What is Top Cash Back? Read Our Top Cash Back Review

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Wondering what is Top Cash Back? Is it a scam or can you actually earn cash back from the company?

There are plenty of merchants that offer cash-back opportunities. 

The way it works is when you make a purchase you receive some money (usually a small percentage) back to use later on.

Credit card companies use this method to retain customers, and it works – its not a scam.

You’ll find tons of cash back companies online and most of them are downright scams.

Is Top Cash Back a scam?

Well, continue reading to find out. 

What is Top Cash Back?

Top Cash Back is a platform that offers cash back deals from varies online stores and companies.

Cash Back rates vary from company to company but you can find offers on most major online stores, such as Amazon and Walmart.

Creating an account is free and you can immediately start earning from the program. 

I went ahead and made an account, and noticed a few things we’ll discuss later on in this article.

Before we do that, the most common complaints regarding this company are related to cash back errors.

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For example, someone might use the platform to buy a product, in hopes of earning some cash back, but the cash is never added to their accounts.

It doesn’t register for some reason.

This tends to happen quite often. 

Other than that issue, everything else tends to work.

There’s also an option to send a report for missing funds, and the company should add the lost funds to your account.

However, support requests tend to take awhile to be resolved.

What I Liked:

I was expecting not like anything about this platform, but I was pleasantly surprised.

First of all, creating an account is straight-forward, and the only information required is a name and email address.

Top Cash Back also acknowledges that most people don’t have funds to head to the stores and immediately start shopping for items.

The “Tell a Friend” deal is not bad.

You’ll earn $10 for every person that joins under you.

If you don’t have any money to invest, advertising the affiliate program is one may to make some cash.

Honestly, since its so easy to create an account, and its free, I can imagine its quite easy to make some cash with this system.

There are also convenient buttons that you can use to blast messages to your social media accounts or email inbox.

So at least they make it easy to promote the system. 

I also noticed there are some really decent cash-back rates from certain merchants.

Ordering the offers by highest cash-back, I found a few cool offers.

what is top cash back photo

To be fair, these are a bit obscure companies, and their products aren’t exactly things people need on a daily basis.

For example, the first company specializes in printer cartridges, SD-cards, phone-cases, cables and other electronic accessories.

Nevertheless, a 30% cash-back rate is not bad at all. 

On the other hand, most merchants don’t offer such high cash-back rates.

With Amazon and Walmart, the cash back rate is 6% and 4% respectively.

One more positive point is the minimum pay-out is $0.01 – one cent.

So you don’t have to spend ages building up funds to withdraw!

If you’re already planning to buy something online, its definitely a good idea to see if you can earn some cash-back on it.

There are also offers in multiple categories, so there’s always something to earn from.

Top Cash Back also has deals with booking companies like Expedia and Bookings.com.

In short, there’s a chance you can earn some cash-back on your vacation fees! 

Is Top Cash Back a Scam? Downsides:

Of course, the platform isn’t perfect, and there are some downsides you need to know about.

We already mentioned one major flaw; sometimes the cash-back funds are not correctly registered.

Their track system doesn’t seem to work so well and sometimes commissions are lost. 

You can report these errors to customer support.

It seems like the more complicated the purchase process, the higher the chances of losing the commission.

Not sustainable. 

Buying and earning cash-back is not a sustainable business because you’ll always earn less than what you spend.

But advertising the affiliate program can be a source of some quick funds.

You can also use your funds to save up for a larger purchase. 

So if you think this is a full-time business opportunity, its not.

Its just a platform you can use to earn some cash back on purchases you already plan to make.

To be clear, if you’re wondering “Is Top Cash Back a Scam” its not.

Its a legitimate platform. 

Conclusion on Top Cash Back:

Top Cash Back is an interesting platform but its not really a long-term business opportunity.

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If you’re already planning to buy something online, I think its a good idea to sign-up to Top Cash Back and see if there’s a chance to earn some cash-back.

The more expensive the purchase, the higher the commissions.

If you’re a regular online shopper, this is definitely worth a look.

Just don’t expect to receive your commissions 100% of the time.

Better yet, use the cash-back to invest in other tools to build a successful online business.

Top Cash Back is not a scam.

I like how the platform is partnered with thousands of merchants (over 4,000!) so there’s always something to buy!

Sometimes the commissions can fall through the cracks, but I think the platform still has potential to bring in some cash.

Just keep in mind its not a sustainable long-term business, and its definitely not passive income. 

But I think its a good option for people who shop a lot online!

Or, for example, if you travel on a regular basis, now is your chance to earn some cash back on those tickets.

So there are definitely some ways to make some cash from this platform and I think its worth a look.

Feel free to take a look and make a free account. 

What do you think about Top Cash Back? Is Top Cash Back a scam in your opinion, let us know.

Leave a comment below! 

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