What is the Commission Machine? Is It a Good Training Program?

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Found yourself wondering “What is the Commission Machine?” than you came to the right place.

We’ll breakdown the Commission Machine in this detailed review.

In a nutshell, The Commission Machine is a training program that claims to be able to teach you how to build an online business.

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No money? No previous experience with online marketing? Blindly going through training courses hoping to strike it lucky?

Well, according to the man behind The Commission Machine, none of that will be a problem if you use his product.

In fact, he claims you can earn up to four figures a day with no experience or skills, at all.

Doesn’t sound right, does it? 

Well, at least that’s what The Commission Machine homepage is selling you.

So what is the Commission Machine, exactly?

In this review, we will find out how true these claims are, and whether or not The Commission Machine is a lucrative opportunity for individuals who are new to the scene.

What is the Commission Machine? The Man With The Plan

What is the Commission Machine PhotoMichael Cheney is person behind the Commission Machine, and he claims to be a  super-affiliate marketer.

Generally, Mr.Cheney is considered to be a trusted source, and has been known to produce high quality training material.

On his website, there are pictures of “proof” that his online marketing techniques are effective. 

These pictures are a combination of reviews, payment proof, and photos of Michael Cheney vacationing in various popular tourist destinations.

Obviously, this is supposed to make us think: “Hey if he is rich and has a lot of free time, I want what he’s doing“.

It isn’t such a bad method of marketing but the thing I don’t like are the exaggerated claims, where you can earn thousands of dollars daily without lifting a finger.

What Should I Expect From The Commission Machine?

The Commission Machine teaches people how to setup an effecting email marketing campaign. That’s what it’s all about. 

If you like seminars and training videos as opposed to traditional written content, then you will enjoy the training material inside the Commission Machine.

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Michael Cheney’s training videos cover the essential topics such as:

  • Researching a niche
  • Creating an incentive
  • Building authority and trust
  • Email frequency
  • And Much More.

But it’s not like this is all brand new and never-before-scene information. It’s the standard email marketing formula that has been around for years.

R.A.P.I.D: The Training Modules

The first module gives you an overview of what you will be learning in R.A.P.I.D, which is an acronym for Research, Angle, Providing Incentives, and Deploying.

Each of these modules has a video that is about half hour long, and they are also complimented by a number of sources and other materials.

There are seven modules in this training program, so let’s look at what each one has to offer:

1. Overview: 

An introductory video that gives you a summary of what you will be learning in the program.

2. Research:

In this section you will be taught how to properly research topics in your desired niche. Furthermore, you will also learn how to find niches that are the most profitable.

3. Angle:

Basically, this part teaches you that you need to be original with your promotional content.

You need to come at your chosen niche with your own different angle.

Why is that? Well, you need to be different from your competition in order to have an edge.

4. Providing Incentives:

Another way to stay ahead of your competition is to provide incentives for your leads, by dishing out bonuses.

People can ignore your affiliate link and go directly to the affiliate program’s homepage.

To discourage this from happening, you can offer bonuses that are only available if someone signs up to the affiliate program using your link.

In this module, you will not only learn how to create your bonuses, but you will also learn when and where not to use this type of promotional offer

5. Email Campaign:

Always wondered how to pump out quality copywriting that will actually get your leads to click on that buy button?

Well, this module gives you some useful tips on how to do just that. Copywriting in theory sounds pretty easy.

However, the truth is, it takes a very skilled writer to generate authority content that leads will both enjoy to read and act on.

The Commission Machine offers a decent course on how to run your email campaign.

6. Deploy:

A successful marketing campaign requires a lot of maintenance, and this section teaches you how to do just that. You’ll need to be organized if you are planning on being competitive. Thankfully, the Deploy section will show you the ropes.

7. Beginners Module:

The final section is designed for absolute beginners who have no resources to work with.

Actually, the previous six modules are designed for intermediate affiliate marketers and people who have had experience with making money online.

You will need an email list to make use of the training materials above.

However, in this beginner module, you are taught how to advertise without an email list, by using social media and other methods.

What Are The Pros of Commission Machine?

  1. Training materials are organized and easy to digest.
  2. It is a fairly affordable training program.
  3. Strategies that are taught are actually effective.
  4. Insider view of active email marketing campaigns.
  5. Decent instructions on how to build a email funnel.
  6. Detailed video tutorials. I liked the presentation.

What are the Cons?

  1. Over the top advertising on the homepage. You won’t be making around 2,000 USD daily just off the bat.
  2. The training material is not for beginners, despite what the website says.
  3. Information can be found in many other training programs.
  4. Not much information on how to get traffic – which is the main challenge of any online business.
  5. Non-stop barrage of emails into your inbox.

Here’s My Conclusion with Commission Machine

While you can learn a good deal from this program, it isn’t the holy grail of internet marketing information.

All in all, The Commission Machine is a little bit too hyped up, but when it comes down to it, the training material is not bad.

It’s quite standard. Not bad, not amazing either. My opinion is neutral.

The Commission Machine is not too expensive, so it’s worth a look.

But I think it’s better to focus on building a website that you can use to send traffic to your funnels.

All while building your email marketing system. This way you’re building a constant stream of new leads that will result in residual customers.

At least that’s what I learned how to do affiliate marketing, it’s a more stable and holistic approach to internet marketing.

Want to learn how it’s done? 

See How 1,000’s Are Breaking Free Using Internet Marketing!

Nevertheless, If you are still interested in The Commission Machine, then you will be glad to know that it is a short and relatively cheap program.

Hopefully now you know what is The Commission Machine.

Thanks for taking the time to read this Commission Machine review. Leave a comment if you liked it. 

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