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What is Younique? Is Younique a pyramid scheme? Can you make money with Younique?

I will do my best to answer these questions – and more – in this detailed Younique review!

What is Younique?

To start off, Younique is a cosmetics company with a wide range of products, ranging from eye-lashes, to mascara, to skin-care creams.

The products are quite decent, though more on the expensive side, but still there are not many complaints.

I have to admit I don’t know much about make-up and related products, so I can’t say much. 

What makes this company different (and this reason is popular online) is because of the business opportunity.

Younique’s multi-level marketing system is a little different from most multi-level marketing opportunities because distributors are called Presenters.

The core reason this company is growing is because of the independent sales force, marketing the products across the globe.

To join, enter your sponsor’s name, and purchase one of the starter kits.

Are Younique Products Too Expensive?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions regarding this company; and the answer is a definite Yes.

It goes without saying that same make-up brands are expensive, especially the popular and well-known brands.

The problem is Younique is not a popular brand but it charges the same as popular brands.

Are Younique’s products inferior?

I can’t really say! If the value is there, then so’s the price.

But one thing you need to know is they’re a bit expensive!

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Another common complaint regarding the make-up is it does not properly cover skin blemishes.

A lot of clients also complain it doesn’t stay on for long enough and they have to constantly re-apply it.

Other than these couple downsides, it seems like most people do like the products.

What about the business opportunity?

Becoming a Presenter with Younique:

Though the names for distributors are different, the core multi-level marketing principles are still there.

In other words – once again – your task is to build a team and encourage them to make sales or recruit new people so you can earn a cut.

Everyone under you, and everyone under them, will send a percentage up the ladder to you.

So – yes – it does sound like a pyramid scheme.

And one could argue that most multi-level marketing systems ARE pyramid schemes.

The way the business opportunity works is each presenter earns a commission on retails sales, new recruits, and down-line sales (as well as some milestone bonuses).

Take a look at Younique’s compensation plan below:

younique pryamid scheme photo

Click to Enlarge!

So as you can see, there are four main memberships, and each is divided into two sections.

You move up the ladder based on your accumulated points (points can be earned by making sales and recruiting new people).

You’ll start from White (earn 20% on retail sales) and slowly earn more as you progress with the ladder.

The most popular product, 3D Fiber Lashes, costs $29 each.

So at the White level, make one sale, and you will earn $5.8! 

The commissions are not too bad.

To make even more money, the idea is to progress to the higher levels, where you can start earning passive commissions from your team.

As you can see from the compensation plan above, at the Pink level you can start earning 3.00% Circle Royalties.

Similarly, at Green level you can start earning royalties from your First Generation.

This is one aspect of the business plan I thought was cool but also a little unfair. 

See, at Green and higher levels you can earn from your down-line.

So this means most of the people making decent cash have been with the program since it started.

In other words, the people at the top are sitting back cashing out and not doing any work, while the people at the bottom struggle to make sales.

It is a bit unfair, especially now since there are so many people competing! 

Basically, everyone is rushing to move up the ladder, and this leads to some overly-aggressive marketing that scares people away.

How Much Does Younique Cost?

Getting started with Younique is not expensive.

To become a presenter you need to pay for the Starter kit, which costs $99 – one time fee.

So this was one thing I liked about the company; there are no monthly fees.


To remain active, you need to make a certain amount of sales each month ($125 worth every 3 months, at White level).

The higher levels, the more sales are required to maintain your rank.

Fail to reach the limit and your account will be closed. 

Thus forcing you to buy the required product to stay active.

Still, a one-time fee of $99 for a kit that contains some marketing materials and samples is not too bad.

One thing to keep in mind is this opportunity is not very newbie-friendly.

Most people will quit after the first month because they can’t figure out how it works and how to make sales.

Even successful Younique presenters said their first few months were awful. 

It is cheap to join but there is also a pretty steep learning curve.

Additionally, there are thousands of other presenters sharing the same pictures and advertisements across social media, so it might be hard to earn sales.

In short, I liked that Younique’s starter costs are not that high.

Conclusion: Is Younique a Pyramid Scheme?

By definition, a pyramid scheme promises cash to everyone, without any product or services.

I can’t say Younique is a pyramid scheme because they do have decent products – physical products – not digital ones!

The company is well established – and though not everyone loves it – it is legitimate and not a scam.

So you can feel free to take a look at the company, but I recommend something different.

I recommend learning how to build a platform for yourself, a platform you can use to market any opportunity or course.

Of course, I’m talking about learning how to build a site and drive free traffic to any product online.

It’s not as hard as you may think, especially with the right tools and guidance.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this Is Younique a Pyramid Scheme Review!

Until next time.

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