What is the Best Hosting Company for WordPress?

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Looking for the best hosting company for WordPress can be a headache inducing process, because not only are their countless providers, but many of them are unreliable.

It goes without saying that there will always be hosting sites that are simply better than others.

How does one sift through the multitudes of unworthy hosting companies to find the best hosting company for WordPress?

Probably the best way to do that is to try out the different hosting providers one by one and testing them to see whether or not they are ideal for your website.

However, obviously this is quite impractical, especially for solo website builders or small companies that do not have a lot of manpower.

Thankfully, our team did the research in order to find the cream of the crop when it comes to hosting companies ideal for WordPress.

Discover what hosting website companies are especially popular at the moment, and which of these providers are the best.

What is the Best Hosting Company for WordPress?

I know for this site, there’s some extra perks to “White Hat” SEO that I believe creates the best value in a hosting provider.

Most providers don’t offer much in terms of on site Search Engine Optimization as well as personal feedback.

Something that is critical and if you’re new to online business, very helpful.

I find that this, as well as, how my site performs makes the decision all that much easier.

I’m a bit partial to Site Rubix since I’ve been able to eliminate a bunch of Speed & Compression plugins, plus I get SSL Certification for free and can host up to 25 sites on their platform.

And lastly, I get social comments from these guys which significantly improves my rankings quickly.

Remember, your online business should have an organic ranking system in place.

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Don’t be tricked by the provider’s peculiar name, this company offers surprisingly great services. Using their services will give you lightning fast response time at around 450 ms, more or less.

The basic plan is quite affordable also, costing $8.60 a month if you choose the 12 month plan. However, if if you go with the 36 month plan their hosting services will only cost you $4.90 per month.

Sounds great right?

However, there is one issue that GoDaddy has.

If there are 25 or above users using the website from the same IP, GoDaddy’s security system causes the website to become unresponsive and starts eliminating connections.

The reason behind this is that their security system has very “safe” settings, so that even 25 users logging in on the same IP is seen as a DDOS attack.

What does this mean for you?

Well this problem will only affect you if you have a small company that uses the same IP. If you have 25 or more users logging in to the same page, then the website could go under for a few minutes.

Nevertheless, despite its drawbacks GoDaddy is still one of the biggest website hosting firms out there.


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If you’ve been in the website building business for awhile, you will have most certainly heard of this top performing website hosting company.

Especially in the WordPress community, SiteGround has been steadily increasing in popularity.

Why is this hosting service so amazing?

Well first of all, their pricing is “out of this world” competitively.

You only have to pay $3.95 (startup package) each month regardless of how long you plan to use their hosting services. In fact, you will most likely not find a hosting service of this quality at such a low price.

It is no wonder that WordPress.org officially recommends SiteGround to be your hosting provider. Furthermore, their services are optimized for WordPress users.

Also if you are looking for the best customer support, then this hosting provider is the one for you.

Why is that?

Well support agents from SiteGround are not only capable of fixing your account issues, but they also have in depth knowledge of WordPress.

This means that they could probably help you with other stuff that are not exactly related to website hosting.

A2 Hosting

This hosting company’s Lite package offers great security, unlimited space, developer friendly tools, and of course, an environment optimized for WordPress.

A2 Hosting has only been in the business for 10 years, but they certainly seem to know what they are doing.

As for pricing, their services will set you back $4.40 per month if you choose their 12 month plan. On the other hand, their 24 month plan will only cost you #3.92 every month.

The response time of their servers are also very fast, and they have three server locations you can choose from.

There is a server in Singapore, Amsterdam, and Michigan. An unique thing about A2 Hosting is that they have integrated their servers with Free CDN CloudFare, which improves performances.

Wealthy Affiliate/Site Rubix

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This company is very unique as not only do they offer website hosting services, but they also offer a very friendly community as well as an online business training center.

So basically, if you are starting from complete scratch with no idea on how to build a successful website, then Wealthy Affiliate can help you out.

They essential offer everything that you need in order to start a successful online business.

Not only that, but with their Premium Membership, you can host up to 25 websites via cloud hosting. All your sites get SSL certification (go from http to https – which is imparitive for membership sites or sites that receive payment.

They also have the Site Comments that are great for increasing your rankings and social interaction.

This is one of the “Secret” ways I use to rank my content so fast.

Signing up to their program will grant you access to numerous, in depth training materials.

Once you’ve gotten a firm grasp on how to make money online and build a website, then you can conveniently use their hosting service to create a website.

You can see Wealthy Affiliate as a company that offers everything you need in order to earn revenue through an online business.

Even though the company does not solely revolve around providing hosting services, their servers are still impressive.

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Furthermore, their services are perfect for beginners, as it is extremely easy to create a domain and become successful through Wealthy Affiliate’s program. 

You might have to pay a little more for Wealthy Affiliate, but when you consider all the support, forums, training materials that come with their package, their programs are definitely worth the higher price.

So out of all of these hosting providers, which one is the best hosting company for WordPress?

It is clear that both Site Ground and Wealthy Affiliate are the two winners when it comes to hosting services for WordPress.

Why two companies? Well it is important to note that they are completely different types of companies.

In short, Wealthy Affiliate offer services that are best for beginners, while SiteGround is ideal for more experienced website builders.

Since they have very different advantages, it is almost impossible to put one above the other. It really comes down to what you are looking for in a hosting provider.

If you are looking for something to get started with, go for Wealthy Affiliate.

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On the other hand if you are looking for hosting services that are great for advanced users, you you will want SiteGround.

Check out our in-depth review of SiteGround

Now you know what is the best hosting company for WordPress, it’s time to get started with your own awesome online business.

It’s one of the best things you can invest in time into and highly recommended.

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