advanced training they provide.

Now you know what is the best free website builder in today’s market, it’s time to go make yourself a cool website.

Got questions, please leave a comment below.

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