Writing Jobs Online That Pay: How to Write for Your Own Website

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Finding writing jobs online that pay can be a challenge. Today we’ll show you how to create writing jobs that continue to pay even after the work’s done.

We’ll also discuss how to write for your own website and what to do when you can’t.

So you’re looking for online writing jobs that pay? Maybe you heard it’s easy to make money as a writer online, and that the benefits are quite attractive.

Though this is true, it’s often difficult for beginners to tap into lucrative niches. It’s not so easy to find online businesses where people have enough money to pay premium rates for articles.

What ends up happening to a lot of people is that they are unable to find clients that are willing to pay premium rates.

Most writers end up settling for clients that have regular work but can’t afford high rates.

You get paid less, and your work load increases, making your life stressful and busy while the monetary rewards are not ideal.

That’s not how it should be… 

You might be an excellent writer, and have decent knowledge of search engine optimization, but your clients don’t give you enough freedom to utilize those skills in their articles.

They might just need fluff articles that contain no real value, articles that no human would want to read.

Writing those kind of articles is not only bad for your client’s business, but it also diminishes your writing skills.

You see, you get accustomed to writing fluff articles, and you forget that your audience should be human readers.

Thus, what I recommend, is applying the skills as a writer on your own website. Forget about writing jobs online that pay and focus on applying all your writing and marketing skills on your own website and projects.

Write for your own website and create your own online business. 

To Create a Online Business You Will Need A LOT of Content

There’s no way around it, to create an online business you need to create a lot of content, and the better the quality the content is, the more people will visit your website.

Forget about those content creation schemes, tools that steal content from other articles and claim that they’re unique articles.

Sit down and write, target keywords, and write, and continue writing until your website is filled with articles and the traffic is flowing in, sending cash to your bank account.

But that sounds like a lot of hard work… 

It’s true, it is a lot of hard work and it takes a long time. How long you may ask, check out this post.

Most websites will only start to make money after the first year or two, some even take longer than that, it all depends on how much time you invest in the business and your chosen niche.

Read this article about how I write articles and find keywords that bring in waves of traffic! 

If you work on your website day in and day out, focusing on publishing as many quality articles as possible and marketing all over social media, then you’ll see results sooner.

The more time you invest, the closer you’ll get to your goals… 

What If You’re Not a Natural Writer OR You Hate Writing?

Let’s face it, not everyone likes to write, and even people who love to write will get bored of writing after awhile, especially if the articles are all about the same niche and topics.

It can be really draining; but there’s no way around it, Google needs fresh content to add to it’s index (search engine results page) and if you stop publishing then you’ll lose traffic and sales.

Additionally, if you have an audience, a fan base of people who love your articles, they’re expecting new content, and you can’t just let them down or they’ll find someone else to follow, thus damaging your fan base.

Not to mention time consuming! 

Not everyone has the time to sit down and write articles on a daily basis!

These are all problems that could happen if you stop writing articles. 

I admit, the world probably won’t end, and your business will still survive, but traffic and sales will take a nose-dive.

So, as someone who doesn’t want to write articles, how would you create an online business?

It’s simple, there’s a service that a good friend of mine has been providing for awhile, it’s called Human Proof Designs.

Human Proof Designs: They’ll Help You Get Started

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Click Here To Read Our Review of Human Proof Designs

Human Proof Design is a service designed to make it easier for people to create niche specifics websites and build an online business.

Dom Wells, an experienced online marketer, noticed that most people want to create an online business but they don’t know where to start, so he created a service that sets up the foundation for them.

It’s really a cool service that I highly recommend, and even online business owners that have established websites can benefit from these features.

There are several services that you can choose from, the two most popular are niche website creation, and custom articles.

  • The Custom Niche Website Creation Service: 

This is the perfect package for people who are not sure how to set up a website and all the little technical details that go into the process. Dom Well’s and his team will take care of all of it for you, they’ll even do keyword research, and write the content for your website.

You can choose from “Ready-Made” or “Custom Built” websites. 

The ready made ones, are, well, already made.

You just have to fill in the blanks with your affiliate links, and in a snap of the fingers, you’re the owner of a beautiful, keyword targeted, website.

How cool is that?!

The custom built service is also really cool, all you have to do is contact the team and let them know what type of website you have in mind, and they’ll see what they can do.

The custom built websites are mainly for people who want to make money from Amazon as affiliates, write a few reviews and create a review-based website and include affiliate links, a simple way to make money online.

But, of course, they’re flexible, and they can create almost any type of website that you have in mind.

The following will be included in the websites (the starter version): 

  • 2,500 Word Homepage
  • 8,000 Words Total
  • Premium Theme
  • Premium Plugins
  • On-Page SEO
  • Domain Name
  • Keyword Research
  • Private FB Group
  • Free Tech Support
  • Email Support
  • Video Training Library

It’s really easy to take these websites and turn them into cash machines with just a tiny bit of work!

But if you already have a website, that’s fine, the other (content writing) service has got your covered.

  • Article Writing

We mentioned earlier that websites can’t survive without fresh content, and here’s where you can hire someone to write the articles you need for you. It’s an awesome service for people who are feeling drained or don’t have time to write articles for their websites.

You can buy article packs, the cheapest package is 10 unique and well-written articles for $199! 

online writing jobs that pay comparison chart

Click The Picture To Check Out Human Proof Designs Writing Services

Considering that each of these article is 1,000 words long and well-written and unique; it’s an excellent bargain!

10 keyword targeted articles could bring in traffic for years to come, and the traffic they bring in will pay for themselves, thus making it easier for you to re-invest and expand your business.

Here’s an article about the importance of writing quality articles (and how to rank!)! 


Instead of looking for online writing jobs that pay, consider writing articles for your own website, and applying all the skills that you learned.

And if you are tired of writing for your own website, hire someone to do the writing for you.

Human Proof Designs has cheap articles packs that you can purchase to build a nice foundation for your website.

You can also hire them to make an entire website for you, at bargain rates.

Check them out!

Alternatively, if you want to know how I made my online business, here’s the training I followed:

Writing Jobs Online That Pay Training Course Link

Got any other great ideas for online writing jobs that pay? Let us know in the comments section and we’ll get right back to you.

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