Youth Entrepreneur Programs Started in Logan-Hocking County, OH, USA

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High School Students Learning Entrepreneurial Skills – Does It Get Any Better? Today I just stumbled across an interesting article from The article discusses how the school districts in the youth working onlinecommunity of Logan-Hocking County in Ohio are initiating a new entrepreneur programs for the youth in Logan High School starting this Fall.

The programs will be spearheaded by an organization called YEA (Young Entrepreneurs Academy).

They will provide the local high school students a structured program to learn entrepreneurial skills and help students create real businesses.

They also will include local entrepreneurs from the Logan-Hocking community that will volunteer their services in order to guide these future entrepreneurs as they take on projects that will actually allow them to create their own businesses.

As an entrepreneur myself, I personally think this is an amazing concept to give students the opportunity to understand business concepts, challenges, and rewards of real life entrepreneurial businesses.

I love these types of programs that teach youth real life lessons in business, finance, and general topics that young people need to know as they prepare themselves to exist into the real world independently.

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Youth Learning Real Grown Up Concepts to Prepare Themselves For a Better Future

High school students that are focused on learning these adult concepts give themselves such an advantage for success in their near future.

Let your imagination run wild for a second and imagine if you were 16 or 17 years old again.Youth working together on Entrepreneur Program

Knowing what you know now, would you like to have created a business then that could still be producing you several thousands of dollars of monthly income today?

I know I would have loved to have this kind of opportunity.

Who knows, maybe over time you could have developed your business to earn you $15,000 – 50,000 dollars a month.

Thus giving you the freedom to explore, learn, and live life as you please. You could avoid the daily grind and live a life few are privileged to have.

Imagine being 22 years old with your own thriving business, providing you with the income to buy a car, a home, help out your family and life on your own terms. The concept is incredible. And the possibility is real.

In today’s market, internet businesses are the wave of the future, the internet provides a market place with unfathomable potential when compared to a business in a local community.

You just can’t compare the internet market with anything else. Where else can you find such a vast market for your business in this day and age?students working online entrepreneur program

I’m referring to the 2.8 billion internet users and an additional 691,000 new internet users that are being added to this number daily.

Now imagine you have a product that 3% of that market needs and will buy. That’s 84 Million people. Online potential is endless.

So it’s great to see advancement in the local educational systems in the United States.

When I learned about financing and how mortgages work when I was in my early 20’s, I was amazed that our American school systems didn’t teach this information to us at an earlier stage in life.

Let’s face it, the biggest asset that most families or individuals will have in their life time will be owning a home. Yet most people don’t really understand how mortgages or credit card finances work when they go to purchase their first home.

Granted I went to high school in the early 90’s, so things may have changed. But I really believed that this was something that should have been part our educational curriculum to help young adults avoid all the financial pitfalls that I saw as a Mortgage Specialist.

I’m talking about people with excessive compounding credit card debt from anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 dollars. I witnessed this with both young and older adults. What a horrible problem that could be avoided with education at an early stage in life on how to leverage mortgage debt and how basic finances work.

So when I see innovative programs like the YEA program providing vital knowledge and entrepreneurial skills to today’s youth, it does my heart good.

Not in Logan High School, But Still Want to Build Your Own Business

If you are not in the Logan-Hocking County and will not have access to the YEA entrepreneurial programs, you still can get involved in learning entrepreneurial concepts for free through the Wealthy Affiliate program.

If you haven’t heard of them, let me introduce them to you. Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform and community that teaches…

And what’s amazing about Wealthy Affiliate, is that you start building your business from day one. Putting in the framework to make a professional business that will teach you invaluable skills to give your future a jump start.

Check out a few sample classroom videos about how to make money online and how to set up your own domain name.

They’re simple tutorials that allows you to see how the Wealthy Affiliate classrooms provide step by step directions and explanations on how to accomplish your very own online business.

Hit the link and you’ll be taken directly to the WA program. Enjoy!

online entrepreneurial program

The Online Money Making Process

You can see the style of the video classrooms are easy to follow. You just have to listen, learn, and then apply what you have learned to your online website and business.

And what is great about Wealthy Affiliate, is that you can join for free with their Starter Membership.

Now with the Starter Membership you get a great chance to really understand business principles on niche websites, affiliate marketing, and website creation.

They give you 7 days to enter into their system and begin classes with all the benefits of their Premium Membership. You can put up 2 free websites with free hosting, and interact with the program and members.

Then after that 7 days, you can continue with your free membership, continue to have access to the first level courses, and continue to work on your 2 free websites. But you will not be able to access the advanced classes or have contact with other premium members.

But if you would like to continue to have access to the advanced training and community support, you can do so for a very economical price of $47/mo or a yearly free for $359 (works out to be less than $30/mo).


If you are a budding entrepreneur in high school, college, or even want to add supplemental income to your current life or you are coming up on retirement and want to have a project that you are passionate about and would like to create a business or passive income source, check out the Wealthy Affiliate program.

You’ll love what you discover.

I encourage you to let others know about this article, you may be able to help a friend or a young man or woman who needs some proper direction in their lives.

Join WA today and get started on the right track for the rest of your life.

As always, please feel free to leave any comments or questions below  and I’ll get back to you right away.


photo credit: Ed Yourdon via photopin cc

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