What is Traffic Outbrain? Is it a Good Source of Traffic?

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Wondering what is Traffic Outbrain? Is it a good source of traffic for your website? Let’s take a look.

Originating from Israel, Traffic Outbrain is the largest advertisement company on the internet that is designed to promote online videos and written content that is both personalized and relevant to it’s audiences.

Businesses use this advertisement tool to promote their products/services.

As well they collect valuable information about their audiences and leads.

Website owners can also use this tool to earn revenue by hosting sponsored content on their webpages.

But is Traffic Outbrain useful for businesses as a marketing tool? And is it a good way to earn money online for website owners.

This is what we’ll discuss in this review of Outbrain.

Since Traffic Outbrain is so popular, you hear quite a bit of both positive and negative feedback from critics and the community alike.

There are some people that say it is a fraud, while others claim it that is the marketing paradise of their dreams.

So let’s get this figured out and you can decide if Traffic Outbrain is right for your business model.

What is Traffic Outbrain?

If you are a business owner, you can use this tool to generate more leads by increasing traffic to your blogs and articles.

One of the attractive things about Traffic Outbrain is that it uses a pay-per-click business model.

In other words, it’s a platform where you buy traffic, similar to Google’s Adwords. 

You can also set budget limits for each day like Adwords, so you’ll never have to pay more than you want to on a given day.

Furthermore, Traffic Outbrain uses behavioral targeting, which shows the audience topics they want to read based on their recent search activity.

Using behavioral targeting for ad campaigns is an awesome way to drive targeted traffic to an offer. 

You have a wide variety of features and customization you can use to meet the specific needs of your business.

Special Note: You will need quality content on your website if you want this advertisement method to work.

Articles are usually the most effective type of content that you want to advertise,  but your audience won’t read articles if they are poorly written.

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Can You Make Money From Outbrain?

Besides earning money indirectly through your advertisements, you can also earn a revenue by using the Traffic Outbrain widget on your website.

By doing so, you will become a publisher for Traffic Outbrain.

When someone clicks on an Traffic Outbrain link on your site, a commission will be sent to your account.

It works much like Google Ad-sense.

As a publisher, you will also receive a compensation based on how many people click on the Traffic Outbrain links.

It’s all based on clicks.

This is different from the typical affiliate business model. As the person doesn’t have to buy a product or service in order for you to earn a revenue.

For example, if you are part of Amazon’s popular affiliate program, then you can only earn money if someone clicks on your affiliate link and then buys a product from Amazon.

On the contrary, through Outbrain, you earn money when someone simply clicks on a link. In other words, they don’t have to buy anything but only have to be redirected to another website.

So yes, you can certainly earn money by using this tool. However, their seems to be a high traffic minimum. 

This means, that only large websites that receive a huge amount of daily visitors can make a decent revenue through this tool.

There are also a few other problems related to being a publisher for Traffic Outbrain, which we’ll discuss in the next section.

The Disadvantages of Traffic Outbrain

There are several disadvantages using Traffic Outbrain.

One reason why the company behind this marketing tool is receiving negative feedback is because they have been promoting “click bait” titles that are often misleading and downright annoying!

Do you want your website to look like a gossip magazine with advertisements everywhere?

Here’s an example of what is shown on CNN’s official homepage:

what is Traffic Outbrain photo

Doesn’t look great.

I wouldn’t want those ads on my website!

Furthermore, it’s been reported that some articles that show up are from fake news websites, websites pretending to be official news outlets.

You can see this would be a problem, if a fake news website is being advertised on CNN.

Since there are so many businesses that use Traffic Outbrain, it is almost impossible to completely screen all the content that get’s put in the publishers’ widgets.

Even if the articles being displayed aren’t scams, they can sometimes be off putting and inappropriate.

The company is, of course, working hard to screen the articles that are put on their advertisement tool.

In fact, repeat offenders are often banned from using Outbrain.

Articles related to alcohol, adult materials, gambling, weaponry, malware, illegal drugs, hate, scams, and more are banned from Outbrain.

On another note, Traffic Outbrain seems to be adding malware to computers via advertisements.

It hijacks your browser and randomly redirects to different websites, which can be really annoying!

Removing the malware is a challenge, so I don’t recommend clicking on anything related to Traffic Outbrain.

Oddly enough, the top results for Traffic Outbrain are all tutorials on how to remove the Traffic Outbrain virus! 

Traffic Outbrain: Interesting Affiliations

Well known news outlets such as ESPN, CNN, NBC news, and more have been known to use the services of Outbrain on their respective websites.

That doesn’t say much about the integrity of such companies.

To basically have an extra revenue source, these companies will expose their online audience to malware?

Why would ESPN, CNN, and NBC news do that? The only thing I can think of is the money.


Traffic Outbrain can be make a little money, but I think there are much better ways to monetize a website.

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Any Pros with Outbrain?

I already mentioned that they offer a very flexible payment plan.

There is a $10 minimum for an advertisement budget.

In other words, you can choose not to pay more than USD $10 each day for these marketing services.

Although that’s standard for any online advertisement company.

The interface is also very easy to use, so you don’t have to worry much about technical know-how.

Everything is laid out plainly for you so that you can easily get Outbrain up and running for your website in no time.

Affordable cost per click (CPC) prices, is also another reason why Outbrain has become so popular.

The Verdict:

If you are a business owner looking for new ways to advertise your company, and you need some traffic, buying some traffic from Traffic Outbrain could be useful.

The platform is a little cheaper than Google Ad-words and you can choose your ideal audience for a more targeted result.

However, if you are interested in using Outbrain to earn money through clicks, don’t expect to earn a good deal unless you have a decent amount of traffic.

As a website owner, I would never recommend you to use this product.

This would be the absolutely worst user experience.

You would never want to send your site user to a product that could add malware to their computers.

They’d hate you and never come back to your site.

Who can do such a thing?

Personally, I recommend using your website as a platform to advertise affiliate products or your own services that are beneficial to people.

You know, things that help them out.

Plus, it works very well. Especially when you add email marketing and funnels.

You’ll see higher sales commission when you do right by your customers.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this what is Traffic Outbrain review! If you have experience with this platform, leave a comment below! 

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